Femanons, what are your favorite guy names?

Femanons, what are your favorite guy names?

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Calling it now someone's gonna say my name

femanons plz respawn ;_;

Muhammed is top tier.

I like the name James a lot.

Carter is a really good one. Zack/Zhack/Zach is really good too.

Monosyllabic names
. . .

Someone who doesn't have a name uWu

Jacob is really nice. I like James too.

Your name is probably Matt, Chris, Rob, James, John, Luke or Tom.

I'm not sure why, but I really like the name Gideon.

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Lol wtf, is that like the middle eastern spelling or something. Literally never seen it spelt that way before.

I like the names Alex and Simon.

Jared, or any variation. Ray.

no one will say my name

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If someone says my name I'll suck their dick.
(because we all know the "girls" on this site have them)

Vincent's a nice name imo

Slightly unrelated but I actually have kind of an obsession with unique and interesting names, and want my wife to have a cool name. My oneitis in high school was named Savanna, which I thought was super rare and cool. She was a psycho and almost ruined my life but I stayed obsessed for a while until I met dozens of other chicks also named Savanna, which made me realize its a fucking basic ass shit name and thus my obsession with her was unfounded

Shut up, Casey

The only Casey I know is a girl. Try again.

Karl Marx bb

the proletariat must rise


Also: Nathan, Alex, Jonathan, William, Michael. Also Leon and Kevin a bit

pillhead or nerd every time

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Fuck yeah

>tfw no one will ever say my name
I'd pay $50 if someone could guess it

How do femanons feel about Alec/Alek/?

I want to stick my stick in Sierra.

>some nigger is named Zhack

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>a thread addressing "femanons"
>23 posters

and then you guys wonder why we have so many larpers and tranny/sissybois threads

Honestly just guys I have liked in the past.

Tyrone is my favorite one

Nice Heinkel. Here's an ME 262. Also,
>tfw my name has been posted in this thread
Feels pretty nice, I guess.

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Do femanons like Brians?

no femanons like chad's they dont care for brains



What do femanons think of the name Henry

Fucking Pubert

Hell yeah. See ya guys, looks like I'm on my way to realizing my Chadhood.

my favorites are:

> Chad
> Brad
> Jody
> Sancho
> Jamal
> Humphrey

Also, I don't date anyone whose name starts with N, Z, X, P or D. I don't know why I guess I'm a libra LOL

>there really b niggas out here named Henry

Why do you like my name?
I feel resentful about it because it means something like kind or gentle guy, which is basically just a euphemism for saying it's a name for cucks.

Is Alex a Chad name?
I fucking love being an Alex


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Alex is a basic bitch name. I bet you fucking love Tyrone's cock giving you anal fissures

Lol I'm not that autistic that I have "favorite guy names" but since you asked here's some I use for the hot dudes I'll create to make babies with in the Sims:
>Sam (No ((Samuels)) please)
>Anthony (No shortening it to Tony, Antony works too)
>Zac/Zack/Zach (No Zachary)
>Hunter (Basic, I know)
>Patrick (Pat works too)
>Draco (...)
More interesting, I think, are my off-limits names (like I would never consider a man who went by these names)
>Michael (Mike is ok)
>Robert (Rob/Bob/Bobby is ok)
>Tom (Thomas is fine)
>MATTHEW (Matt is fine, but is kind of a gay name imo)
>Chad/Brad/Thad (Ironically enough)
And the worst one imo (won't even accept this as a middle name. fuck you that's why)


I had a hot surf instructor once name Kade but I was 15 and on vacation with my parents so I couldn't do anything

Leave me alone whore

What about Mark?

>tfw matt

Should I just change to matthew? Would that get me more puss?

what's wrong with my name??

Definitely favorite one

What about Owen?

>tfw named Tyler
Just fuck my shit up.

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Not even a femanon but I would 100% an hero if I was named Owen. Your parents hated you user and wanted you to suffer

Im not a femanon can I answer?

Ur the one who came crying at my apartment door this weekend begging for forgiveness even though you rejected me and you have a gf but ok
fine I guess
do what you want. every Matt i've met has been gay, that's the only reason I feel the way I do
>tfw dad named eric

Cut your dick off first and then you can participate

i'll be ur daddy bb :^)

Just pretend to be a woman like the rest of us, faggot

What about Brian femanon?

Go home Bryan

Thank you user. This really makes me smile more than it should.

my names kai desu

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Owen Benjamin is a chad. Life is suffering.

Fuck ya all, polish and russian names are the best


Should i kms?

every post ITT is made by a dude; name doesn't matter at all if you're hot you're hot

>>Anthony (No shortening it to Tony, Antony works too)
tfw everyone calls me tony

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Even if it werent, seeking the opinions of mentally ill female landwhales on r9k is a waste of time.

I plan on having a lot of sons, I've narrowed it down to Finn, James, Michael, Hunter, Eli (despite the Jew roots), Colt, or Marcus. So those are my top boy names
I'm set on having a James and a Finn, I just need one or two more
My dad's name is James and I like it

(Originally ofc)

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>Name is Michael

I am single and ready to mingle

What do femanons think about Richard?

yea femanons definitely like Dick

What about Pubert?

Your parents literally didn't give a fuck. They just gave you the first name they could think of

How about George?

Hmm the names I seem to have liked the most in my lifetime have been, Jerome, Trevon, DeShawn and Malik. The guys were all insanely attractive too :3

>type my name
>0 result

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>one shot at life
>named kendall
thanks mom thanks dad

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Lmao they wanted you to be a girl. Better start on that hormone therapy and make them proud

fuck off sissies go worship some black cock more like the fags you are.

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Know your place as a cute white little trap. You will do well reliefing black cock. Get on those tranny pills now for me like a good little sissy cuckold.

>my name isn't here
why was I JUSTed at birth?

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>no one drops 'george' apart from one fag asking for opinions on it

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You've got to be at least 70.

What about Light?

I've been through the desert on a horse with no name, it felt good to be out of the rain


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Charles, Charls, Chuck, Chas, maybe Chaz too ya

I came in this thread thinking I'd never see my name, and it's right there at the start.
This has made my day a lot better.

its a total normie name. You're legit retarded if you didn't think it would be here

I've always liked the name Ian ever since goldblum's character in JP.

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I am picky about names. I hate every biblical name (such as Peter) but i more virulently hate every "mommy culture" name (such as Aiden).
Soviet-era names are my favorite though, for males and females.
>Elem (Engles, LEnin, Marx)
>Barrikad (barricade)
>Geliy (Helium)
>Revolt (revolt)
>Radiy (Radium)
>Rem (Revolution, Engles, Marx)

W-Would you still like my name if it was one letter different?

I've always really liked Charlie & Charles. And Joseph.

>not a single victor
victor is the name of kings and conquerers. it is a name that conveys strength and intelligence. it is objectively the best male name there is.

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