Any fembots wanna be my e-valentine for a day?

Any fembots wanna be my e-valentine for a day?

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f-f-fembots plz respawn...

i can pretend to be a fembot if you want

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Maybe, but only if you would be my
e-valentine too.

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yea but what do you wanna do for valentines day

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no forget him you're my e-valentine now I need you more

I just wanna cuddle or something.
Even just being around someone would be nice because I'm so lonely
Very sorry user, maybe next time

i need a femanon to be my e-hand-holding e-gf for valentines day

it's ok
we can cuddle and be around one another and not be lonely in the virtual world

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(e-cuddling and e-being around someone ofc)

Hey, I'm a hikki user who hasn't left his home in quite a while. If a femanon wants to spend time with me and watch anime or something I'd really like that.

That would be really nice and comfy user

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are you a gril
perhaps this can be arranged

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Pls I'm gonna be so lonely on valentines day otherwise

dunno if i would qualify as a fembot? i just come here now and then out of sheer fascination and boredom, i think. but hey, i'm lonely, so this could be arranged

Can I drop my discord and we can talk then? It doesn't have to be anything permanent if you don't want, but I would like someone to keep me company

i have to take a nap now but we can talk soon :)

Sleep well I'll add you
Have some nice dreams too ok?

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pls cuddle with me on valentines day

sure, ill hit u up in a short while

thank you based apu-user

It's Blasty!#6994
I hope we get along.

I-is there a fembot for me too? I am rather busy tmrw in fact I should be sleeping, but I will be free Valentines day evening to chat

fembots arent real, it is literally impossible for a female to be lonely

I'm going to rest now but I'll leave an email just in case, I might not be able to respond for 24hrs though

[email protected]

> implying all the other "fembots" that responded aren't larping

Checkeroni pizza
Nice dubs fren

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>be op
>leave thread
>come back, see i've been cucked out of me fembot e-valentine date

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no I prefer to genuinely care for the person who wants to be my valentine

im not asking you to pretend to care, just to care for one day...

I'll be your e-date for one day. After that it's off. That's for anyone, I don't care who.

girl (female) only user, thank you anyway

I am a girl but I am seeing someone. He is blowing me off Valentine's Day. That's probably worse than having a penis but I thought I'd try.

? doesnt seem like a good person to see user, aim for someone better

Sounds like fun contact?

He blew me off on Christmas, New Years and our anniversary, too. That's after I made it clear how important it was to me to do those things with him. I don't really care anymore. I thought it might be nice to hang out with someone tomorrow, watch anime or chat or something.

Post kik user, we can shoot the shit, just for valentines day though

What is the purpose of this sort of arrangement? You either skip a part of getting to know each other, or you leave each other with nothing gained. It the point to fill a void? If that's the case, you are just filling emptiness with more emptiness and building up pressure that'll make you feel worse later. Is it jealousy of seeing other people happy? Is it to make someone else happy, because then you are feeding into their desperation unless you can manipulate them into staying around. I guess that's the best case, but that kind of manipulation wouldn't feel okay with me personally, guess others would say different or else there wouldn't be 14 posters in thread.

Girl here

Who wants to buy me a nice outfit on imvu

>for a day
I don't even know you dude.

Who wants to be my e-valentine
Ive got a PS4 and a good amount of games to pick from, we can stream something on or just chat.

Pic related is me.
I dont care what gender you are. I could really use another person for Black Ops 4 Blackout

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does some fembot here want an e-bf?

im lonely...and ugly

it's not any sort of manipulation or anything, it's just to be together with someone during a day that's about being together with someone. I wouldn't say that's a net-neutral situation.

post tag oriori

heres my discord pls dont hurt me


Who wants to chill with this weirdo on Valentine's

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calm down shadow

Thats my bad chief

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It'd be manipulation if you go in intending to make it more than a day. And if you are being honest that it's just a day, then why chose an arbitrary day just because the calendar, says so with the calendar also being a completely artificially created thing. And this is all your chosen day just so you can meet someone who you will not meet again while you could have spent that time alone and in isolation which is far better than being with humans.

are you in your god damn closet user, do your parents see you with this shit on?

Nah Its just my room. Im 21, man. I dont think my parents care anymore

>drawing edgy shit on face
>edgy shirt
>parents dont care
>now just guessing
>works at a amazon warehouse
>has 3-4 tatoos
>watches alot of tv a play video games
>still having friends probably from highschool if any

Do I look like a guy who would move boxes for a living? come on now.
If by tv you mean cable, then no. Video games, sure. Been a few years since Ive talked to anyone from Highschool.

What else ya got for me?

user it depends on where are you from. can you tell me more about yourself?

im in europe and i love cats, music, psychological movies, old anime and write stuff down on paper, im ugly but im loving and caring or at leat I try to be idk, you'd probably run away from me bc of my clinginess and bc im cheesy.

what tattos you ve got user?

Why dont you come over and see for yourself

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forgot to drop my discord Lost#7098
Hmu but I might be sleep

>mfw i did not receive any response

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>you could have spent that time alone and in isolation which is far better than being with humans.
go back reddit holy shit

Try on /trash/ user. Unless you are a cishet then don't even bother you don't deserve it.

why the hell would anyone send a mail knowing there wont be a response?

What are your talking about? I'm going to respond once I return home

>I might not be able to respond for 24hrs though

Exactly, because if you don't mention that people think you've ghosted them when in reality you're just at work or at class


tfw no femanon to bully me on valentine's and tell me I'm never ever allowed to cum again

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got here late, are they still giving out free fembots?

Boy I sure hope so

so you can sit here and shit post while you're working but you can't send user an email? it's annoying you dumb roasts don't even care about us you're virtual signalling

reminder, females have vaginal discharge and menstrual cycles. they can never, ever be hygienic.

Any femboys wanna be my e-valentine for a day?

Another malebot requesting the same thing from a fembot (or a malebot, as long as you imply you're a female and don't acknowledge that you might not be female).
I'll make a throwaway discord when someone replies.

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