Ask a former beta who went trap mode anything

Ask a former beta who went trap mode anything

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>former beta

Why did you increase your estrogen when you could've just increased your testosterone?

Are you an asian trap?

No homo you cute but arent you scared for your butt hole getting really fucked up also no timestamp so stop larping

Is it worth it?
When do you plan on necking yourself?
Can you find a steady boyfriend or do they all just see you as a fuck toy?

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why are you asians so good at this?

This. Literally all you had to do was just work out, get better living habits and picking up some nice hobby.

Gender dysphoria isn't caused by low T, trannies before starting HRT almost always have normal T levels
Having low T just makes you into an easily tired soiboi with brittle bones

You made a mistake. Not a huge mistake, but a mistake nonetheless.

You can't testosterone social autism away. You can play on easy mode though.

Kil yourself you fucking tranny

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All my boyfriends have chosen to never go back to vagina females, they just can't compete. I'm not settling down yet because the cock carousel is fun.

i'd fugg ur boibussi :--DDDD

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Are you a tankie like every other retarded trap?

Fuck, that is a great trap
Would cuddle

Do you have any cute trap friends in TX? I want a cute trap bf/ fuckbuddy

Where do you live and if the answer is florida, can I fugg you
Also are you fully transitioned or just a boymoder

What race are you trapanon?

Looks east asian, maybe slightly mixed with whites

Is it true that people like you just become the the girl you wanted but never got?
Isn't that why so many of you obsess with anime and alt girls.

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I claim roman rvles
How can I import a trap?

were you into girls before you trapped?

How'd you do it, did you have to use hormones or is it natural?

not that guy but it is wrong
a tranner wants to be a girl, being with a girl doesn't satisfy that desire at all
they obsess with anime and cuteness for the same reason why they often oversexualize themselves - because they are very fond of femininity

Why havent you posted bussi and clit?

Have you been fucked in the ass yet?

Sluttiest thing youve ever done?

You look great, all natural or makeup?

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I still don't get how you can have such a flat belly
Is it estrogen over test?

how long till you suicide

Oh okay, cool LARP then bro.

I'm into masculine girls
and feminine traps to cuddle with
Why the fuck am I into genderbenders?
Someone explain pls

Because theyre exotic and you have an open mind and a refined taste

I had a flat belly back when I was still in highschool, I was a swimmer, so that was the kind of exercise I was getting.

(aka tomboys)
Thanks fellow user

so this is how autism looks like

So cardio? Well, fuck, I enjoy lifting way more (no, not like those roidtards over Jow Forums, nothing exceptional)

It's nice to see we have some men with class left on this board cheers user

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flat belly needs posture exercises

>ask a deranged mentally ill former closeted faggot anything

*clears throat*

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Yes I'd like to ask you to kill yourself

You are creepily accurate.

I guess? I think there's some resistance to water too, but probably mostly cardio yeah.

I guess it's kind of hard to expect to look like a trap when you don't do trap like things to get there.

I dont think the person in the pic is op, I think Ive seen that pic before in google images

How does one acquire the trap body? Does running on a treadmill work?

Most swimmers I've known or seen have gotten ripped pretty fast by doing it
It's a great mix of cardio and going against its resistance
I don't want to become a trap, I guess fat storage just depends on your genetics, I'm cutting and that's one of the last/slowest places losing it, and I'm not even skinnyfat
Well, then there must be a SAUCE

Wait, does that mean I have trap genetics or something? Could I have had this the entire time and never known?

>why are you asians so good at this?
Orientals are the least sexually dimorphic race

if you want to be lean it's diet and cardii
if you want to have a good ass it's lounges and squats, possibly weighted
if you want to have a good skin and hair it's skincare and haircare
if you want to have some curves, more feminine face and to stop masculinization it's hrt

Most trannies are only attracted to men and for some reason hate the trannies that are attracted to women (ie "filthy transbian" memes)

*and cardio

I doubt that's you, that's probably some biofem that traps wish they looked like lol

If that looks like a girl to you, you fall for a lot of traps

how do you get rid of unwanted bodyhair?
do you use makeup? and if you do, do you have any tips?

Do you want to be my boyfriend? I'll buy you cute clothes