Post scary pictures itt

Post scary pictures itt

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Ok. Here's a scary one.

Black women are trash

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holy fuck 10/10 lad, spooked me

true they are normalscum are cancer so fuck off and die r*Ddit

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Here you go friend, scary stuff

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Heres a demon that gives me nightmares every night

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but i dont have a picture of OP's face
lol get rekt n00b

Oh fug, guess OP has to kill himself now

I just need to post a part of it here

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i don't know what I would do in this situation.

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Children. Go to bed.

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fuck you user, this shit is too spooky

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lmao nigger this wouldn't have scared me if i was 13

fag you made me laugh like a nigger after it made me jump

post moar spooky sheeit

Thats the whole world right there

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>hey look who decided to come out of his room

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why do i have such a disgusting mutt family

imagine being this hyped about the ritual slaughter and eating of an animal, almost feels like its 400 bc all over again

Is that bird gonna be enough food? That is a lot of people.

I'll admit it--I was spooked

Holy fuck. That genuinely scared me. I guess I never got past being in this exact situation, explaining to all my relatives how much of a loser I am for 5 hours straight untill they all get angry at me again.

work = 0
deserving basic human dignity = 0

I once saw a really really good scary images thread on /x/ in 2013, so I got excited seeing your thread in the catalog, but upon clicking the thread, I'm immediately disappointed. Nothing but stupid fucking memey zoomers here. I forgot how many idiots were on Jow Forums
>inb4 y-you're one of them
Too easy of an insult to make, dipshits. Come up with something original.

As of now, these are the only decent ones. Keyword: decent.

Nipples went rock hard

Spooky stuff i tell ya

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