R8 the image above you

Ill start the one above me is a tard for posting that

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Very nice, I'll give it a 2000's Mario/10

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I can relate to the sentiment but it's just another deep fried impact font meme

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this is really silly and gave me a giggle

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reverse search it, and it makes my childhood nursery song much creepier

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im feeling like a brainlet looking at this so i might as well just say
nice figget spinner dude

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Makes me calm yet concerned

Faggot above me didnt post a pic so commenting on this one

I feel taunted, like hes telling me I should just stop being a bitch and end it

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This makes me feel uncomfortable and like i need an adult.

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this picture makes me uncomfortable but also slightly aroused

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Remember kids smoking is bad for you 5/10

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I need a cute goth gf with family issues that I can skullfuck into submission

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hope and optimism 6/10

interesting image, gives me something to think about

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it fills me with dread 0/10

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makes me scared of whatever a being powerful enough to break all laws of physics is considering degeneracy

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He's not ahegoing but 5 of ten.

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the screen is too small, but overall a very earl specimen of meme, high quality 8/10

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I don't know what i'm looking at, but I like it

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Calm but a bit melancholic, I wonder what he's thinking

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Oh, I forgot, it's a solid 9/10

This image reminds me of the fact that Japanese porn is the best porn. Especially when censored. 9/10 would nut again

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