Is there a transgender crisis among young men?

Of coarse transgender-ism has existed beyond our generation, spanning the entirety of human history, but the normalization of the phenomenon in modern society is seen as a leap of progress for a more tolerant world.
Do you ever wonder why an increasing amount of young men choose to abolish their birth sex in the pursuit to restrictively become women? What could possibly be the cause of this abnormality?
Could it be the devastation of widely promoted anti-male sentiments, espoused by modern feminist rhetoric? Is it the lack of a clear masculine identity to model themselves after in these changing times; an age where girls are given total domain over themselves and their choices, while boys become vilified and remain in the box they were in decades before? I'd dare say an absent father could be a factor in the promotion of transgender-ism, a young male will be most definitely influenced by matriarchal ideology and socialization, and may even try on their female relatives clothes in private to better bond with their feminine energies.
In "anti-transgender" typology there is the idea that some men have cross-wiring in their brain which misfires their attraction to females and places that sexual lust upon themselves, supposed as their ideal female counterpart.
In other words, they are called autogynephiles, dubbed by sexologist, Ray Blanchard. The former is widely debated.


>This thread is for clinical analysis, I hope nobody uses their prejudices to agitate the peace.
> Only critical, respectful discussion and theorizing is allowed, this thread should not dissolve under controversy. Be your best self and exchange words.

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The OP pic is related beyond its depiction of a transgender MTF.
I was attending a camshow where she was the broadcaster, and I captured a good bit of dialogue ( paraphrased):
> yeah, I still talk to my mom, like we got matching boob jobs.

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Let's examine this for a minute.
Think about your relationship with your natal mother. Could you ever imagine a reality where she would agree to get breast augmentation surgery with her birth son? If not, what discouraged this scenario from ever happening?
It can be inferred that Lena Kelly grew up in a single parent household, one where she was raised to have reckless abandon and expose herself in niche shemale porn productions for money.

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The proportion of potentially transgender men rose as the population did.

My actual opinion on this is that modern feminism's effect on family courts has deprived a very significant amount of young boys of father figures or male role models in the most crucial developmental stages of their lives. This, along with other political/social developments, has led to an obscurity of what it means to be a complete, individuated Man.

The modern dialogue surrounding men is dominated by women who are projecting what they want from men into politics versus what can actually be of men. Women don't understand the darker aspects of being a man any further than it affects them, be it through mental or physical violence.

Men are natural risk takers; it's part of why they tend to die a lot more in their youth than women do. They are also more aggressive on average. Those two things combined can lead men into lots of situations where it's hard not to be a "toxic male" or where "embracing one's feelings" can lead to a damaged reputation.

If women actually wanted strong and good men they would fix the family courts and kick every single lunatic of academia that tries to redefine masculinity without actually knowing what it is.

Would you say that an expanding minority population of males are rejecting their manhood as a result of this depraved political landscape?
Weaker males could see a place of refuge in escaping to womanhood, or some candid attempt at it. It means you become the protected class, you are congratulated for being transgender, and you are supported for being a woman.

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What's the crisis? Who fucking cares? Unless they develop hypnotic powers to turn you into a tranny, it shouldn't really affect you.

this tbqfh why is it a big deal if there are more transgenders now than before? there's more autistics and gays and shit too. i do not think it's a problem, i just think it is safer to "bee urself" than it ever has been and parents/families are more loving and supportive.

This is where you should join the discussion and ask yourself why you SHOULD care.
> hypnotic powers
What is media persuasion and fad culture?
To what limit are we free from hypnotism in any office? well.

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The shaming and skepticism of critical thought is deeply rooted in new age social engineering. I know you too are wiser than to say " what gives, who cares".
> more autistics
It may not be an immediate issue for some, but it is useful to know the origin of things.

We are entirely free of hypnotism because this isnt a fucking hentai we live in.

Get over yourself.

I know you're trying to get me to reach the conclusion you've authored but are keeping out of this thread. The truth is that I do not think there's anything wrong with being a tranny and more trannies = more buddies and friends.

I don't think it's really a problem, they aren't going to breed, and neither will the people using their asspussies.
In the meantime I get scores of leg pics from whores desperate for attention.

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No, I would actually say they are ignorant of what it means to have manhood at all. It isn't just the cock and balls, it's a way of thinking and affecting the world. To me it seems like the modern landscape is so full of venom towards masculinity as a whole that it's actually depriving young men of their most reasonable identity. By reasonable I mean, there is no need for surgery or hormones. The hardest step of all is already complete, it's just the ideal that needs to be taught through example, through speech and most importantly through experience.

A loss of that reasonable identity leaves young men in an abyss of drug abuse, self-harm, and suicide. I think some look at transgender identity as a Third Way to satisfying their personal lust for power that results from an incomplete identity. The ego can't handle that kind of compromised identity and it demands expression in any way possible.

describe the venom toward masculinity without using the word "toxic".

You really do underestimate the pull the content we digest has on how we shape ourselves as people, and how we interact with the world.
You brought up hentai, okay. There could be plausible cases of gender dysphoria induced by sexualized anime content. Some people develop rapid obsessions with fetishes until they manifest into who they are as people, and finally we cannot know who is the man and who is the idea. There's nothing to get over.

Nah, man. Forms of mind control are real. We're all basically animals at our core and certain things trigger our survival instincts and such.

It's loneliness.

I don't have an anti transgender agenda, all I want is critical analysis and theorizing. It shouldn't be wrong to question the world you are presented, in fact being complacent has led many blind men into trenches.

You have a good premise here.

There's nothing wrong with thinking critically, but you're coercing people into agreeing with you by barraging them with Yous when they give their thoughts.

It shouldn't be my responsibility to make up another's mind, that is their own ruling.

stop being manipulative dude. it's not a good look.

Tranners generally aren't productive members of society and are more likely to commit suicide than any other demographic.

The less a tranners a society has the better.

you will not disintegrate this thread.

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Better to live as a transgender than just simply a failed male I guess. If you're not the top 20% of males and you want lots of sex it's an easy route it seems

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That was a very astute, and hot hypothesis. You may stay.

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A lot of tranners aren't generally welcomed in parts of society and a lot of those suicides come from having to choose to live a life that feels like a lie to them or deal with ridicule and hate from those that can't deal with it.

Original post before deletion:
>Do you ever wonder why an increasing amount of young men choose to abolish their birth sex in the pursuit to restrictively become women? What could possibly be the cause of this abnormality?

do you know how deers resort to homo sex when they fail to find a female
same principle

they cant find the gf so they turn into the gf

Family courts resulting in a def-win for women even when they're unfit to be the main parent. The ridiculousness of Alimony. I can understand why it can be important, but the payouts can be so absurd it almost seems like a tax blaming men for broken marriages.

The attack of masculine identity wholesale rather than a compromise calling for men to tone down its worst outcomes. Anyone with compassion can understand why deadbeat dads are awful for their children, why physical abuse is terrible for families, and why crime ruins communities.

But how does one get those same people to agree that being dull of emotion is always bad? How does one end another's life in a time of necessity without the steel of will to anesthetize the soul? Would those same people agree that men cannot be raped, even when we have things like guns and tasers to make it easier?

I am not well versed in this topic at all, I am not in the "know" of feminist circles and what they think men are. If the Feminist Plato out there somewhere has an admirable idea of what it means to be a man and how to enforce it, I'm all ears. Their rhetoric is being drowned out in a sea of negativity, it feels like.

i would suck their heart through their estrogen filled dick.

I know. Should have left it up desu.

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I deleted it myself just fyi
lol stop deleting your comments lol.

I don't think it's a crisis, but I think it's pushed in the news to the point where people are meant to believe it's a crisis.
the left does it unintentionally by reporting on trans success stories and the right does it deliberately by zeroing in on news stories where a transgender person did something wrong or bad as evidence that all trannies are bad people/perverts/criminals.
I don't believe it's a crisis at all because I don't think it's as common as we believe, but another thing is that I don't believe being transgender or transitioning is a bad thing. Gender is innate, it doesn't change based off your body, so if you're born a female in a male body, there is nothing you can do to fix it but transition. you can't change your in-born gender.

That... certainly implies some enthusiasm on your part user

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all good points, should have used a different word other than crisis, but that probably wouldn't have caught attention.

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masculine qualities:
>the capacity to love
qualities that people think are masculine but merely occur in men more commonly due to how they are treated

how is it possible that they look like a feminized 14 year old boy with breast implants yet they are legal? WTH.

thanks, weird guy. anything to add to my statements or refute?

I'm not weird, your weird. >:(
are u a tranner or somethin' '__'

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you guys are fucking psychotic and paranoid.

To think this has anything to do with politics or anything is ridiculous.

>Men are throwing away their manhood!

No, that's just how you would feel in response to the idea. That means you aren't trans and you have a sense of manhood. Not everyone is you. You don't have to be a trap, this is not at all about people throwing away anything or any kind of crisis.

>An absent father could be a factor in the promotion of transgender-ism

God you fucking idiots

This has nothing to do with it, plenty of traps lack mothers and have fathers instead. Every person is different. Every trap is different. Every transwoman is different and came to be from a different way.

Guess I'm gay now

There is literally nothing wrong with trying to understand the world around us through models or our attempts to make new ones. I wouldn't learn about frostbite by inflicting it upon myself and I know you wouldn't either.

Politics is almost inescapable in daily life, more so depending on the country one lives in. It shapes people's behavior, hence why the Chinese spent so long letting people die in road accidents rather than helping them because there were no Good Samaritan laws.

so adorable
wish i looked like that too...

Choices have consequences, gasp!

This, but also due to men being hated there is no reason to be a man. Females get easy jobs, males get arrested, females get sex easy, males get called a terrorist for not being able to get it as easy, etc, males arrested ten times as often as females, etc, thrice rate of suicide and homelessness when male, etc.

Like you said, this is pandered by society.
Mix herd mentallity and unstable people and things like this are not hard to come by.

no but i have GID.

when do you transition

Before you go through male puberty ideally, of which starts at fourteen for males.

You disgustuing piece of shit want to mutilate children? Transgenderism is nothing more than autogynephilia in combination with mental disorders. Why else are so many of the crossderessers fucking autists?

You don't know anything about transgenderism and nobody wants to mutilate kids.

I know enough to know that you're evolutionary failures trying to spread their disease.

You know less than you think then because that is also not true.

I know is sounds weird but the sudies show that babies as old as one year old already have a self idea of what gender they are, and beguining transistion or just even delaing puberty for the ones that still don't know (when their is a diagnosis for it of course) can be really benificial for mental health of this individuals.
They are already born taht way, if they try to follow the norm they will only grow depresed and could eventualy kill themselfs

i mean you personally
it's so many benefits after all

Obvious bait is obvious, dude

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Feminization is caused by a wide range of factors: hormones, plastics(especially ones made with Bisphenol A), masturbation/porn (which heavily factors into the development of autogynephelia in otherwise healthy males)... It's a complex issue, however -- at least in my opinion -- it's fairly obvious that we shouldn't be asking the question of if there is a feminization crisis or not, but instead how we can resolve said crisis. I personally believe the solution lies in cultivation of self-discipline; re-establishing masculine role models (whether they be things abstract as mythological and historical figures or real, living people); and ridding our culture of Jewish/Marxist subversion.

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Why is this something that has to be changed, if true? Why is it bad?

who is this lol just wondering

For real tho. Im looking for that study right now.
Fck im not finding it but this is what a quick google search shows

I know it sounds bad, but if we can help kids with any gender dysphoria this is the more effective way to do so, puberty makes it very hard later on.
I wanna remark that it is something that is diagnosed by profesionals and not some random feminazi kid who is brainwashed. This can be proven and tested. So why not treat this? As it is most of adult transgenders experience depresion and axiety with and enormours rate of suicide, why would anyone want their kid to suffer that in adulthood?

Why would this only be affecting whites though? They're only 56% of our population.

If you didn't know your orientation by 14 then there's something wrong with you by default.

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this. i knew i had gender dysphoria the minute puberty hit me at age 11.

i didn't -_-
i was 20 when i realized i want to be a girl so fucking damn much
there were some signs but i didn't understand them myself till i looked back

how did this happen?
what was your life like up to this realization?

>Why is this something that has to be changed, if true? Why is it bad?
The effects of plastics in our foods and water, xenoestrogens, and other chemicals go far beyond feminization. They are carcinogenic, neurotoxic, and overall promote the downfall of Western society and the degredation of our health. Aside from that, feminization has played a heavy role in declining birth rates in the West, which has caused an influx of "refugees" and illegal immigrants in countries from Europe to the Americas, and all you need to do is look into crime statistics amongst those sorts of people to understand what I'm getting at.
Why do you think the destruction of your own health, and of your own neighborhood is a good thing?
I never said it effects only whites. Why do you think so many young black and Hispanic men commit so much crime? They lack father figures, true role models. Nobody ever taught them how to be a man, so they supplanted this lack of masculinity with the feminine drive for chaos; they indulge in hedonistic, material lifestyle; they act "hard" and tough; they become street thugs; but they can never fill the void through simple materialism. The answer to this problem is self-discipline, cultivation of one's inner masculinity.

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>transgender is a orientation

How does declining birth rates make people leave their home country?

I think he means that declining birth rates in the west are part of the reason why western countries are accepting so many migrants (who would be attempting to come regardless). It's one of the most commonly cited benefits of mass immigration.

>I'm a straight male and that's why I love to wear pink tutus

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This, humanity is fucked. Things will never change because the current evironment doesn't allow it.
Look at society right now. It's the natural state, because people can (mostly) do what they want.
It was the hard environment of the past that made things like morals, family and strength necessary. Now that all true hardships are banished from life people become weak cock sucking faggots. How would you change this?
Nuke humanity back to the middle ages?
Keep this cycle up forever?
It's over.

That sounds retarded, no offense. Also why does it matter what race the majority of your country is? My country used to be a monoculture and now my race/the original race is a tiny minority and it's not a big deal. Nobody fucking cares.

it all started with roasties getting rights

>all girls love to wear pink tutus
>pink tutus are inherently female
Pink once was the color of men.
Blue was for girls, because Mother Mary and shit.
It's autogynephilia and mental retardation.
I know you faggots want this to be a natural thing so you can say.
>See daddy, it's not my fault that I'm like this. Don't be disappointed anymore.
It's your own fucking fault.

>That sounds retarded, no offense.
It sounds retarded but it's the truth. It's one of the main arguments in favor of it, especially when it comes to Europe
>Also why does it matter what race the majority of your country is?
It doesn't really matter to me. But I bet it means a lot to that guy posting about how much he misses the Nazis.
>My country used to be a monoculture and now my race/the original race is a tiny minority and it's not a big deal.
Interesting, what country? Syria?

You miss the point. Falling/negative birth rates means that the current rate of economic growth in Western countries becomes unsustainable due to a shrinking labor pool (although in my opinion, consolidation of labor is a viable and easy solution). This means that the state has to import labor from other countries -- typically places like Mexico or Syria -- hence the flooding of second/third-world immigrants and refugees into the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, France, and other wealthy countries. The problem is that these immigrants/refugees bring their culture and values with them, which are typically in stark contrast to Western values, hence the large amounts of self-segregation and crime amongst this type of low-income immigrant.
It gets even worse with their children; there is a trend of increasingly high crime amongst second-generation illegal and poor immigrants, which I personally believe is caused by a conflicting of cultural values and the values their parents try to instill in them; as such, they are instead deprived of any cultural identity, a key component of the superconscious and human perceptions of morality.
Where have you been for the past 20 years, if you don't know any of this?

I am from Canada.

I don't know it because you made it up, tardo.

I wasn't even allowed to wear gothic clothing or go to the mall by myself when I was fourteen. I never had a chance to ponder something so drastic and was repressed in more ways than what my sex was going to be. If you can't even choose your clothing style, have no web access, no friends, not even soda pop and an AC whilst in FL, the last thing on my mind was would it benefit me to transition. I had no time to see who I was going to be, no opportunity. Those of whom that were allowed a longer leash could transition if they wanted, but not those of whom were told to cut their hair as soon as it reached the level of their eyebrows at such an age.

I'm like six one by the time I was out to find myself, I will never become a 'girl'.

>pink was once the color of men
Goal post moving, next level.

If you use common sense, a teen is old enough to know what gender they want to be.

I live in a state that was around 75%-80% white just a couple decades ago. Life was fine here, you could practically leave your door unlocked all day while at work and you'd still come home to all your belongings untouched. Nowadays, with whites being almost a minority here due to massive amounts of illegal immigration, crime is through the roof and I seldom don't have a gun close by. I speak from personal experience when I say that (illegal) immigrants are toxic to Western society.

how are illegal immigrants different than legal immigrants?
also your state was native before it was white.

I should've known I was dealing with a Canadian. Carry on, friend, you don't know the half of it when it comes to immigrants -- and you should be thankful for that. Your country's fucked enough as is.

>I wanna suck cock. That means I'm actually a girl
>*cuts off dick*
>We should do this to children

>If you use common sense, a teen is old enough
No and
>to know what gender they want to be.
That's not a choice.

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Lol what a stupid analysis. Birth rate has nobody with labor or viceversa. Chicken-egg problem you state here

>Birth rate has nobody with labor or viceversa.
Not that user.
Are these just random words or is this supposed to mean something?

Faggot, I'm 3/4 Sioux-Crow mix. My state had nary a soul living in it before the 1600s. Illegal immigrants account for the majority of crime perpetrated by immigrants -- I believe the proportion is around 6:1? That seems different enough to me.
Why do you think countries need to import labor? Look into the DTM before you bother spouting off nonsense; problems on the scale of entire nations are much more complex than you might think. It may not be exclusively falling birth rates, but it certainly has a playing role in it; just look at Germany.

>cut dick off
But anyway
>hrt is a pointless thing to change yourself
Then isn't phallic compensation of owning guns and trucks too? It won't make you more of a man after all, and is far more dangerous than just trying to look feminine. And right wingers even take their children hunting to turn them into psychopaths at early ages too.

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Canada's not as fucked up as the USA is. It's actually a decent place to live if you're off-rez.

are you retarded? The reason for that statistic is because immigrating illegally is a crime which all illegals have committed.

I will always respect a man who can drive a truck and shoot well more than some mentally ill faggot that can't accept their own body. Since when did teaching your children to do what humans do -- get food for themselves and their family -- turn them into psychopaths? You are lacking in life experience.

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>Birth rate has nobody with labor or viceversa.
Where do you think workers come from?

>only respects lethal force
>implying respect comes from fear rather than admiration

You can plant food you know. You can't hunt and gather in the current time period.

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>>hrt is a pointless thing to change yourself
Not only this but it also kills your health.
Estrogen has very different effects on males than on females. In females it reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases, but in men it fucking ups them(same as low testo), which is also another indicator that you will never be female.
You will grob boobs, but will fuck everything else while doing so. Your ass will always smell like man. You're only a guy with a self inflicted severe hormonal imbalance.
>. And right wingers even take their children hunting to turn them into psychopaths at early ages too.
Hunting is one of the most natural things a human can do because that's how humans evolved. We always did this to survive.
>trying to act smug
Don't even try your butthurt , faggot.

>Is there a transgender crisis among young men?

Of course not goyim! worry not, now continue eating your GMOs and meats pumped full of hormones and pharmaceuticals.

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I never said that, you're twisting my words. I only said that I respect a man who can drive and shoot well -- being able to restrain yourself from using lethal force even when you have access to it is the definition of self-control, which is part of traditional masculinity. Gardening is also a great -- and humble -- way of cultivating self-discipline, though; in my experience it's hard and honest work.

>smelling humans
Caveman much?

>implying feminine creatures want to live until the hit the wall in the first place

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I wonder.
Don't the jews have to eat the same crap?
Is there some jewish supermarket I don't know about?

There's no reason to drive nor use lethal force. It's just phallic compensation, of which causes more damage than it beefs up male pride.

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What about
I would rather die than live as a male and am putting effort into making my body acceptable to myself, and am aware of risk factors, like an informed adult should be

Thank you for admitting that I'm right.