Any robots go to prom ?

Any robots go to prom ?

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I did not go to high school at all.

I never went to any kind of public school

Some girl wanted me to but i smoked weed with my poorfag friend instead cuz he couldnt afford a ticket even tho his date wanted to buy him one

Yeah. Didn't have a date, bought a nice suit, hung out with my friends, ate cake. It was a pretty good way to close out high school, but it also wasn't mindblowing.
If you don't go to prom though, at least go to the afterparty. That shit was fun.

Yes, in my senior year. Just hung out with a couple of my friends but the whole time I felt sad that I was such a loser and never in a million years could've asked a girl to go with me.

I had a girl that wanted to go with me but I just got high with some friends and then they went to prom then I met up with them at the after party and got high again. And a girl pooped on top of the toilet seat at the after party lmao. My friend was so pissed he kicked everyone out.

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No because I was a lonely little nigger

>go last year because I dont want it hanging over my head that I never went
>went w blonde qt
>she avoided my all night
>only slowdances with me reluctantly at the end
>leaves without even saying anything
>feel shitty about it to this day
Fuck you Stacy I fucked your underage friend a month after and came all over her
She kisses you on the cheek with the dick she sucked
Fuck yoooooou.

yeah, I took my ex and I fucking hated it looking back. Should've taken someone I actually wanted to go with lol.

No, my one friend invited me to go with him and his girlfriend and they even offered to pay for my ticket but I declined. I didn't want to be the third wheel because I knew it would be super awkward and I'd be really uncomfortable.

Unfortunately yes cause my mother made me go. Had such a miserable time though I managed to quit half way through and go home. And it wasn't the "Oh I don't like being around others" misery, it was terrible for me due to two things I don't want to talk about right now.

I got dates to 3 prom-like things at my school. We had 'banquets' instead of dances, and 2 of those dates the girl actually asked me to go with them.

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I did, actually. Because a friend's mom hadn't gone to hers and was still bitter about it, so she basically forced me into going with my friend's younger sister. Who was nice and all but... uh... not my type, even at "desperately lonely." She had a pretty good time, I mostly hid in the bathroom.

>I got dates to 3 prom-like things at my school.
> 2 of those dates the girl actually asked me to go with them.
get the fuck off my board, chad. Out out out!!!!

get it off your chest user, it'll be oka y desu

no, but I did go to the celebration that was hours after graduation day. not bad. there was junk food and foosball/air hockey/ping pong tables there. also got my face painted but nobody knew what it was.

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The funny thing is I've pretty much always been an uber-autist, still am, and I'm a fairly wimpy chap.

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I told this story a few times but if you want to hear it fine. For the first part long story short a girl I knew for two years and was friends with I asked out after she dropped hints for over a year only for her to avoid me at all costs. I asked whats up with that and she "broke up" with me and even though we maybe spent only 4 hours together over the course of a month and a half everybody still considered us a couple. Because she was a part of my small group of friends (5 people including me) I had to sit at the same table as her and she looked fine. I felt worthless. I don't know what to fucking make of that, saying yes only to avoid me at all costs.

The second thing is a bunch of people I knew and I hesitate to call them friends (not that they were bad people) said I should dance with this girl who looked ok. I declined and somebody said to me "don't be an asshole". When the slow dance song came up with paired us together. And surprise she also ignored me and just talked to her friends the whole time who were hanging around us, she didn't even look me in the eyes or anything. That was my breaking point and I left about 5 minutes later after hiding out in the bathroom thinking things over.

Yeah I was supposed to go to prom with this thiccer qt I loved bit we had a falling out so I ended up dming a qt tan grill in my bio, year younger.
I rented a nice ass suit from Moore's, and was part of the few sober crowd at the prom. Me and thicc girl were cool again by now and eventually I ditched my date and had intimate slow dance w her (yeah a shitty thing to do). At the end of the night I was actually dancing in a giant circle of everyone there (I am good at dancing to normie music), felt amazing being the center of all it
My date didn't go to the afterparty, wasn't the party type, so I go and drunk kiss this other girl effectively ruining relationship w/ thicc girl once again. Night ended with her crying and screaming at me.
Overall one of the best and worst days of my career.

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fuck off back to plebbit

Oh shit no I use career in terms of my social life not some dumb teacher joke

This girl I had a crush on asked me to go with her, and I did. She must have gotten bored of me before the actual dance though because she ignored me the whole time

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Well, all I took from this is that you're a weak faggot. Sure the first chick was a cunt, but the 2nd chick just fucked off because you didn't take any initiative. Women/social events don't work out like in your little animes where the girls decides to take a leap a faith and ask the guy out or some shit. Either you stand up and make a move and tell her how you feel or what you want, or you just sit around long enough to watch someone else scoop her up and fuck her right in front of you.

I'd go as far as to bet my life you're still the same weak willed faggot you were back in high school. Shit won't change unless you change it yourself son.

Woah man just take it easy on the guy

No. And I was not the only one. The ugly, awkward girls, however, all went together and had a girls night of sorts.

>male privilege, obviously

I didn't expect the girl to date me or anything. All I wanted was a little respect and for her to at least pretend to be interested in the dance. I didn't ask for that dance, some people I knew set it up and was calling me an asshole for trying to decline it. And no way in hell was I going to ask her to dance again or anything after what she did with the social cues and body language saying she wasn't interested in me.

Bottom line, I know you aren't interested in me and you probably didn't want this either but at least act like you don't want to throw me away like a used dish towel.

>I know you aren't interested in me and you probably didn't want this either
>but yet she's supposed to act like she's in love with you just to protect your weak faggy ass feelings

Like I said, you sound like a weak faggot.

I'm trying to help him by being realistic. I wish I had someone who told me to stop being a weak faggot and get my shit together but unfortunately I didn't and I had to come to these conclusions myself. You can't help those that don't want to be helped. If he wants to sit on r9k whining like a faggot while you guys whisper sweet nothings in his ears that he wants to hear then that's on him, but if he actually wants to get laid and make memories and lead a decent life, then it starts by getting off his faggot ass and making the changes himself.

No and I was voted one of the most attractive people of my entire year but I got no dates and no one was interested in me that openly expressed it. The few times in my life I did get chances I blew it because I couldn't read the signs I'm 28 and want nothing else but a woman to marry and spend my life with but every day it seems less likely. I might have to go to Mexico since I am Hispanic but born here in USA

I went alone. Met up with some friends to eat afterwards. Didnt get home until 4 because of being held up. Should have just done to a park or something and been alone.

It's a matter of respect, not feelings. I am the type of person that values it. Unless of course you are some captain caveman type thinking that showing respect is weakness.

So you think being a colossal dick is helpful? Maybe you needed to get slapped a little more, yourself.

Thats always the worse. Better to just say no then build up anticipation for the hit to be harder.

I went junior year and it really sucked actually, I had no friends there I didn't know anyone I was just.... There.

>y-y-y-you're hurting me

Weak fucking faggots, you'll never make it.

I'm going to be the bigger man here and hang up first.

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I did and it was a waste of money. Junior year I went with a chick who turned out to be a psycho. The next year I just went with friends. Whenever I'm strapped for cash I think about I'd be $160 dollars richer if I hadn't wasted it on that retarded shit

yes I went to my junior prom with a nerdy girl with huge tits that was into me but my retard ass high school caveman brain went nerdy girl dumb and I decided not to date her after prom. Then I cucked two of my friends and started dating a girl they were interested in and so I went to her junior prom and my senior prom and then all the dances other dances for spring winter type shit

7/10 girl asked me to go junior year but ditched about 3 weeks before. Found out she made out with another dude because she's a ho. Couldn't find anyone else in that shirt span and it kinda fucked me up she was the first girl I ever went out at all with

I went with my high school gf, got drunk and then had sex & cuddles with her. Looking back I kinda wish I was single back then, could've fucked around a lot more.

Yeah on 200 ug of lsd lmfao

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Not prom but homecoming. Went with a girl with a boyfriend who already graduated. Didn't get lucky or anything but I got grinded on all night so that was cool.

please return to the failed normie ghettos promptly.

Didn't finish high school you normal nigger. I spent my prom alone crying and talking to people on omegle

Mom made one of her friend's kids go with me as a pity date. I am not kidding.
I wonder if she knows she'll have to do this if she wants grandkids too

i went, got my dick sucked at the bathroom,

As long as youre a virgin, you can stay

Why the fuck would I go to prom when I could play fallout new vegas?

gamerz rize up

Nope, I raided ICC that night with some bros online. Good times, wouldn't trade it for a painful night listening to shitty music alone in a crowd of couples.

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Yes. It sucked ass. My friends and I left and drove home listening to Gorillaz in the car

i didnt want to go but i did,
i had a good time though.. glad i went,
there was good food and endless drinks.
and i went with this nerd girl who was like a 5/10 and we danced and had a good time.
nice memories with my "1 and only friend" and shit too...

No but some friends of mine and I had a small bonfire.
Drank, smoked weed, shot guns, it was actually far better than expected.

Yeah. I went to prom with a 5th year qt. It was a bit sack
>I'm a failed chad btw
>Don't have license
>Embarrassed by boomer parents so I got my date to drive
>Get there, all the chads smoking cigars. OK
>Sit at table with date and my friend and his gf.
>meh food, meh dance
>go to liquor store. Beer time
> My friend drives me and my date along with my chad friends to prom party afterwards.
>Date gets sick and goes home.
>get drunk AF wake up on my lawn next day
>Party again the night after
That's prom lads

Fuck no. I wasn't going to spend money on a roastie and definitely not on things that I suck ass at - socializing and dancing.

There are No proms where i live
Enjoy your painful memories anons

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I did go. Didn't have anyone to go with but a few of my friends were going so I decided to go as well. Little did I know that they would pretend that I didn't even exist the whole night.

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Someone else's girlfriend(who later became my gf) wanted me to go and I was ok with it but my parents flipped so I didn't go and didn't care enough to go to my own prom. She sent pics tho so that was neat.

I went to my Senior Prom. I wasn't planning on going, until I learned it was being held at the L.A. Natural History Museum (my favorite place as a kid).
I decided that it would be a good way to close out high school, anyway. I didn't have a date, but I went in a group with some of my friends.
While people were dancing, I was looking at the exhibits. I don't think I danced at all, actually.
I'm glad I went, it was a real blast. Looking back, I think a girl from my AP Lit class came up to ask me if I wanted to dance with her, but the music was so loud I couldn't understand her. Oh well.
We closed out the night by taking the limo to a Denny's. I then watched The Boondocks until 4am.
Fun times.

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I was gonna. But then a kid who was friends with the kids that left the school offered me 3x ticket price to buy mine and so I sold them. No regrets.

I did, in my senior year.
I smoked pot on top of the building and peed on the people who were out smoking or making out

ive literally never been noticed by a girl in my whole life u absolute retard so no

Mom unironically didn't let me go

Yes got rejected like 20 girls and eneded up dancing with a cute girl who gave me her number .

i played insurgency the whole night i still remember having one of the best games of my life then crying afterwards over how much of a faggot i was for sitting alone llaying video games while everyone else went out to make memories

yes, was extremely cringey and embarrassing, but i can't i had anything better to do that day