Ugh! I'm tired of studying. Just fuck me user

> Ugh! I'm tired of studying. Just fuck me user.
w-what DO!??!

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Fart on her face and steal her purse

Lovely offer but only of the circumstances that after cumming we will immediately go back to studying. If I fail my classes, I won't be able to see you again :(

Whip out your micro dick and prepare for the best 3 seconds of your life

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I'd probably try some funny business, see how she responds, make a joke if she rejects, build up her mood, and try again. If she doesn't want to, then laugh and go back to studying.

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She's got keys in her hand. It's a trap, the moment I move in close she's going to punch me in the throat.

Ask me on a few dates first, whore.

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I just need you to consent on your phone consent app, I sent mine in. Remember, consent is sexy!

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I also have good2go and legal fling, in case you have a different app

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the absolute state of relationships in the (post)modern western world

No way this is actually a thing

Knowing me, I'd probably sperg out and make an excuse to leave.
>uh, I promised my friends I'd play rainbow six tonight. Gotta go.

>I don't have any condoms hope you don't mind me creampieing you.

Take her shorts off and give her pussy a thorough licking, then fuck her from behind.

Get a life nigger

>guy charged for bringing home a 19yr who'd actually 12 despite her using a fake ID in a club and seducing him

Got to bang in the library this way.

Fuck her in the mouth

Weird flex normie

Weird thread but what can you do

Shrug and say "take off your clothes".