Why do whites enjoy being cucks so much?

Why do whites enjoy being cucks so much?

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cuz you're a fucking nigger

They've been on top for too long. Ethnomasochism and complacency. Even, perhaps especially anti-racist white liberals feel supreme and untouchable. I know because I was one.

Whites are pathetic frankly. I am white. White men enable whore white women. Whore white women treat white men like complete shit, and will dissociate if the faintest whiff of right-wing thought appears. They deserve extinction.

Chemicals in water turning frogs and men gay. Chemtrails making men cucks. Frogs are too low to be touched by chemtrails. Simple fucking logic my man c'mon.

>one part social conditioning
>one and a half parts inadequacy/genetic inferiority
>three parts desperation
And you have yourself a white cuck

holly shit get cancer bro, with all your samefagging racebaiting threads

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Men, Im not even white and I feel sorry for him, poor clueless bastard.

>holly shit get cancer bro, with all your samefagging racebaiting threads
no u

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Honestly, I don't really see the problem her---

Nevermind. Kill them all with fire.

That girl isn't even white

Massive amounts of conditioning probably helps, maybe in some cases it's by nature of personality.
It's not like there aren't cucks of other ethnicities, why single out whites in particular?
Really makes me think.

Why are you making these threads asian sissy boi?
Is it because a white chad fucked your sister?

Why do niggers love BWC so much?

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>black men are masculi

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why is that bald dude in every single shemale porn video ever? does he have dibs on all trannies?

Trannies love his BWC

Decades of social marxist propaganda.

>overcooked the sausage
>burned the potatoes
And why the fuck would you even bother wasting such a small amount of creme fraiche on one single unseasoned shiitake mushroom

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white boys have always been weak small dicked losers though! LMAO
look at any white boy in a black school..
they are always bullied and cry and shoot up the school. why? weakness.

Honestly the most ridiculous thing about this whole situation

Eww stop this gross shit now

Why do black bois have such tiny cocks?

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Yeah dumb nigger. Every single school has a mass shooting. Imagine being this retarded.

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t. Buttblasted black boi. Lol

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this post got me good lmfao

>he's so good y'all
>he's good y'all. So good.
What a broken record, you can literally see how bad she cucked this poor soul.

>both uncut
oy vey

Whites are the only race beta enough to accept this cuckold shit. Any other race would exile or outright kill a woman who slept with other races. A great example is China.

This man is a hero and never let his work be forgotten.

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Niggers be anal bitches.

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>Nick samefags his own thread again by arguing with himself

Black bois be so sissy Lmfao ooo

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