Why is it becoming more and more common for women to murder-suicide with their children

Why is it becoming more and more common for women to murder-suicide with their children.
Notice how men never do it?

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yeah men never do anything wrong... they don't murder or rape at all, nope.

who did she murder?

Why do so few people acknowledge that the vast majoroty of infant abuse, including murder, is done by women?

Chris Benoit murdered his wife and son then hung himself. The little girl who voiced Ducky in The Land Before time was murdered and burned by her dad along with her mother then he shot himself.

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>sticking up for women despite being a virgin
Imagine being such a cuck

Women commit suicide as an attention thing. What's more attention grabbing than taking yourself out and bringing your children with you?
>"I brought you into this world and I can take you out of it"

>The Land Before time

A case of this happened in my hometown. My mom knew the woman who did it and my aunt and uncle were friends with the family who lost their grandson (and also their son because the woman also murdered her baby daddy a few months before the murder suicide). Someone made a documentary about this situation on Youtube, it's called Dear Zachary.

Who said they never did anything wrong? We're saying mothers are doing horrible things. Insecure onions boy faggot. Also killing your own fucken children, the ones that came out of your body, is honestly as bad if not worse than rape.

Domestic violence laws have drifted so far from reality and reason that it's not longer worth the risk to protect children from these kinds of women.

>Have to go all the way back to 2007
Ok, let's post some statistics from that time period.

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>Because they're desperate and clearly there must be some reason for her to kill her kids and herself
>I bet the husband was abusing them!
This is how normalfags think.

The OP said "notice how men never do it?" I was just posting two well known cases of men doing it.

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Because as a society we are desperate for women to always be in the right.

>leave kid with abusive husband/father
>risk them being abused in foster care

Men kill their kids all of the time and they kill their wives and girlfriends a LOT. Are you dumb?

>Notice how men never do it
Men on average account for the majority of murder suicides, but their victims are overwhelmingly women in the US. fathers commit 57% of murders of their biological children as well, but I think mothers represents the majority of murder suicide in regard to children, and they are more likely to kill infants, while fathers are more likely to kill older children.

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The point is that OP is wrong by saying "men never do it".
There's quite a few cases of men killing their wives/gfs who were planning on leaving them too. Nobody's whiteknighting and saying that womyn never do this type of thing either

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>Have to go all the way back to 2007
>AND had to pick an example of a man with a brain turned to mush from years of steroid abuse and head trauma

>fathers commit 57% of murders of their biological children as well
Source: my toastie roastie ass

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>becoming more and more common

I remember when I heard about this story, was so fucking sad

Almost poetic when you look at the order of these posts

why are you outright lying out of your diseased whore mouth?
You do know people have access to google, right?

>using the murder of actual children as a one up against women
You're trash, dude. Not murdering kids trash, but still trash.

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He said they don't perform a murder suicide involving their children. Men obviously do this, but when they do they also kill the mother, whereas if a woman does it she doesn't kill her husband because she probably couldn't.

Probably because they're more likely to take custody of kids

>Pointing out facts that women are children killers makes OP trash

with the american domestic violence laws i dunno how you can even trust your partner (of any gender btw) if s/he can make you arrested if s/he calls them the first

neither of those links take me anywhere
download the pdf, look at the results, males commit familicide more than females, but not by a huge amount.

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we are supposed to be silent about women killing children, it can soil the reputation of the women :^)

Why do so few people acknowledge the fact that the kids deserve it most of the time for being undisciplined bastards?

I believe the same as in this thread.
It's her children. The state and its people should have no say in how she treats her property.

I meant filicide, very different

but that's sex offenders senpai, no murder suicides here

btw it's also well known that lesbian couples with two women are the most violent while the gay couples are the least violent of all the couples (hetero are in the middle), i mean the violence between the partners

women are a shit, to put it simply

Gay men have the highest risk of transmitting life-threatening STDs. Lmao

that's not related tho
also the main reason of it's that the lining of anus is very vulnerable

>be responsible for the lives of your children
>but you really want to die
>don't want to leave them alone in the world without your guidance
>get the brilliant idea to kill them too to spare them a life of misery

It's not abuse to spew a POZ load into random men, sure. Gay couples are more promiscuous and don't have the same lifestyles as the average lesbian and hetero couple.

>sex offenders
no, sex of offender, not sex offender.
>murder suicides
what do you want? You didn't even say you wanted murder suicide rates and I said in my initial post, mothers do it more often to their children, but men commit murder suicides on a whole more often and usually against women. would you like those statistics?

>Be woman
>Be naturally selfish
It's pretty obvious

>Gay couples are more promiscuous
you what m8

In Brazil it's common.

>no source
faggots will always be on par with women

here you originally are

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It's not "women are more likely to murder suicide their kids, why is that? What could be done to stop it?"
It's "gee women sure murder suicide their kids a lot really makes u think huh :^)"
It's not pointing out facts because OP actually gives a shit about kids being murdered. It's just another excuse to bitch about women

Chris Benoit would say otherwise.

it is tho? I live here and I never read any of this instance happening

>tfw my mom didnt murder suicide instead of just killing herself

I couldnve died as a shy 13 yo boy and not have lived to turn into a disgusting NEET. If anyone she knew I was fucked. Why didnt she take me with her?

The reason males do ten times the recorded violence is due to them being able to pull it off, not intent. Women can only murder children due to being pathetic. They usually can't even put in enough competence to commit suicide at all. So yeah.

At least she had the respect to off herself. Men kill their kids and wives then run off with their mistresses.