What should we do about the pedofiles in this board

What should we do about the pedofiles in this board

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two options
>Chris Hanson
>electric chair
they definitely won't be missed

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Thinking thoughts is not a crime. Leave innocent pedobros alone or answer to me.

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The only thing you can do is ignore their threads/comments and report them if they post anything that violates that law. It's not illegal to exist and it can't be cured so those are your only options.

I live in the same city as this retard.

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michael sosa thread? it's been a while

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We call them out on it with every chance we get.

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Oh those poor 16 year old girls! How can we possibly think they have as much agency as 18 or even 25 year old women? That is to say NONE AT ALL!

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Could you stop posting threads about Michael Soda? He's lost his carbonation at this point.

pretty sure another girl got a restraining order agasitn him


someone you all know he targeted.

Have you guys ever spoken to this guy? besides his penchant for chasing lil girls on discord he seems relatively harmless maybe even pleasant. He's a little nutty and obsessive but he's just not well can't really hold that against him.

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>chasing little girls on discord
>he seems relatively harmless

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Well obviously not to the girls, but to me? He's ight, I mean cmom, we all have our vices, no?

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All of this is duo to discord trannies and egirls.. It is all so tiresome

> tfw no quirky blackmail stalker bf

Deuteronomy 22:25-26 (KJV) But if a man find a betrothed damsel in the field, and the man force her, and lie with her: then the man only that lay with her shall die:
But unto the damsel thou shalt do nothing; there is in the damsel no sin worthy of death: for as when a man riseth against his neighbour, and slayeth him, even so is this matter:

>downplaying a child predator
you do you user

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he was grooming her lol. she was still 17 there. he even admitted to crossing state lines to fuck a minor. dude is screwed.

Micheal Sosa woudk never accept nudes from a 14 year old, oh not because she was underage, just because she had a boyfriend.


collect whatever evidence we can and send it to the relevant authorities
prison gangs will take care of the rest, these sickos will be getting stabbed or sucking cock as soon as they arrive there

>or answer to me
fuck are you gonna do, faggot

put the pedofiles in the pedofolder

is he giving interviews on how he groomed and harassed little girls online now kek, where was this recorded

People tried many times. He's not going to jail.

I remember him talking to me on omegle one time. He had a very thick spic accent.

I'm skeptical

the keyboard warriors, doxxers and thread spamming faggots certainly have but none of them ever had the intention of getting involved with the authorities and sticking up for the victims, we can only hope things turn out differently now with the fbi investigating him

(most notable keyboard warrior being picard, that faggot never did anything but sperg out)

Who is the retard you refer to, I am confusion

The OP pic I assume

Numerous interactions. He is a dangerous individual with a sick mind, NEET Bucks, a judge as a mother, and all the time in the world to be as degenerate as possible. He is also intelligent and lures people to him, and has them do his bidding. He is not harmless nor pleasant, friendo.

The sick, twisted pedo needs to be send to jail or receive the electric chair. We demand justice.

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After her and her family told him to leave and that she was not interested, and he went absolutely berserk, for several months now, I mean I cannot even count on two hands the things I know he has done to try to sabotage her and her bf and her family and her work. He even asked me in a server once to get involved. The dude is the craziest fucking guy I have EVER actually known, it just took me awhile to realize.

And he did a damn good job.


Sosa is a crazed maniac, deserving of only the world's most harshest prisons. He needs to be penetrated in all holes in a dark, dank cell by black men.

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Pedophiles don't exist on this board, everyone on here is below the age of 18 to begin with, newfag.

>kids cannot be paedophiles

Dont be so sure user. People tried to play a short game. The long game always wins. And this sort of investigation takes time and resources. Not saying he is going to jail, because how the hell would I know, but if there is an investigation going on, something like this could be quite lengthy. I believe in karma and I trust in the law. He will be judged either in a court or by God.

>>kids cannot be paedophiles
You just proved my point

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That's truu tho

There is now a Mike fan club on Insta! instagram.com/michaelgabesosa

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Are one of these strapping lads mr Sosa

post loli probablyy

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There's an ongoing FBI investigation into discord atm, maybe you guys should help point them in the right direction since they're already looking.

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What is this pic lol

Do you think whiteknighting for random e-whores online will get you puss? Kill yourself cuckboy.

go run to mommy mikey and her informant, the fbi will definitely side with you fighting against teenagers on discord versus the teenage girls you harassed!

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good luck convincing those orbiters otherwise

>maybe you guys should help point them in the right direction
I dont know shit about sosa but i have lots on another underage grooming case.How can I contact them?


God I'm such a fucking retard.It's been fucking months and I sat on my ass basically doing nothing.I doubt they're gonna be able to do anything to him now.FML.

it's never too late user, you could save lives

He gave ciara money when she needed to get opioids (heroin)

You're either one of them or not familiar with the pedophiles on this board. Kindly fuck off and/or kill yourself.

michael and higgus are old news, the premier pedo of r9k right now is undoubtly gunjy (aka mouse, melancholy, apathy) he stopped claiming he only likes 2d and even admitted to having had sex with children.

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>old news
Nah,brooke recently completely exposed him again,for what he did to HER this time.She has proof and his family's contacts.

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did higgus even lose his virginity yet? michael and gunjy actually fucked real kids, you know.

Nah hes still virgin, like imagine e dating girls and not being able to at least fuck them kek

I think he never leaves the house lately,but he definitely lost his virginity.Looks like he had some mad pussy eating skills ever since he was a kiddo.

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is higgus proof that mental illness can get incels laid?

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>is higgus proof that mental illness can get incels laid?
That retarded fatso couldn't even get a nude from brooke.He has lard for brains.

Gunjy deserves death.

thats sunny thanking Micheal for mailing her benzos idiot

Lmao dude he's still a virgin, getting pussy irl is not the same as getting nudes from mentally ill underage discord girls.
Yeah he couldn't what a fatso

>go to familywatchdog.us
>look up my town
>completely free of pedophiles or sex offenders
>start feeling proud of long islanders
>scroll the map just outside the town
>looks like a goddamn christmas tree with all the sex offender pins all over the place

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>start checking out the child rape offenders
>"White" that clearly a Mexican

Holy shit. Why can't the goombas leave the kids alone

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>Thinking a 17yo is a kid.

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okay kid, here is your (you) now fuck off Jow Forums and do your homework

Found a woman finally. 37-year-old who banged a kid who was 14 or younger. Nice.

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>Lmao dude he's still a virgin, getting pussy irl is not the same as getting nudes from mentally ill underage discord girls.
>Yeah he couldn't what a fatso
I don't get what you suggest.That losing your virginity irl or getting nudes from mentally ill underage discord girls is more difficult?Either way he didn't get shit from her after 'e-dating' for a month so yep,he's a fucking loser.

>250 lbs

A fatty too!

>17 yr old guy wants to fuck a baby

>report them
>anything that violates that law.