Are millennials just punching bags for society at this point?

Are millennials just punching bags for society at this point?

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he say he "rich uncle" but he doesnt even have airpods lmaaaooo

>tfw the logo is a gay pride virtue signal

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Why give him the participation ribbon? Nobody in our generation wanted that gay shit, that was parents forcing it on us.

Because the scientific consensus at the time said participation trophies were good for the kids

This makes me unreasonably mad and I already know who is behind it, so there's no point in ranting. Thanks for this image, OP.

based gen z would step on the baby boomer's neck who made this, and call them the n word.

I'm a zoomer but this is actually picking at my nerves. This is an officially licensed product and it is mocking a group for the shortcomings it was dealt by default.

Monopoly is meant to piss you off. It was a ripoff of another game, it's such evil pottery. In my home town they even have a monopoly game based on the city name, and it's populated but ironically full of poor people due to monopolization.


It showed up during christmas and pissed me off. Monopoly is evil, the game and the practice. It's multiple levels of fucked up.

It's beyond satire, it is ruthless parody without a sense of shame. Curious what game your city had.

Lakelandopoly .

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oh yeah that shit is bogus dude.

In a market where lack of information on the consumer's behalf means benefit to the company, and in an era where information is abundant, there are few and far between chances for vertical movement in capital unless you have machines that are efficient at gathering/processing information.

Showed up in Walmart.

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That's not the faggot flag you retard

I know that feel

Mine had the same thing. "Midwest Cityopoly"
Must be some weird AI-made crap that targets your local city.

super cheeky bastards

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Wait that board looks smaller then it should. Where's the utilities and the luxury tax?

Holy fucking shit it's real. I don't know how to confirm that without looking like a shill, but god damn.

forget them, you can't afford them anyway

>you can't afford it anyway
>official game by hasbro
>yfw when faceless jew corporation is literally laughing at you

Anyone who is different or "not on your side" is a punching bag for this current society. It will pass, maybe not in our lifetime but all things die, whether it be a living creature or an idea.

lmao given how useless they are
i think they deserve it fuck millennials
the most ignorant unintelligent retard tier generation you fucks are almost as bad as bad as boomers
T. millennial

Some people are parodies of themselves.

Millennials can't afford houses because they spend all their money on dumb tech shit.

This incorrect usage of virtue signalling IS virtue signalling

just noticed
the bad english in my reply lmao
i really need to stop phoneposting

And they're happy about it beating the shit out of each other who is less successful at taking it

Fucking monkeys

God tier burn desu

You mean like this $50 phone and $300 laptop? Shit you're right I should've used that to pay off that $50.000 mortgage I don't have.

I've actually seen this with my home city. It seemed fucked up to point out the problems of a poor, black, Southern city in game form.

For the cheap price of $100.
Some elaborate joke on all levels.

>tfw you slice deli meats for a living not because you can't find a job that matches your credentials but because you're too dumb to get those credentials in the first place.

Who else /genuinely below 100 IQ/ here?

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Me. I don't mind, someone has to do this.

Monopoly is such a shit game.

Monopoly for Millennials is unironically fun as fuck. My parents gave it to my sister and I as a joke this Christmas and it was actually hilarious.