2000s vidya thread

Post some games you loved during this decade

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The distilled essence of 2000's California only greasier and with vampires in place of jews.

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That game is fucking great. I miss those years bros :(

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>tramp stamp

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coming thru nigga

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*is the best elder scrolls game in your path*

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I love God of War II

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9/10 game


Any nons have good times with this honey

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WoW during its prime

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I went to my neighbors house everyday just to play this (his dad was huge gamer and they had 4 computers), stopped going over for a while when my parents finally got me computer. Wish I wasn't pussy back then, only social thing I did was help lower levels through older instances I liked. Only had one person I traveled with for one day, forgot his name but vividly remember logging off near that crusader keep in zombieland

I don't even know why I liked it so much. Just something about it was really addicting

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Why don't you play the PC version? Easy to change the field of view an runs smooth as butter.


Any KOEI Warrior fags here?

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Contracts was better imo

Socom II on PS2 was the greatest online gaming experience. Better than Halo 3, better than MW2, better than anything.

The Twisted Metal series and the Socom series were godly.

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Now youve really crossed the line

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One of the best to come out in this genre

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Weak fatalities but they had character customization. I used to play this allthe time with my brother

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GTA IV is the best GTA IMO

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Roman constantly calling was irritating

Halo 3 was the pinnacle of the entire FPS genre, and that is a fact. I will never forget the countless afternoons spent after school playing big team battle and custom games with my xbox live friends.

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Not to mention the best selling video game soundtrack of all time.
I still listen to it sometimes.


Fallout New Vegas I spent many hours patrolling the Mojave

That's my favorite game of all time. Still holds up.

hell yeah. my first and favorite NfS

This is the game that caused me to waste away.
Ever been so obsessed with a game you stop eating entirely and end up going from a pudgy boy to a skelton boy?
Todd Howard almost killed me. Ha!

You will never have co-op races with your friends after school smashing each other and everything around you again.
Honestly why live

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Best racing game ever

You beat me to it, the jak and daxter series was the best

excellent taste


My favorite capcom game.
1999, but whatever.
Think Resident Evil, but with dinosaurs.

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I liked the first one better, but this one was still great. Jak's design in this game was beyond cool.

Right here. The Samurai Warriors series was my shit as a teenager. Got into the game because my aunt and uncle had a copy of Samurai Warriors 2: Empires.
Loved it and was addicted, but they took it with them when they left. A year later, when I was staying at my dad's house for the summer, my dad ran around the entire city we used to live in trying to find a copy of this game in stores to get me as a random gift. He got lucky and found one copy of the first game. Only ONE copy in the entire city. It was awesome.
I popped it in the PS2 and realized it wasn't the same one, but I still loved it.
Every year after, I got at least 2 or 3 Koei Warriors games on Amazon, with DW5 and its two expansions being the last ones I ever got.
These days, I don't care for the games much, but I have A LOT of nostalgia for them. I still play Warriors Orochi 2 on occasion, though.
Sorry for the novel btw. Your post brought back some memories.

>I used to play this allthe time with my brother
Same, but with my sister.

Not even joking, I thought about pic related right before I went to sleep a few days ago and wondered what the game was called. thanks op

You and I are of the same blood, user.

DW5 and SW2 with expacs were the best shit one could hope for in terms of hack and slash. Personally I hate how they started to ramp things into too much of absurdity in later games, starting from designs. Also I'm salty they didnt release Musou Orochi Z (Warriors Orochi 1 and 2 remastered together with some extra on the side for the PS3) in the west.

Having said that however, to this day I love the franchise and they are part of the reason why my autism for both history and vidya is so high, they sparked an interest and a passion that I will take to the grave. :)

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This! Halo was peak Xbox.

>DW5 and SW2 with expacs were the best shit one could hope for in terms of hack and slash.
Agreed. Although my PS2 won't even play the SW2XL disc anymore. :(
>Personally I hate how they started to ramp things into too much of absurdity in later games,
Tell me about it. Seeing how the series (both SW and DW) ended up made me admittingly a little glad I lost interest at the right time.
The games did spark an interest for me in history as well, but the more I knew about the warriors that the characters were based on, the more I wanted the game to be accurate, which is why I always preferred when the characters had fairly realistic outfits rather than crazy anime stuff, like Yukimura and Tadakatsu's second outfits in SW1XL or Musashi's third outfit in WO2. If you couldn't already tell, I'm not a big anime guy. I just think samurai are heckin cool the same way I think barbarians, vikings and knights are cool.

Yeah, exactly.

In a very original and agreeable way.

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Not my favourite but very memorable.

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Best game
Change my mind

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GOTC right here my dudes.

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This shit scared me at 16, and my friends all the planet x talk on the internet lol.

Was it better than ocarina, no it was equal just much, much darker.

And then at 19 we got windwhacker, way to go nintendo I was an early adult and you literally blew it until twilight princess(fisher price era nintend not even once).

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>ywn oper8te on anthro outbackniggers with your boomerang collection

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Fucking loved Dino Crisis, I hope we get a remake one day.

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sly cooper almost turned me into a furry when I was a kid

fuck... atleast I still enjoyed playing video games back then...
I need to make some friends.

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i wish they would make a new jak game. the jak series got fucked over hard.

Me and a friend have been playing Hitman 2 Silent Assassin on PS2. Such a good fucking game.

Technically not a game by itself, but I loved the Polymer renderer released for Duke Nukem 3D back in 2009.

>inb4 lol wtf fag

Don't knock it until you try it. It's actually a really good platformer. It gives you a nice Mario 64 feel, but with less movement options. I highly recommend it.

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I havent played this in a while but I remember it was great. The revamp on ps4 was absolute trash tho

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All of these are special to me

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The perfect vidya trilogy.
The holy trinity.

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check out wargroove, it has similar gameplay

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>acting like this entire website doesnt already know
if you want a real hidden gem try revenge of the flying dutchman

I see you guys beat me to my three favorite games.

Easy choice. Fuck the new ones though.

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>What will it be, Jack? Loyalty to your country, or loyalty to me?
>You don't know the truth yet, but sooner or later your going to have to choose.

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My going to have to choose?

>best tes game
Lol go back to cyrodill fetcher
Real men play games with broke diceroll combat morrowind is best you N,wah

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I want to shove a SOLG up my quivering asshole. UwU

The good shit right here

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played the shit out of this
i loved these

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Damn grey skins polluting the thread with your stink.

The first game that ever made me cry. And the one i still play to this day.

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Im so close to finding all the coins in the remastered edition, gonna get me a demon sword