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Share drawings, paintings, pictures, songs, videos or whatever you've invested time into.
Provide tips and critiques if you feel like doing so.

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Some really bip bopping loony tunes for your earholes!


>hello Siri, are you connected to a ship?

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>airport in the dark

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been working on this during school cos lazy.

not planning on finishing it cos even more lazy

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while i'm here.
You want anything drawn, user?

no lewd/gore as that's a sin.

>swish swish swish swish swish
>space connection
>jupiter images
>NASA Juno
just a composite.

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cute anime catgirl



Made some dances in blender

Trying to make a game.
Did the dances for fun really.

will do, chief. I don't watch anime, though, so I'm not acquainted with that style.

godspeed user
you're a good artist, im sure itll look great no matter what

Here, user. Just for you!

Sorry my camera quality is bad.

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very cute user, good job!

Many thanks.

Any other recommendations?
I'm willing to do a few more if anyone is interested.

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>tfw been reposting the same video so often that people know me by name and ask when i'm gonna upload something new

I've got two days free and I NEED to put something out. If only just to say I made something, I need to get it out.

Which software do you use?

DaVinci Resolve because I'm a poor bitch.

It works pretty well most of the time, and it's great for the little color grading I actually know how to do.

Just use kdenlive.

Ill repost this shit I made cause I was bored since I havent finished the metal songs Ive been saying I was going to finish for several months now.
Also are there any good drawers here that want to make the cover art for my album for me? I prefer someone capable of drawing japanese style mecha.Leave a contact if youre interested im going to sleep soon so I might be able to reply.
What kind of game user? Need some music?

That sounds real sick man. Low notes seem overbearing at points but fuck yeah.

I finished a song today sans a solo (i hate writing these) and vocals (no mic)

sounds very nice, user.

Thanks. God damn thats better than mine would sound, mostly because Ive never done recording before and I dont know how to make everything sound good with cheap shit and pirated software. I cant figure out how to get the guitar tone to sound right theres always something off.

Also forgot to ask what daw/plugin you use.

Umm one trick that you do for metal tones, especially if youre using plugins and stuff for tones, is combine 2 different tracks for 1 guitar.

So, have 2 channels labelled Guitar Left 1 and Guitar Left 2 or something similar, panning both 100% left. Assign different tones to both channels, like have 1 guitar with a mid focused tone to cut through the mix, and have the other guitar setup with a lower tone for beef, or whatever your preference is.

When recording, arm both GL1 and GL2 and have them record at the same time. With some tweaking and good combos of tones, the resulting sound will be much better.Once youve recorded your left and right panned guitars you should have 4 tracks but only 2 distinct takes.

i hope this makes sense i dunno.

Also i use reaper. It more than holds its own with the standard cubase logic protools etc, and is much cheaper. Check out Toontrack products for good software shit

Ah that makes sense, I just have to figure out how to do it.
I assume Reaper comes with guitar cab sims then? I was using fl studio pirated, but I know they only have their guitar plugins on the top of the line package. I hadnt heard of reaper but ill probably try it now thanks.

reaper does come with guitar sims but i use toontracks ezxmix. Its got tones made by guys like devin townsend, meshuggah, black dahlia murder, periphery etc if you want to be lazy and use their presets.

Remember that reaper is basically 100% customizable, you can change what hotkeys do and what you want on your taskbars, downloadable themes drastically change the look of the software etc. With fl studio, you learn how to navigate fl studio and tailor your workflow to what fl studio is capable of. Reaper is the opposite, you learn what its capable of, and change the finer details to fit whatever workflow is best for you.

Interesting. Well Ill see then, I dont have mics either so I was going to have to go to a studio to record vocals anyway so maybe ill just refine my setup as a way to get the basic layout so I can practice before I really decide to record. Thanks mate

i recorded a dream pop/garage rock EP thing a while ago if u want to listen, i'm thinking of doing a lil music video for one of the songs


good job user, can you draw a goblin

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I did draw a goblin, but, yeah I can draw another one if you want.

goblin gang
thank you user

Here you go, user.

Sorry I'm a little tired, so it hadn't come out as well as I'd thought it to. I hope you like it, anyway.

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Id do a video for pub crawl

he is gorgeous, thank you user great job

thank u for the listen friend, i'd probably do perfect scene tho since its short and accessible

bah. Pub crawl is the best song on that playlist and it lends itself to a more interesting and emotional video opportunity. whatever though you do you.

I did this I think about two weeks ago? I can't quite remember...

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Now with a less annoying resolution

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If nobody told you yet, you're all great at what you do. Keep it up, kings.

I hope this thread continues in the morning.

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Can you draw spyro the dragon?

Maybe. It's been so long since I've played a Spyro game. I feel old now...

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Its been so long that they remade the original trilogy on ps4. THAT makes me feel old

It's always gonna be like that.

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Eurobots shall prevail.

Visual I did the other day, if memory serves me right the car's a 1961 Buick Skylark.

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I mean I don't have any complaints with Resolve as of yet.

My main issue is just getting out there and actually shooting the damn things in the first place.

Lunch bump.

trying to finish an ancient sketch of an old friend
hey what's the name of the album, user? i can't draw mecha but i'd like to listen it.

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I love it already, how much time did you spend on that sketch so far?

thanks user, very nice to hear. i spent maybe 2 minutes on the original, but almost 2 hours in total so far (working on the legs right now)

join the brave

Something I made this morning it's not done

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How about posting a screencap?

man thats fucking awesome no lie


Thanks guys, I didn't want to post a direct screencap because that computer is old and a pain the ass to use anything but paint on. I really like that version of ms paint though whih is why I keep it. When I finish it I'll save it to a flashdrive and put it on my laptop

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nice discord for creatives of all types

It must be the fourth creative discord I've seen so far.


Might as well complete the set

final bumpasy ii

captain-save-a-thread bumps again!

Damn. Noone likes me anymore :(

i can't really make art that looks good outside of this style

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I actually love stuff like this. Naisu user

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