Why not just settle for a fat girl...

Why not just settle for a fat girl? Pic related fingered her ass then sucked her finger during text sex and lets me creampie her raw

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Nah. I have standards.

I'd date a fat girl but I wouldn't touch a whore like the one you mentioned.

They just want chad, and no one will ever love me.

My reason:Because they smell gross

The universal reason: because you will never brag about harpooning a whale with the lads. They are not a prize to be won, but a failure to be hidden.

Ive got a fat girl and creampie her raw multiple time every time we have sex, its beatiful

>fingered her ass then sucked her finger during text sex and lets me creampie her raw
That's why.

How fat is it?

t. incel

Im 5 foot 6 with a 5 inch dick and I fucked her ass (pic related) and came inside of her dude, they WANT Chad but theyre easy to manipulate

Based and fatpilled

Youre right, which sucks since
>candles dont exist

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She is about 5 foot 3 and Id say a good 30 or 40 pounds overweight. She carries it alright for now, no rolls, but thats not gonna last

lol fucking beta

So she's chubby, not a fat girl.

>30 or 40 pounds overweight
That's not that bad.

Nice butt and butthole.

brah you gonna get her preg and then stuck with a baby you don't want that

This. No the difference.

fat girls smell like a soda with b.o

Yeah thats a subjective matter, butthole related

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and a pretty girl is a prize to be won? is something to brag about? dumbass.

It's not really subjective. Everyone thinks you are talking about a whale with odor problems. An overweight chubby girl is at least dateable.

Thanks. She lets me eat, finger, and fuck it, and she goes ass to mouth

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Thats a good point, I get you


Shes a desperate whore. She will suck my dick and fingers right out of her asshole and tell me she loves it then beg me to cum in her

How did you get a girl like that
Sound fucking amazing to sex with her

>tfw no obediant degenerate harharpoon.

Im short but fit. I just pay this fatty a mix of small validations and disinterest. The Game by Neil Strauss. A lot of dudes cant neg bc they care too much. You have to not care if she throws a little fit, because even when Lindsey is throwing a fit its bc she wants my approval

Fat girls are fuckin target practice bro

I don't get it
You give her a little fake love ?

How did you meet her and make her you sexual partners

I super liked her on Tinder. I turned the conversation to her ass off the bat but also spoke in full sentences and talked about other stuff. I said we should play 20 questions and it escalated quickly. I asked her biggest turnon and she said its embarassing but she has a creampie fetish and never uses condoms. Told her I cant wait to cum in her so the next day she drove over and I did! :)))

You give occasional compliments, but you dont put on a whole chivalrous act, and you also minimize their opinions or comments at other times. Read The Game dude

I have screenshotted the hot parts and the pics and am going to fap to this later? Do you mind explaining how you ate her fat ass and creampied her hole in great detail? Thanks OP!

Sociopathy lol

Those hands are fucking disgusting.

honestly rather remain a virgin

She's got a cute face. I'd be pretty damn happy with a fat girl as long as she wasn't morbidly obese and not fat in the face.

Not even single mom landwhale wants me and that's saying something. I went as low as that and still failed.
I give up, besides I'll be 32 in a couple of months.

That is fucking nasty.

fucking grosss m8.
unironically imagining the smell right now almost made me puke.

You're low t if you don't instinctively want that all over your face

Eating out a fat girl is like eating your own vomit.

I will never EVER eat out a fat girl again, and i looove eating pussy. Just never fat girls, i avoid them entirely now.

It's more acceptable now to use fat girls as quick fucks especially since the rise of tinder. I've noticed recently that a lot of fat chicks now have bloated egos because of this. They don't think they have to settle for the male fatties and uggos