*crunch* user *crunch* *crunch* dont tell me *crunch* you are *crunch* actually gonna be *crunch* *crunch* alone...

*crunch* user *crunch* *crunch* dont tell me *crunch* you are *crunch* actually gonna be *crunch* *crunch* alone *crunch* on valentines day *crunch*

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of course I will be

I also hate the threads you've been making with that image.

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Do not talk with your mouth full.

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its called singles reminders day for a reason

of course not i'll be home with mummy

Shut the fuck up you fatass faggot

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Actually i am going to ask my Onetis out, if she says no then i am gong to spend the rest of my semester in embarrassment. However if she says yes this will be the first valentines day i spend with someone.
Alea iacta est

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Wipe your damn bloody mouth.

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These threads always make me feel happy

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Yes, I will be. It's liberating to not have to care about someones emotional state.

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And if you must know, Yes, I probably will be. Might go out to a bar and do a little drinking, little Karaoke, probably jerk off and cry myself to sleep

where are you user, if you're in the midwest us we could maybe do something

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I'm married and I'll *still* be alone on Valentine's Day. (Wife's in the US on a business trip). But we'll have a call, and she's back on the 15th.

I always used "Love Sucks Day" back when I was single.

My man! Props to you. Don't wuss out.

I'm in Minneapolis. You?

Probably won't do nothing but I'm in Indiana

There's a girl in one of my classes who I've never personally talked to beyond a few hellos. Would it be weird if I asked her out on a date if she doesn't really know me?

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Will be the 23rd Valentine's day alone.

nope, get fukt

I don't know if its weird but i'm doing the exact same thing. I have only talked to her like twice. (both went decent but only included a few sentences) Plus i'm fucking fat and ugly. Plus she is like a perfect 10. I feel like this i'm going on a suicide mission but maybe those normalfags were on to something when they told me to just bee myself. Worth trying at least. If she actually says yes i'm going to unironically start shilling that "you just need confidence bro" shit.

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I've never in my life cold approached a female like that, I don't know what I should say, what are you planning on asking her out to? I don't know what I should ask.

Can't wait for some pizza.

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It's a bit tougher, but it can be done. The ideal is probably to strike up a conversation if you can do so without it being weird. But if that's not in the cards, invite her to something low-key (grabbing a coffee is traditional), and don't expect much. There's like a 2/3 chance she's in a relationship, and even if she's not she may say no. I think I asked out like 9-10 girls before I got my first yes.

The one advantage of asking out a girl you don't really know is that it's no big deal if she says no. "Okay, thanks. Have a nice day!"(and you should actually mean it, if you can), and move on. Find another girl somewhere down the line. There's lots of them out there, and if you keep trying you'll find one who works for you. If nothing else, every failed attempt is a learning experience, and it'll probably make you less nervous the next time you ask one out.

Okay so don't take my advice because like i said i'm a fat ugly autist
That being said my plan is as follows
Approach her
Ask her if shes seeing anyone
(i already know the answer but i don't want her to think i'm a creep)
If she says yes then she is clearly sparing my feelings
If she says no then move on to stage two
Stage two: "Would you like to go out to get coffee with me some time" (she has Tim Horton coffee cups in class a lot)
If she says yes then i guess i am in
if she says no then at least i tried right?
Again don't take this advice nigga i don't fucking know.

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Also if you are a normal weight then maybe you could ask her out to dinner, i just don't want to do that or she will think i'm obsessed with food or something. We are all in this together bro

I'm not exactly ugly, I'm in shape and I have good hygiene, but I'm unironically on the spectrum a little, I sleep with a weighted blanket, and I'm just so afraid that if I asked her out she would say no or even worse think I'm disgusting

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Even thinking about it is making me nervous and shaky and scared. I feel like I might cry just thinking about it, I'm such a pussy

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I know a lot of people a bit on the spectrum who have partners, so it's not a barrier. It can make things a bit tougher, but mild autism is basically the default state of some social groups, so it isn't even necessarily a negative if you get the right girl.

Be aware that she will probably say no. There's no good way around that fact - you need to accept the possibility of rejection. It sucks, but it sucks less than not trying.

That said, if she finds you disgusting, that's her fault, not yours. If she finds a guy disgusting for asking her out, she's a shitty human being, and you're better off without her. (Caveat: If you commit some sort of terrible faux pas, like "You have 13 coffee cups in your garbage can at home, so you must like coffee, now come have coffee with me and we can make babies together!", this changes.) Try to act like a decent human being - you don't need to be a normie, but don't be a creep. If you can manage that, then her reaction is her problem. If things go haywire, post about it on Jow Forums after the fact - they tend to be good at helping people improve their approaches, and they helped me a lot when I was single.

I have those same fears. I am also on the spectrum which is not aided by my horrendous looks. I have decently bad acne, bad body. Pretty gross overall human being. Even still i am horribly afraid of knowing that my onetis thinks those same things about me. Still we need to be strong. Face it chances are that i am going to get rejected and i need to go in accepting that, I don't know about your situation entirely but i think it would benefit you to also have that acceptance. Deep down you just have to understand that in the end, even if you fail, you will still be you. Its going to be hard but you will have to pick yourself up from the defeat. In the end you will always have us but more importantly you will have yourself. Don't give up at the first sign of struggle user. Be confident when you approach her and keep a brave face throughout the whole thing, there will be time enough to cry in the privacy of your own home but while you are out there be your strongest self. And even when you are alone don't forget that you have the potential for greatness, and that rejection was a minor speedbump. I believe in you bro.

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user, are you planning on asking her tomorrow? I think I can do it if I know someone else out there is going to put his heart out on the line with me

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Yes i am planning on doing it tomorrow. You probably have a better shot than me but i would be more than willing to put myself on the line with you. Lets do it together bro. It will be comforting to know i'm not the only robot giving it his all.

HAHA, that's were you're wrong my crunching companion, for I own seven hamsters

You were so close man. Sooo close

I'm kind of scared man, like really scared. I don't know if I can do it

I am scared too user, i have just been up thinking of how i am going to react if she rejects me. I am still going to do it if only because i don't want to feel this anymore. This anticipation, anxiety, nervousness about what she thinks of me. At least if she rejects me i will know once and for all. That is the one light i see at the end of this tunnel. I won't blame you if you back out, but i can't. I cannot take not knowing whether or not my love is reciprocated. I am just mentally preparing myself for the moment. If it means anything user, i really do think you have a shot. I mean i think i even have a shot and i am going way WAY out of my league. Meanwhile you are fit and not ugly, i genuinely think you might make it if you give it a shot. Again i won't blame you for pussing out, its a scary moment. However this is a scary moment that i am not going to allow myself to back down from. No matter what happens just know that i love you autists, and that we are all going to make it in the end.

The only valentines day I spend with someone (7 or 8 years ago, the only time ever get a gf) was awful, so to me its just another fucking sad day

>mfw I can be lonely and sad the other 364 days of the year.

>weighted blanket

normally i dislike anime roleplay posts but the crunching girl is fucking hilarious

I tried to get a one time date to swallow my semen for exactly a small yet very good amount of money but I've yet to get a response.

back to facebook ya go

This year, my Valentine will be my co-worker. We're doing it as a joke, though. We're going to dress up and hang out at work. I did get her a small gift: an inside joke.

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Listen cranchy, go crunch someone elses day.
Talk is cheap and robo's are desposable to normoids.

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Fuck I hate the sound of eating so much. People who chew loudly (generally mouthbreathers, especially fat retards that need to mouthbreathe in order to get enough oxygen to be pumped throughout their network of fat) deserve to have their bloodlines ended.

Can you swallow and not talk with a mouthful?

Fuck some desperate foreing slut user

>unironically giving a shit about gay normie "holiday"

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i got a good solution ... its called

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a callgirl on valentines day has to be the saddest thing i've ever thought of

t. suicide-cel

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>spend 100 yuro on a date with a very low chance of getting secks
>spend 50 yuro for guaranteed quickie
pick one, at least im gonna have my dough intact

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>tfw first gf in 10 years
>chocolates for her sitting next to me
>bought the cheapest ones because she said she wants me to go slower and buying her nice expensive ones would probably be too much

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It's a test retard, you still have time.

No I'm confident I made the right decision. She'll just have to learn I can't read her fucking mind.

We don't celebrate it this date in my shithole, so whatever

Go get here chad

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The virgin smooth and cool vs the chad excited autist.

>be working at shitty fast food job
>take guy's order on drive-thru, ring him up
>always try to be very pleasant and polite
>he makes some small talk, just smile and laugh
>mfw he says "By the way, you are so adorable"
>mutter out "th-thanks..."
>he smiles and says "Sometimes people just need to be reminded that they're cute"

while I will be alone tomorrow on valentine's day, this really made my week

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I won't be alone. I have a wife and she's in the anime world