If you post in this thread you WILL get that qt3.14 gf who WILL unconditionally love you

if you post in this thread you WILL get that qt3.14 gf who WILL unconditionally love you.

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okay can I have her before Valentines Day please?

If you post in this thread you WILL recive that qt3.14 gf who will unconditionally love you before valentines day 2020

Rolling originally for this.

Y'know, I really don't have anything to lose at this point by trying. It's not like I have any better hopes.

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stop getting our hopes up
rolling anyways

I have nothing to loose except my virginity so im in

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As one of the few people here who does, technically, have a very small amount of actual relationship experience, I assure you, that's not true. You can also lose your dignity, your money, whatever scraps of self-esteem you don't know you still have, and any sense of safety around other people.

Keep in mind that OP promised attractiveness and unconditional love. OP did not promise sanity. It's more important than you might think.

Only animals can unconditionally love.

haha no I won't

what about bf? I've become so disconnected from women, I don't think I should even try

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Tell me, what was it like when you lost everything?

If only origino

this is (you) bait but im replying anyway

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Please I dont wanna be alone anymore

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Serious advice here: If you want a qt3.14 GF, there's three basic steps to follow.

1) Make yourself appealing. Develop as much social skill as your personal autism level will allow for, get some hobbies that you can talk about(and learn when to STFU about them instead), get Jow Forums, find a decent job, and pay attetion to personal grooming and hygiene. You don't need to do all of these(I had a meh job and no Jow Forums at all when I got a GF), but try for at least a couple. And remember, the more you can manage, the better a girl you can attract.

2) Develop a realistic assessment of what you want and what you can get. If you want a 12/10 nuclear physicist sexpot virgin who only ever wants to suck dick and play vidya with you, think again. There's like three of those on the planet, and they're probably married to tech billionaires or male models or some other non-Jow Forums dude. Figure out what's important, and remember that any GF is a real person, with her own dreams and desires and issues. Have realistic expectations, and avoid one-itis.

3) Go out there and ask girls out. You don't need to go full PUA, but you can't just wait for her to come to you. Meet girls, talk to girls, and ask girls if they want to grab dinner.

This may be depressing advice to some. It's not nearly as bad as it sounds, FWIW. Be a better person, figure out what you care about, and go get it. And if you actually do it, you'll be rewarded with sex, snuggles, someone to help when you have a bad day, and a two-income household. It's a good trade, all told.

I agree with this user and subscribe to his newsletter.

I hope you're right. Also, here's your original (you), OP. Now please let me have my qt 3.14 gf soon.

this one original way gang

Negro hump

I've posted in threads like this a hundred times before and I'll pray for it to happen a hundred times more if that's what this reality asks of me

God either give me this or give me death cause i cant take much more of myself.

If only boys actually looked like astolfo then it wouldn't even be a question.

*expresses extreme doubt*

Jolly good show I hope she is a big titty goth

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what if i want a meguca


Seems legit, hook me up with that sweet sweet cherry pie.

it's worth a shot
also almost 79 slayer in osrs

but what if she's not cool?!??!

When and how do I meet her?

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Done. Please don't do any Monkey's Paw bullshit where she loves me so much that she murders me in my sleep or something.

>unconditionally love

my god funny shit.

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>she murders me in my sleep
user, you know perfectly well that's the only freedom we can ever know from this pain. It's the most loving gift you can receive, why do you spurn it?

user why do you do this to me? You're just setting me up for disappointment.

harm will come to you if this is a lie

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nothing to lose y knot

I guess I have to report in then.

Hope I get her before senior year is over

ah today is my day

hey user I hate you because you're getting my hopes up, only for them to be let down again
I'm still doing this shit, but I hate you

I hope that i don't have to wait long for her.

Shout out my niggas, I'm finna go in on Valentines Day, peace out ya'll

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mine dumped me yesterday

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please let me have a cute gf that will love me

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Okie dokie
Ur sorry ass cant play in sudokkie

fuck why don't these exist :(

I highly doubt that she'll knock on the apartment door if she's top-tier for that exact reason, but I give a try to fuck up another social interaction

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I might as well, I hope a specific girl loves me back

>before valentines day 2020
I can live with that, please be a qt damaged girl

I don't believe you, but I'll post anyway. I'm not a NEET anymore this year, so this is the first time since nearly half a decade ago that I'm actually talking to women who aren't family.

good joke op

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It's worth a shot, not much else I can do

>Develop as much social skill as your personal autism level will allow for
That's not very much.
>get some hobbies that you can talk about
I will never under any circumstances become a normalfag just to appease vapid women. It is better to die alone.
>get Jow Forums, find a decent job, and pay attetion to personal grooming and hygiene.
I have the hygiene part down and am working on Jow Forums. Is being a STEM student considered a shitty job by women?
>Go out there and ask girls out. You don't need to go full PUA, but you can't just wait for her to come to you. Meet girls, talk to girls, and ask girls if they want to grab dinner.
I actually will be alone forever if this is a strict requirement.

:[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[ this what I be needing right now

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replying cuz i know its gonna happen tomorrow bros

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I'm failing a class and it's making me hopeless, so this wishful thinking might cheer me up, if only a little bit.

give her to me originoloilo

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i'll have 1 qtpi gf please thank you

Ooga boiga giff gf

please god get me out of this lonely nightmare

I fucking hate Astolfo, stop with this gay trap shit

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Funny joke user

Unconditional love sounds unnatural but whatever

especially considering im not someone who deserves it

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bf is a desperation thing desu
if you have a choice you go for a gf

>if you post in this thread you WILL get that qt3.14 gf who WILL unconditionally love you.
I don't want a gf to love me unconditionally. If she can love me unconditionally, isn't she damaged? What if I abandon virtue and become an evil person, will she still love me? That is ridiculous. I want a virtuous woman to love me so long as I am virtuous.

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alright op, ill believe but if youre are lying to me your mother will die in her sleep and this includes anyone posting in this thread[/spoilers] and she better look like this

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ill be waiting smile

I'm basically at rock bottom anyway

>tfw no qt3.14 mommy gf

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Even if its fantasy I still will post just in case

I hope she is weird/crazy enough not to leave me.

not true user, I just need to wait like 10 years until sexbots become a thing and my 12/10 will become a reality

fucked up the spoiler originally

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when do I get my gf?

original of course

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it's worth a try I suppose, please, please please.

I don't think that would happen.
I don't even know if i really would like it to happen.

if I get 62 it will actually work

Can I get an ETA on her? I've been waiting a while.

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(gib gf please)

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I would be so happy and take such good care of her. Thanks, op.

why not
i'm assuming you mean loyalty when you say unconditionally, does that loyalty come with genuine care?
qt japanese or kazakh would be a plus

Please end this pain

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I have nothing to lose

Need originality

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So I should dump my current 1.01 lame gf?

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based James dean poster you will not be alone

>decent social skills around people I know
>main hobby when around normies: aut/o/
>good hygene
>no well defined standards, just try my luck with the girls I know
>reject counter currently at 27
Guess what the fuck is holding me back.
>not Jow Forums
>shit job so I can't provide
Also looks, but you'll probably reply with how that doesn't matter.
tl;dr You're full of shit

Id love to be as lucky as Harold.

But I dont see me there. It doesnt help me that i see women only as cumdumps.

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Same here except great job and relatively fit. He's definitely full of shit, with a shit cherry on top. Only girl I've gotten with are ones I only want for sex. Girls I actually like lose interest in me after a few weeks. I'm not even into weird sexual stuff. I like semi rough rapey sex, the most feminine fetish there is. Universal enough I wouldnt even call it a fetish. Just female sexuality. Dating market is just fucked beyond repair. Girls don't want to marry until they're no longer worthy of it. I wish for nothing but misery and pain for their lives.

rolling because im desperate

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posting cause why not
oregano, basil, rosemary, thyme, etc

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>tfw immunity cat from like 2013 or something

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I just want to have a girl who genuinely loves me, though that probably is a stretch for someone like me anyway. Rolling for the small chance that this is real.

VR goggles and some japanese Waifu app are a pretty good alternative.
Did never try it out personally...

pls be hairyy

Oregano Rolland

OP would never lie to me

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Where do you get one of those dolls? And are they fuckable?

please give bf(male) instead

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