Pepe vs. Apu vs. Meryll

>Pepe vs. Apu vs. Meryll

Vote for which is best meme

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Well for starters meryll isnt a meme

Apu of course!!!

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Thank you, i agree user, I've just been seeing so many merrylfags merryll posting and i dont like it.

Apu is the greatest meme of all time.

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Frogshitters of all kinds should piss off back to facebook.

anyone who thinks meryll isn't a meme isn't very good at speculating the meme market. Meryll is a bull market. We're going straight to the top!

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I concur, my Merry Meryl comrade

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Meryll is mascot for (you)whores

Pepe is for Facebook redditfaggots who think it's funny to be "cool" and "with the crowd" by using pepes. Meryll is new, refreshing, and original.

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Nah you're just delusional. Pepe properly displays contented self-awareness

Frogs are normalfag trash

Hey, don't drag Apu into this! He's a good boy!

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Didn't used to be that way

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None, Wojak is truly the best

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>didnt save .mov for us

but what about Finster? He's hot off the presses.

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Apu obviously

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helper a cute!

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Provide more, and I will see.

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Finster was assigned a mission to came to the this point in time from the far future, his goal is to destroy Meryll, so that his hellish time isn't repeated here.

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Wow. I'm sold.

But he knows that his timeline cannot be saved. There are many like him, going to as many timelines as possible to stop Meryll. But he's thinking of maybe sticking around this timeline. Its not as bad as he originally thought it would be.

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Fresco works too hard not to be included

Fresco is a good lad. He has an important role to play in ending Meryll's reign of terror.

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I don't like any of them. Please go away.

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You don't have to like him. But you must heed his warning.

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literally leave the board for two days and come back to some shitposting ms paint forced meme all over the place

the absolute state of zoomers

>'You have been muted for 2 seconds, because your comment was not original'
yeah and for good reason too

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Fools, there is only one true meme god. Tee hee hee...

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Apu and Meryll are brothers in arms.

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I personally like Apu the most, he's charming in ways pepe can't be, though less versatile as a meme and thus lacking in the same sort of mass appeal that pepe has.

What about Blepe? What about Fresco?

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Blepe da man.

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Pepe and apu are equal and different. I don't like to compare memes, because the good ones are all equally important and special in the timeline. But "Meryll" seems like a forced, dead-within-a-month meme. Pepe and Apu have already cemented themselves as being an eternal part of history.

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