>have BPD
>don't really give a shit about anyone except my Favorite Person
Every one else just feels like a distraction, like people who think I am their friend, I would probably get over if they stopped talking to me within a week or two, often I just pretend to care about them I think, any other BPDers know this feel?

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nobody cares you trash human being
you're just going to use him up for a month then abandon him if he doesn't leave you first

Yes, literally every person with BPD feels this way.
>pieces of shit blame terrible behavior on bpd
>half of them don't have it
Not everyone with BPD cheats or dumps their partner, I've never done this and never would. I bend over backwards trying to make people happy and get abandoned anyway.

How is that even possible? Seems completely foreign and incomprehensible.

your "favorite person" probably hates you and only stays with you out of pity.

Not true, I've known them for a long time.
Foreign and incomprehensible? You've never pretended to care about somebody before?
So far from the truth it isn't even funny.

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I feel this way about my family, but not many of my friends. Makes me feel a bit bad, but that's just how it is I guess.

>tfw no codependent relationship with another bpd or yandere

I guess things make sense now. I wouldn't willingly waste what little time I have leading someone on.

Is it really leading someone on? I guess I technically *do* care about them, it's just a lot less than they think I do. There's an extreme power gap between where my Favorite Person is at and where my family and everyone else is at.

Maybe it is leading them on, but they'll never find out since I play the part of the doting friend pretty well I think, and I like having someone to talk to when my FP isn't around.

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Your FP is a roastie no better than any other. Stop putting her on a pedestal, she doesn't love you user.

Two BPDs would ever work, the ideal partner for a BPD is someone with a savior complex who will put up with their bullshit.

I could see a Narcissist, ASPD, or a Schizoid working out, but it's likely they would just get tired of the BPD and discard them.

Be nice...

What's your Favorite Person like anyway, user? What do you like about them?

OP I hope you do the world a favor and just commit suicide. Don't threaten it to your favorite at the moment just do it. Everyone will be better off without your crazy ass. I've dealt with two BPD sufferers they only make the world a worse place. Die.

My FP is a guy so inherently cannot be a roastie.
They're sweet and nice and mature and older than me so it's fun to hear what they were like when they were younger and they were pretty similar to me. They definitely aren't *old* but they're a bit older than I am so can give me advice. We share similar interests too and get along really well.
I do have bad moments like any BPD person but I truly try my hardest not to act badly, I think I've only lashed out maybe 2-3 times to my FP over 2 years of knowing them, which is pretty decent for a BPD person I think. If you knew BPD females I think they are particularly nastier compared to BPD males like myself.

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>the ideal partner for a BPD is someone with a savior complex who will put up with their bullshit.

Exactly. On the sad side, someone with high self-respect and self-confidence wouldn't put up with a BPD at all.

"Nice guys" are the best partner for a BPD.

I've always wanted to be someones favorite person, but I'm too boring for anyone to like

>conveniently only mentions hurting the FP

And how many non-FPs have you hurt? Kys.

I had a BPD faggot try to ruin my relationship with my gf because he took my friendship as some kind of love interest. You have a fucked up way of thinking that won't ever be cured. Just go build a cabin in the woods or eat lead

what happens when two bpd people come together anyone know

So basically you're a girl with Daddy issues that just wants a surrogate father?

You can be boring and still be someone's FP, I think actual FP status is just given out to anyone who gives a BPD person positive attention, I've had abusive FP's in the past just because they were nice to me at one point but my current one is a genuinely saintly person.
>And how many non-FPs have you hurt? Kys.
Like genuinely hurt? Zero, I'm a natural people pleaser.
> You have a fucked up way of thinking that won't ever be cured.
You aren't wrong but some BPD people are aware of that and work to fix/mitigate it. I freely admit 90-95% of BPD people are scumbags.
That's pretty accurate, honestly. I like being taken care of and lavishing attention and love onto my caregiver.

Attached: c637e340edea96251a3b4f6843de0082.jpg (460x650, 203K)

If I was dependent upon them, I'd probably never talk to my family. I just don't see the point. It's not like we're friends, we've just been stuck together because of genetics.

You seem like a cute and nice person. Be my boyfriend.

Yeah, that's BPD pretty much.
It wouldn't last very long. One of them would do something to make the other person split them and the other person would split them back.
Yep, my current and longest lasting relationship has been with a "nice guy". They get a bad rap but they're actually the ideal partner for someone with BPD.

You have no idea how boring I really am though. I have no hobbies, I don't eat, I just lay in my bed and sleep. I haven't been to a public school since I was 11, I'm 21 with no Diploma or GED, I'm an uneducated heap of trash. I live off of neetbux like a leech, I haven't left my home in 4 months. There's nothing redeeming about me, I can't even keep a conversation with someone I add online going for more than the first few exchanges, I have no personality.

How long do your "relationships" last?

How do I know if I'm BPD?

None of my relationships seem to pan out.

Do I have to do psycho shit to my partner, or is there other non-psycho stuff?

So where's my BPD gf? I hate being around people, but I don't think I'd mind having someone around who literally lives for me. As long as she's willing to give me space when I need to be completely alone, that is. I'd imagine that would be acceptable for someone with BPD since it's not like I'd be using that time to be around other people.

Thanks, that's very flattering but I don't function well in relationships, they give me a lot of intense anxiety if I don't get enough attention, but I don't enjoy being smothered either, it's best for people like me to be alone, at least until they can get their issues under control.
All of that is acceptable except being uneducated and not being able to keep a conversation going. I'm a NEET as well but I'm pretty well versed in a long range of topics so I'm able to keep conversations going quite well if I want to. If you can't keep a conversation going having any friends is going to be really hard.
Look at the diagnostic criteria:

five (or more) of the following:

(1) frantic efforts to avoid real or imagined abandonment.
Note: Do not include suicidal or self-mutilating behavior covered in Criterion 5.

(2) a pattern of unstable and intense interpersonal relationships characterized by alternating between extremes of idealization and devaluation

(3) identity disturbance: markedly and persistently unstable self-image or sense of self

(4) impulsivity in at least two areas that are potentially self-damaging (e.g., spending, sex, Substance Abuse, reckless driving, binge eating).
Note: Do not include suicidal or self-mutilating behavior covered in Criterion 5.

(5) recurrent suicidal behavior, gestures, or threats, or self-mutilating behavior

(6) affective instability due to a marked reactivity of mood (e.g., intense episodic dysphoria, irritability, or anxiety usually lasting a few hours and only rarely more than a few days)

(7) chronic feelings of emptiness

(8) inappropriate, intense anger or difficulty controlling anger (e.g., frequent displays of temper, constant anger, recurrent physical fights)

(9) transient, stress-related paranoid ideation or severe dissociative symptoms

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Why would someone with BPD lash out against their favorite person? Aren't they supposed to be a God to you?

Just curious, what makes you want a gf if you're schizoid?


You've been in multiple relationships? ree get out normie.

Why did the relationships end? Did you BPD too hard?

You love them when all your "needs" are being met, i.e. love, attention. If they do something that frustrates you, you can get extraordinarily mad extraordinarily quicky, for me usually it will be small flashes of anger and rage but if I'm having a particularly bad day I can actually lash out at them. External factors contribute a lot for me, like if I'm hungry, tired, the house is too hot, being frustrated by a game, I can have an extremely short fuse where even someone's wrong word choice will make me explode. BPD is characterized by idealization and devaluation where you can rapidly cycle between loving and hating a person depending on what they do or just your emotions being wacky.

Only one and it was only online. It went pretty well but they started hardcore neglecting me, like to the point where perfectly stable people were shocked at their behavior, so eventually it made me crazier and crazier and it had to end, I found out later that they weren't even attracted to me so it was just one big catfish.

Attached: 0a5e437677662e33c04103522c3d295c.png (777x1273, 306K)

I hate being around the vast majority of people, but I think it's mostly because I don't like who most people are. I have one friend and I actually enjoy spending time with him. I feel like a completely different person around him. I guess I'm just hoping there's a woman out there that could make me feel the same way. I dunno, feelings are weird. Probably an innate sex drive is involved here, even if I'm not consciously thinking about it. Cuddles seem nice.

Same thing that happens when two neutron stars come together.

Well ok. I'm messed up, but in more subtle ways.


>that's very flattering but I don't function well in relationships, they give me a lot of intense anxiety if I don't get enough attention, but I don't enjoy being smothered either

I still feel the same way.

I have cyclothemia, which is like a milder form of bipolar... But that's different from a personality disorder-- But yeah. I wish I could hold down a GF... just can't seem to do it.

OP you're so fucking full of shit, literally every person I've met with BPD says they aren't as bad as other BPDs, and I say that as someone who was in DBT for a year and no longer fits the diagnostic criteria. I said the same shit back before I started getting better and I believed it, the truth was that I was just as bad I just wasn't able to see how my behavior was hurting the people around me

Here's the red-pill on BPD. If someone you know ever mentions BPD or you have a strong suspicion they have it you should immediately cut them off. Nothing good can come from a relationship with a person with BPD and it will be a traumatic experience.

You will tiptoe around them doing everything you can to avoid setting them off and they will find some way to misinterpret what is you're saying and be hurt by it anyway.

They will accuse you of cheating or hating them and nothing you say will ever convince them otherwise.

Every single missed call, not responded to text, or perceived abandonment will lead to an emotional breakdown. It might be an angry outburst, it might be sobbing/guilt tripping, it might be self-harm, it might be cheating, it might be suicide baiting, or a whole host of other things.

Should mention suicide baiting because it is extremely traumatic and every person I've known with BPD does it frequently. BPDs will threaten suicide if they think you are going to leave them and you will have to talk them down constantly. It is the most traumatic thing you will ever experience and some will even make you believe that they have already killed themselves just to see how you would react.

Even if you put up with all of this bullshit it's highly likely that the person with BPD will still leave you eventually. You will do something that they see as unforgivable and leave you. They will cheat with a stranger on impulse and try to excuse it on drugs/alcohol or lie and say they were raped. Someone else will become their new FP and they will abandon you for them.

Attached: 1545587733348.jpg (720x960, 183K)

Biploar and BPD get misdiagnosed as each other all the time, it happend to me actually, so I'd imagine it's similar with cyclothymia. Any sort of intense mood disorder like that leads to dysfunctional relationships so I'd recommend you stay way from that unless you get your symptoms seriously under control.
Nothing you said is wrong, user, actually, it's all true, BPD people frequently do all of things you mention. Even I've done things like self-harm and suicide baiting for attention. I think I have myself under a lot more control than the average BPD person but I'd totally understand if you didn't believe me.

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So why aren't you dating your FP if they're your FP? Are they taken? Do they have a micropenis? Do you just like them as a mentor?

>I'd recommend you stay way from that unless you get your symptoms seriously under control.

My symptoms are, but honestly, it's such a fight to keep myself balanced. Relationships still have an element of unpredictability to them. I used to be happy being alone, now I want someone to share my life with-- But at the same time modern dating is so exhausting.

Honestly, My gut is telling me to give up, but I'm too fucking stubborn.

What's the longest relationship you've had, user?

I'd warn against dating a Schizoid if you have BPD, I've dated a couple and it's not a fun experience. The one positive thing I was say about Schizoids is that they aren't typically bothered by your outbursts. There are some major negatives though.

>Their flat affect will make you feel as though you are annoying them or that they dislike you. BPDs tend to see anger/annoyance in neutral faces so you will feel as those your partner hates you all of the time.
>There is no warmth. A schizoid might express affection, cuddle with you, kiss you, but it will always feel like they are going through the motions. There is absolutely no warmth or emotion behind these gestures and it will make you feel empty. It doesn't feel like you are with a real person.
>Schizoids don't form serious emotional connections and you will always feel unloved.
>Schizoids will have no problem dropping you like nothing if they start to feel like they'd prefer being alone.
>When they do this your usual tactics of begging, bargaining, self-harming, apologizing, and suicide baiting will have no effect on them because they simply do not care.

My point was that literally every person with BPD claims they aren't like everyone else with BPD and you're still doing it.

Suicide baiting isn't some minor thing, that shit is one of the most heinous things you can do to another person.

They're straight and I'm gay.
Are you on medication? There are mood stabilizers and stuff like Lithium which might help you if you're having trouble staying balanced. I think having a relationship with a mood disorder like that is a big gamble, if you find the right person it will be immensely satisfying and amazing but if it's with the wrong person it will totally destroy you. Staying alone is the safer option, but some people just want to gamble on finding that amazing relationship with a person who totally understands them.
>What's the longest relationship you've had, user?
About five months, it was one month of borderline orgasmic bliss and four months of the deepest suffering I've ever felt in my life. Not a good experience.
>My point was that literally every person with BPD claims they aren't like everyone else with BPD and you're still doing it.
You're 100% right, and that's why I said I totally understood if you didn't believe me.
>Suicide baiting isn't some minor thing, that shit is one of the most heinous things you can do to another person.
Again, you're right, there's no excuse for putting someone through that type of suffering.

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bump. BPD subhumans are really interesting to speak with. It's like you guys are almost human, but not quite.

Does anyone else with BPD have abduction fantasies?

I just like the idea of someone who will never leave me or let me leave, even if I hate their guts and try and get away from them.

I'd love to abduct someone, but I wouldn't be mean to them, I'd just dress them up in pretty clothes and make sure they never leave their room unless we are going on a walk together, and if we do I'll just have you wear a short leash, but other than that I'd take care of them and love on them 24/7. just a fantasy I have

This is literally my biggest fantasy except I'm the abductee, I don't know what's wrong with me.

do you have discord user? we can talk about this, I haven't met someone who is into something similar to this

I do, but would you mind posting yours?

how do i know if i have bpd if i got more mature and got the bpd-like symptoms under control in my early 20s

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>tfw only relationship Ive ever been able to make is with a BPD girl
this basically means im fucked right guys

Attached: 1448846721847.png (169x168, 53K)

I look forward to talking to you

I meet people all the time and get to know them formonths but I never really form a bond with them and the friendships are easily broken with little snide comments thrown at me. Tho whenever my brother throws shade at me I get really upset and want to kill myself afterwards. Not diagnosed tho

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Cmon, we all know that you are just another edgy teenager trying to be "badass" and "psychopath XD OWO" srly go fuck yourself

BPD has nothing to do with psychopathy. Go be stupid somewhere else.

Do you ever chat with two people at the same time?

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Why would you respond to such an obvious bait? Are you sure you have BPD and not autism?

>Are you sure you have BPD and not autism?
Why not both?

That sounds like something a slut would do.

You ever feel like you can't load up a specific game?

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>meet BPD girl on here
>super qt, legit 9.5/10
>ultra submissive acting
>very into cutting and some BDSM stuff
>says she wants to be my slave (kek)
>lose her cause I wouldn't fly down and visit her
>she legit prob had another ebf by the time she blocked me
Mistakes were made.
Oh well.

Attached: Autism.jpg (640x640, 66K)

I think that's common. The labels aren't very important. I know it gives some people some peace of mind as to why they acted so fucked up but really it's just a label. Accept it as a phase of your life. Don't judge yourself too harshly. Move on. It's ok.

>>don't really give a shit about anyone except my Favorite Person
I know this feeling well, OP. I'd do anything for my favorite person or to spend time with them. Everyone else can fuck off, bunch of boring twats I tolerate while waiting for favorite person.

They don't diagnose BPD in those under 18 for a reason, most teenagers would meet the criteria for it.

Then why aren't you kneeling at their feet as we speak, on guard to obey an command they may give you?

He's at work. I'm waiting.

literally it hurts less to just tell them to fuck off
saves you time and hassle too
stop hurtin people

Well then the house better be tidy for when he get's home, with a hot meal at the ready.

Attached: headpat.jpg (850x1020, 122K)

oh but more importantly how do i find a bpd friend who has me as a favorite person
reminds me of a friendship i had a while ago ive been eagerly seeking to recreate

it was mostly until i was 20 or so when i did a lot of LSD/MDMA
i still have the thoughts i just am a lot more self-aware unless i get pushed then my brain breaks

if i get into an argument with someone i care about, i get really bad splitting where i want to lash out in self defense even if i have nothing to defend.
half of my brain is having extreme abandonment fears and the other is making up paranoid delusions about why they're doing what they're doing to me purposefully and methodically like a diabolical mastermind

i don't act on it and i can generally talk myself out of it
was i just lucky??? most people i know who have bpd never change or get better mostly they only get worse and worse

sorry for the long text....

Attached: 1524129796182.jpg (850x850, 116K)

I'd like to find someone like this, too. I want to be special. Nice trips.

i envy u
looks like robos are envious bastards and im no exception cause this aint original

Luck of the draw, if you really want to be a BPDers FP, understand they may act out at times, and don't grow attached unless you're 100% sure they're a good person or there's a serious risk you're going to get burned. BPDers are more likely to make an FP out of a person who genuinely cares about them and understands them.

Attached: 72857772_p0_1.jpg (2590x3255, 657K)

anime poster, as someone with BPD you're a fucking loser. kill yourself. you can like more than your FP you're just a larping sociopath loser. honestly have a manic episode and slit your wrists im being unironic. if i learned your name somehow and saw your name on the news i would laugh like a movie villain. you're vile scum.

That's interesting. I had extreme depression until my early twenties and I think doing mushrooms wound up fixing me a bit. It seems like they sort of re-calibrate your brain. When you're on them you reset to an infant-like state and afterwards it's documented that they can fix areas of your brain that was previously not working fully, which is why it can help with depression and OCD.

I think you can get better. Maybe it depends on the person but when observing others keep in mind most people have little desire to fix themselves, they would rather just pretend like nothing's wrong in the first place and blame anyone but themselves for their problems. Acknowledging you have a problem is a good first step towards fixing it. The second step is a big question mark though. I don't know about that.

stop defending this faggot egirl, BPD is incurable and mushrooms don't help.

>you're just a larping sociopath loser

>slit your wrists
>kill yourself
>if I saw your name in the news I would laugh like a movie villian


i know they act out
i lost my last one after they started acting out
i was willing to bear it but they just left, so maybe it wasnt an fp afterall

so even if its luck of the draw, is there nowhere i can specifically look?

BPDers can sometimes abandon an FP I guess, but I think the ones who do are particularly rotten and fucked in the head.

>so even if its luck of the draw, is there nowhere i can specifically look?
There's a lot here on Jow Forums, probably a reddit subforum for it too, besides that and maybe discord, no idea.

Attached: 1520149764916.png (907x1019, 483K)

It's unlikely you will ever be a BPDs FP long term if you're a friend.

A: They will find a bf/gf who will become their favorite person and they will lose interest in you until they break up with that person.
B: They will express romantic feelings for you and when those feelings go unrequited they will likely stop talking to you.

im allowed to have my public projection whenever i want fuck off

>I would probably get over them in a week or two
this is literally normal you special snowflake post your address please, please post address

i thought i reciprocated, and i dun think they ever got a bf or a gf

I've been trying here but its been hard, maybe I'm too dependent or to close to bein a bpd type to find a bpd type who is to choose me as a favorite person
perhaps I should try the same site different board?
or maybe infinitychan?

I'm in a relationship with a BPD girl and honestly her chaotic nature is something that keeps me moving forward. She requires a lot of reassurance and attention but it is okay because I can provide it in droves. Also I have ADHD so she always keeps me on my toes. This does not mean to say I am accepting of toxic behaviours, I am sure to bring them up and make sure she knows it's not okay, this applies to me too. Loving someone with BPD can be an emotionally exhausting thing and is most definatly not for the impatient.

Attached: 1548995789869.png (371x339, 138K)

the shrooms you took sound like LSD so it probably was a similar experience to what i had

thank you for taking the time to reply to me user

i think that i have been getting better and maybe the solution is to ask for help when i need it

Attached: 1518956665853.jpg (784x784, 54K)

does anything that does not echaust one ever cause one to feel reward

Not everything...

That is what happens assuming things go well, it's possible at any time that you'll piss them of and they'll split you.

Also I don't do it but I've known a lot of BPDs who occasionally purge everyone, delete everything and don't talk to anyone for a while.

If you're not BPD we can talk, but honestly I don't click with like 90% of people I meet online.

probably won't click with you either, but why not
add me? Hullo#3281

What are your problems now?

if i do something wrong that i didn't mean to do and the other person acts hurt or upset, i feel attacked from their reaction even though i instantly felt sorry and remorseful
and because i'm acting so aggressive even if i do apologize the other person won't believe i mean it, they'll just think i'm being passive aggressive so they get more upset
it causes a feedback loop of thinking the other person hates me and then hurting their feelings more and again and again
i cant stop being defensive and vindictive for no reason because i feel like thats what the other person is doing to me even though its not

i feel like in many of these situations it would be fixed by a hug or nice words but i dont think about that in the moment cus i feel like the other person HATES me
and the other person wont do it cos it seems like im attacking them

Attached: 1540724010724.jpg (800x900, 124K)

That doesn't seem so bad, just some paranoia and insecurity. I'm sure you can get over it in time. Apologies help, even if you think you're apologizing for the same thing over and over again. If you mistreat someone they deserve an apology.

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t. BPD male probably worse than you.

bro im a dude
im not a girl
what the fuck
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user relax. Who cares what he posts with? This is a no bully zone of mental health and friendliness.

Attached: uwu.jpg (500x281, 35K)

Oops was meant for OP, sorry user, yet it doesn't quit the fact I mentioned with my post.

I've had sex like 50 times or more idk, but yeah ofc I am a virgin! See ya

imagine not acting demure in these threads so people actually give you advice and instead being an 80 iq dysgenic inbred who thinks acting like a bitter overcompensating masculine incel in advice threads gets you help LOOOOOOL
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she's a real girl with A-cup loli tits and an innie pussy
i dont fuck with tranny bitches they ugly as fuck and you're probably one projecting
another quick tidbit: she lost her virginity to me
>I've had sex like 50 times or more idk
and she has aspergers so she's not even a roastie attentionwhore nor does she have the capacity to ever leave me and nor do i cus im BPD
we were looking at wedding rings today
anyways u seem to have a lot of pent up wagie anger shouldnt you be getting to work soon? WORK SLAVIE FOR YOUR WAGIE


Attached: 1383681743085.png (492x492, 289K)

My friends ex-GF was the only person I ever met with proper BPD and she cheated on him, texted people behind his back, tried to fuck me and gaslit him into thinking he was abusive. Trash tier mental illness do not want

I miss my bpd egf.
Feels bad man.
By now she's probably rotated through like 2 other guys but I'm still here thinking of her.

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