Tinder thread?

Tinder thread. Post questions, success stories, and screenshots ITT.

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always the proper response to such an opener

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this reply in another thread and the image accompanying it

>I want to buy you sushi and then slap your ass
So I see our generic Latino tinderaggot is at it again

vintage sushibro

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I just matched with a girl, what do I say?

POst her bio and best pic

too much work. the gist is she likes to smoke and she posted her sc.
she's hot enough that she wouldn't respond to "hey", and i'm not attractive enough to be rude.

Big Dick Energy is key, user
exude it

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i'll do my best user, thanks

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love the roadkill screenshot

it didn't work. oh well, next time maybe.

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Tinder is a meme, I have plenty of friends who go on it seriously looking for a relationship and/or sex and NONE of them have had any success. Some of them are complete chads too. Tinder is just used to farm compliments and gain more beta male orbiters.

She clearly didnt catch the sick burn

amazing sangheili pepe/apu you got there, mind if I save it?

Wort Wort Wort, Human

>have to delete my account every few weeks because I won't buy (((Gold))) and it gets hidden

She's not going to answer.

Alright robros, I'm gonna get tinder after the exams

What am I in for?

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ffs, dont say "hey"

Aight, no "hey"'s.

just tell her to sit on your face

someone respond to a match with

>i eat ass

for the love of chinchin

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>girl had a weird name that I don't remember that rhymed with anal
>I made a joke about her anus
>she called me out on that "dumb joke" and asked why I had to be like that
>unmatch her out of shame
maybe I have better luck next time if I get myself to reinstall tinder but this time with a gold account

>kinda attractive so I get enough female attention on dating apps (still a kissless virgin tho)
>match with a fembot on tinder
>compaired to most of my other matches she's not very attractive
>she messages me
>tells me she lives just a kilometer away from me
>in town to visit her parents for a couple of weeks
>has no friends here
>chat a bit and she wants to meet up and go for a walk (she likes the nature in our area)
>tell her I can't because I'm very busy with exams
>she gives me a sadish reply
>tell her we can go for a walk after my exam this friday
>no reply
wow I feel bad. she probably thought I rejected her or she found another guy idk

>set up profile last year
>match with girls sometimes, not often, but it'd happen once every 50-100 swipe
>decided to put my height on my profile since they tend to ask (5'8)
>no matches outside of bots ever since
It ain't fair

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About 3 days worth of swiping, mostly art hoes

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>6ft5 - skinny cunt
> 6.5-7/10

I got 69 matches in 6 months

Either the girls in my area are prudish and racist af or I'm ugly.

My first match and she super liked me, what do I say fellas?

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>Tinder is just used to farm compliments and gain more beta male orbiters.
hmm, sure buddy that's just what they want you to think

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I thought the line was "FEED you sushi", not "BUY you sushi"?

The sushibro line

>>I made a joke about her anus
this is not always a bad play. you just found one not into humor or anal sex

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>I got 69 matches in 6 months
bruh that is not bad. did you get anywhere with them?

she sounds insufferable. ask her if she lost her virginity to a dirtbike seat

>there are people on this board that regularly match with cute girls
I actually just started left swiping anybody above a 6. Those girls are never going to match with me, why bother using a valuable right swipe on them. If nothing else Tinder showed me that my actual rating, regardless of what /soc/ tells me, is around a 4

On a side note, what the fuck do I say in this situation? These women are like cardboard cutouts, one word responses and no personality.

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"You DTF?"

Is this sarcasm? You are the cardboard cutout in this situation

Fuck it, this one isn't worth attempting conversation. Maybe I'll get lucky and she'll sit on my dick, seems about what she's good for

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Go away, roast beef flaps.

My man. Nice work and keep us updated.

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Why are to talking her? she is fucking disgusting man.

She messaged me first bruh. And because I have garbage self esteem but still want to get my dick wet, why else would I be on r9k?

I dont get it.
Pls no bulli

Thats not tinder, thats Bumble you idiot

The fuck do i even say besides some variation of you're hot and what are you doing?

>make an account last night
>swipe till it says there's no one left in my area
>must've liked at least 40% of them
>no matches
I got some likes though but I'm not enough of a cuck to pay for gold so thats going nowhere

>anyone who doesn't want to racemix is racist
come on son

That can easily mean he's getting denied by his own simple minded idiot

>girls can do no wrong xD
Get trapped in a furnace

Update: A few hours later and she hasn't responded but is online. Was prolly ghosted, if you can call it that. Oh well.

based, do you mention height in bio?

Radio silence and a lot of vapid whores saying their "interests" include food, dogs and traveling.

le cringey samefaggotry