Yeah i'm never going outside at this rate holy shit.

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Shouldn't have been acting like a spic

>That virgin walk pose

red flag when all occupants of the vehicle say they don't have any ID, then make it hard to verify their identity.. Cop was a bit out of the line, but so were those idiots in the car

Spoiler: the cop will serve no time.

>implying if I care if some degenerate spic gets beat up

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he might if they file a civil suit after he is fired

Team right winger can do no wrong.

>some degenerate spic gets beat up
he was white

verify their identity for what exactly? they were in the passenger seat, you don't need a ID to ride in a car. besides that officer seems like he was looking for a reason to tase anybody in that car.

Both sides are controlled by the government, you're just too shortsighted to see past your own shackles.

oregano and peppermint

Yet cops always vote right and never serve time and the impoverished that do serve time tend to vote left.

It boils down to communist uprising being needed.

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He might as well have been one from the video. Either way, trash taken out, no harm done.

Just abolish the damn government already is it that fucking hard

>blatant police state
>no harm done
Tasing someone that many times can cause death. It's no different than a Jew being kicked by several Nazis for not having a pass after curfew.

Then you'll have marauding niggers ringing your doorbell to suckerpunch you with brass knuckles for fun.

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If there were no witch hunting police people would quick draw on each other like we did in the old west.

Do you guys prefer your boots clean and polished or scuffed and dirty before you lick them?

We could Purge niggers as soon as the government falls. Done and done my friend

White trash shouldn't breed. They should be forcibly sterilized by the government. The worst part about that video is that the people in the car have reproduced.

Probably would have been treated better if he didn't have prison tats all over his arm.

wow, like, build the wall man

If we could sterilize all tards, white trash, feminists, and SJW's, maybe society could go forward instead of backwards

It's also a big IF that feminists and SJW's aren't tards

There is no need. They are the best at fighting, not killing. Whites have an IQ enough to be fearful of murder charges, that's why stupid shit keeps happening. If cops were not there to hunt you down every time you killed someone then literally no one would be all afraid of some unorganized brawler, the blacks.

>nigger rings your bell
>nigger decks you across the face
>nigger runs away
>you call cops
>20 minutes later
>cops finally show up smelling of sprinkles
>cops take statement
>nothing come of it
>OPTIONAL: cops shoot your dog(s) for "threatening them"
>OPTIONAL: cops tase the fuck out of you and arrest you because that nigger punch left you a bit wonky
>OPTIONAL: cops magdump into your face when you answer the door with a baseball bat in hand unsure if the nigger came back for round 2
>yfw the nigger was actually the son of a cop and so all his bullshit gets buried by the blue code

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Yall tards cant realize the dude tried to run them over before hand and he hit a car

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Remember to always shoot niggers.

Careful you don't cut your clit off on that edge

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You mistakenly linked a post from 6 years ago.

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Exact timestamp was Fri 04 Jan 2013 08:50:29.

And then whoever's left will just find new ways to be absolutely shitty and discriminate against other. It can be hair or eye color, freckles, whatever--people will find a way. And thus, new tards, x trash, SJWs, etc. will be born from it anew. It's the natural order. It's human nature.

>literally justifying the torture of people

It's the Genital Jolt, the Genital Jolt
That's when you hook their penis up to some volts
They'll whimper and whinny just like a young colt
When you give those fuckers the Genital Jolt

there's a reason i never feel pity when a policeman is killed

>spic full of prison tattoos
>obviously an addict
>you could smell the ether from here
>keeps doing suspicious shit
>doesn't want to cooperate
>keeps trying to weasel his way out instead of cooperating
you know, nothing would've happened if he just came out of the fucking car and did what he was told to do

I don't either.
I have only ever had 1 good experience with a cop and I think that was mostly because it was in a small town. Every single other cop I have ever had dealings with has been a massive douche, whether on duty or off duty.

He was not fired. Got 3 days suspension and was back on the job. Government says "there is nothing worth charging the officer over". In my opinion officers should be held to the exact same standard as the citizens they serve when it comes to law, including when they break it. It will never happen though. At least not until they hang or are lynched.
I feel the worst for the kids. White trash (possibly tweaker) parents, and having to witness this. It's always the kids that suffer the poor decisions of the adults of their lives, with no real way to change it.

What so boots taste like, user? Are they sweet, savory, or bitter when you lick them?
And while you answering that do you think you could maybe explain to me why you hate freedom so much?

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They should be held to a HIGHER standard of behaviour than an average citizen. They have the training, they should be selected from stoic, well behaved individuals and carry the responsability of maintaining peace and order. They should absolutely be held to extremely high standards. Instead it's like giving a high school bully a badge and a gun and telling him people have to do what he says or he can shoot them.

idk, I'm not a degenerate spic drug addict so I never had to deal with being stopped by a cop without my ID
and if I did then I would cooperate and he'd tell me good day sir after everything was cleared up and there you go

you're in a country, laws are a thing, stop trying to act like an anarcho nigger and bend over
if you don't want laws then go back to africa or smth

In Arizona passengers aren't required to identify themselves.

>They should be held to a HIGHER standard of behaviour than an average citizen.
Also SIGNIFICANTLY more severe punishment for a LEO who breaks the law. Judges too.

>Instead it's like giving a high school bully a badge and a gun
Actually 3 of the worst bullies in my high school did become cops. Meanwhile the guy who had wanted to be a cop since he was little and would have actually made a good public servant was denied several times and ended up a security guard instead.

Legally they need to at least identify themselves. Don't need an ID unless they are the driver, but the passengers do have to give their name. If they lie there's not much the cops can do unless they have another reason to arrest them though.

>you're in a country, laws are a thing,
Then you do realize it's unlawful for an officer to demand ID unless you are specifically a suspect in a crime or are driving a motor vehicle on public roads
I also like how you assume I'm anarchist and black. That tells me everything I need to know about you.
Have fun licking those boots, Cletus.

>and no I'm not a liberal SJW either

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Normalfaggots consider bullying a good thing deep down, as most are not sjws. It builds you up, they believe.

>look at me I'm so knowledgeable
you have no idea what lead to this altercation senpai, they obviously committed and/or are suspect in some crime, cops don't arrest people at random, no matter how much you meme about it

also it's totally in an officer's rights to ask for the ID and license of the driver, and if not given then he is permitted to ask for the passenger's
and in this case nobody had it, which lead to them being treated like the second class citizen trash they are

>i-I'm not anarchist okay?!
>fuck the policee!!!!!
whatever you say, tyrone

>you have no idea what lead to this altercation
That information was in the official report and included in the story posted by OP. It was for a turn signal violation. That's it.

They quite literally arrested the guy for not licking their boots. Of course all xharges against him were deopped afywr the fact, because reasons. I can't meme that hard.

Obviously an officer can demand someone driving to present proof they are eligible to drive in the form of a drivers license. That's it. All passengers are exempt from having to provide ID, and in some places don't even have to give their fucking name unless they are a suspect in an actual crime, which was never the case.

I'm not saying fuck the police. I'm saying fuck police being exempt from the laws they swear to uphold, you absolute state cuckold.

so you don't know what happened, glad we could get this cleared out

Are you retarded? Not only did he just say what happened, you could read what happened in the article or see and listen to what happened in the footage.

I obviously know a hell of a lot more than you. Period.
Not only do you have no clue about the law and your legal rights (which is what separates is from those third world shit holes and commie countries you likely hate) but you didn't even. Bother to follow the link provided by OP which is pretty detailed.
I csn only assume you are an actual idiot at this point.
How often shameful it is that idiots have the right to their own opinion and more so the right to vote.

I live in AZ near where this took place. It's the law here to give your name/ID to a police officer when they ask, especially if they are under suspicion that a crime has been committed or about to be committed. Now the guy was messing with his backpack and had a general attitude towards the cop by refusing to give his name or proper ID (after being asked and told several times), in a well known crime area. I think that's enough for the cop to suspect he's either got something on him or may have warrants.

I'm not going to argue that the cop was excessive, he clearly was. It's pretty easy to see he just didn't want to put up with that guy's bullshit anymore. But the passenger put himself there by not cooperating in the first place.

We apparently have that already.

It's the law to provide a name but nor ID. Demanding ID is (still) unlawful at the federal level. You could tell a cop your name is fucking Donald Trump and there isn't shit he could do unless you are an actual suspect in a crime in which case you could still lie your ass off and the worst is you'll get an impeding charge which will only go anywhere of you're also charges with something else.
What you just said is what the cop could have said when the guy asked why. He didn't. He puffed his chest and flexed his authority escalating the fuck out of the entire situation, as cops often do, maybe because they have halfwits like you to defend them every time.
>b-but being a cop is s-stressful and the undesirable p-person wasn't c-cooperative enough!
Slippery slope

And to think I actually seriously considered living here. Bullet dodged.

Add niggers and neonazis to this and I'd 100% agree with you.

Youre a pathetic fucking bootlicker and i hope a cop zaps your useless cages up little balls

I stayed with a friend there for a month and holy shit did it suck.
Not only is it hot as fuck but that heat seems to melt everyone brain. Everyone I met while I was there was oddly spaced out and slow. It was like everyone was mildly retarded or stroked out.
Shit was weird.

This is the only good reply so far.

Why are incels on Jow Forums complete cuckolds for any sort of authority?

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Really? I went there in October and it was fucking FREEZING. Camp Verde was one of the spots I checked out and it seemed comfy.

Jow Forums in general is loaded with bootlickers and victim blamers.

I guess it depends on your definition of freezing. That friend I stayed with spent a week here in Colorado with me in may and she about died from the cold while in full winter attire while I was comfortable in a t-shirt and shorts.

To be honest I don't know how cold it can get there (phoenix) since I was there in july, but when I was there it was a hot as fuck humid hell.

In the northern half it does snow. In the southern half it rarely goes below 60F once the sun comes up.