Is 21 too young to get married?

I'm a 21 year old guy and I'm sick of dating random girls. I've been with quite a few but they were mostly flings. I'm thinking about taking one girl seriously for a while and popping the question to her on my 22nd birthday (5 months from now).

You think it's a good idea or should I just wait and weigh my options further?

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I think you should marry her then I'll be your bull my dude

5 months is not enough time to know if you want to marry someone or not. Mormons can only get away with it because their lives revolve around a cult and they all have designated roles and duties, which makes it easy to mesh with just about anyone in the same cult.

Really don't understand this image desu

me neither
i read it like 3 times already

>started dating girl at age 18
>got married and bought a house together age 22
>graduated college 23, she started and finished her nursing program age 25
>stacking paper ever since
I unironically believe this is the reason most older people for a leg up on their peers. By marrying young and focusing on maximizing your dual incomes you can get double the results versus just being alone.

21 is OLD to get married, normalfag

How so? Maybe if he were a woman but most men get married in their 30s.

This kind of love story only worked before social media, you boomers had it easy.

It's too much of a gamble these days, I can't imagine investing so much just to get cheated on

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Don't do it on your birthday, because you'll be reminded of it every year on your birthday when it goes wrong.

it's normie's autistic attempt at comedy
it's not even done properly

>tfw 21
>tfw started dating girl at 19
>she moved 1500 miles to be with me
How long is too long to ask?

21 is absolutely a good age to marry, you should marry as early as you want to really.
The earlier you get into it the better you'll probably be able to stick with whoever it is so long as you're sure you can negotiate with them and that you can live with them and get along.

I'm 21 and I got married recently. We live together, and recently got a puppy :)
I love her very much and I am very happy. We cook for each other, have sex, and make each other laugh. Life is good, user.

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Wtf does OPs image even mean? Struggling to find the joke here.

Fuck off back to twitter normalnigger

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Met my wife when she was 16 and we married when she was 19. Still together in our late 30's and my best friend met his wife at 14 or 15 and they're still together as well. No cheating or separation drama or anything. We're not religious at sll but my best bud and his wife/family is very very religious (non denom christians). We've seen a few couples that got together young just implode before even turning 30 though so.

We've got the added benefit of having practically grown up together/explored our curiosities together/know where each other came from etc. and that history is a huuge part of why our connection is "special" as cheesy as that sounds, and why it's never worth risking the marriage to cheat and shit like that. I just can't imagine a wife feeling so much like family without having had that kind of history so I'd fully suggest going for younger girls even if you're well into your 20's. Just be careful and make sure shit is legal. There's always the chance you'll grow apart instead of together but it's worth it imo. Girls aren't gonna have as much to compare/expect when they're younger either so they're more realistic and adaptable imo.

I'm getting married in a year at 22 but it's a lesbo thing

I dont think its unheard of if youre in the military, other than that only retarded kids get married before 24/25

I think he's showing that he jerks off to their daughter by showing his veins, and he's respecting them by jerking of instead of fucking them. Or the picture is of op and he just wanted a way to post his arms without looking like it's him.

I think the veins are supposed to show that he's straining himself and trying really hard not to disrespect the girl. It's a joke within a joke, really, because the first poster was joking about how he can't respect women and the second one was joking about how the first one must be a 22 year old who attends high school parties.

It ought not to be too young to get married, but the fact of the matter is that it is. I got married when I was 26 to a 24 yo after three years of dating, five years later I had to move for my job (I was in the Army so moving every few years is completely normal) and she just left me instead of making the move. I'm back to "dating random girls" and it does indeed suck.