Is the femnon who promised a vocaroo bedtime story still here?

Is the femnon who promised a vocaroo bedtime story still here?

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femnon pls respawn ;_;

I made a thread at 8pm but I felt so stupid when nobody replie and then an user replied in a way that seemed to be mocking me and I felt stupid and ashamed and delted it but im hopeful she is still here

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user i cannot tell if you are mocking me

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I'd do it but my voice is shit and not that feminine

can you post a vocaroo sample?

[sppiler]No, I just put a lot of effort into that for another thread that died too early, so I'm looking for an excuse to post it.

she had one really cute voice. i dont know why she hated it

Bumping for user to have cozy bedtime story

for the love of god, just nut already. if you can't do it alone, pornhub is free of charge too

Thats enough for me fellas, gnight boios

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I will spank you until you sound like a girl

is someone posts a short story ill will read it, although im not that femanon.
No fetish or gross shit.

this isn't about masturbating. A woman reading a story to me reminds me of my mother and makes me feel comforted and loved

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we are trying to nut you faggot

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Idk if this is short enough, but please?

how about:

Children need sex. They require release like you do but are denied it with a partner who can teach them and guide them through it lovingly. Many young children masturbate for relief-and what does mom and dad do when they find out? Why, they slap the kids hands and tell them to stop or they will go blind! Once again, this only leads to oppressive, damaging GUILT. By age 11, I was a compulsive masturbator & collected hard-core pornographic magazines like HUSTLER! I was VERY sexual and I was asking for it on a regular basis (and never seemed to get it!) and yet society would have believed I was as innocent as can be. This harmed me. If I had only known a ****phile then, I would have been much happier in my childhood! But then again, if I had decided to have sex with a ****phile adult, they would have been imprisoned and I would have been in therapy for brainwashing to accept my "abuse". But my childhood had a happy ending-fate soon blessed me at 11 and a half with a woman ****phile who sexually educated me! Other kids are more like I was than you maybe would like to admit. Perhaps you were something like this in your own youth and due to guilt you wish not to admit this side of yourself existed. Think back and be honest with yourself-it is ok to be sexual and you are not alone or wrong! Stop feeling guilty about a natural bodily function and do not infect our kids!

or this, one of my favorites. ive read it to 2 or 3 people myself actually

Get to reading bitch I'm trying to go to bed

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hurry up baby girl, i've been rubbing my meat for the last couple of hours can't keep edging any longer papa needs to go to sleep

you guys are being so mean and nasty

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I'll be mean to you there's no need to feel left out
some of you are being mean but i did it anyway, have a nice night. Sorry for the mistakes, not used to reading out loud.

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I liked this story btw!!!!

You skipped my story. THE FUCK IS THIS SHIT

I think OP meant femanon (girl) not mentally ill man.


I've never tried reading anything out loud before user but I hope you sleep well

Discord? I am claiming u

Thank you femanon. You have a really nice voice.

Thank you both very much I enjoyed it so much. It made me sleepy, I am going to bed now. Sorry about the weirdos and meanies

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I'm too scared user but I will read again tomorrow if I see a thread

Thank you anons that was v kind to say

thanks baby girl, haven't nutted like this in weeks


can you be any more pathetic than this?