Guys in transformation pics always look happier in the fat pic

Look at this guy. His after pic he looks deeply unhappy inside and depressed like he forced himself to get in better shape when he was enjoying life more how he was before. He looks moody, short tempered, sullen whereas before he just looks like normie guy enjoying life.

I noticed it with tons of other examples too. In the before pic when the person was fat they look more happier internally even if the transformation is only a year old and they didn't age. In the after pic they look broody, depressed and miserable almost like their soul has been sucked out of them.

is it to do with the bf they dropped from their face area? why is it happening?

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>projecting this hard
He looks neutral in both. Perhaps sadder in first

The fit man takes a redpill and finally sees truth in the world.

>is it to do with the bf they dropped from their face area? why is it happening?

No it's because they're now actually putting in a lot of time and effort for absolutely minimal rewards. At the end of the day if you're not pulling girls as a soiboi chub, you will pull very little better when ripped.

Girls want great genetics, they know any old guy can go to the gym and get ripped, what's rare about that, it's not going to get their ovaries tingling.

Main things for attracting and keeping girls are height, unique/distinct facial features, deep voice and big/thick dick.

not really.he's giving this blank stupid stare in the first and the second he just looks way more confident.

No he doesn't. I have a degree in psychology and human behaviour and everything in the after pic looks forced and not authentic. The "confident" look he supposedly has looks like it is putting a strain on him mentally because he is trying to be something he's not naturally.

It's the same thing with all these female transformations where they turn into vegan gym rats with muscle striations on their ass etc. Women aren't supposed to look like that and you can tell in the after pic it's pure false bravado for social media. These people are not happy inside but they followed the herd like the fitness models on social media told them to.

Of course losing weight and improving yourself is a good thing but most of these people who have 18k likes on their transformation pics are projecting a false happiness. You can tell with the women especially. It's killing them trying to maintain that lifestyle. You can see in their eyes they want to go back to just being a regular normie eating like a normal person and having a little fat on their body.

Can vouch for this. As a young guy, was in good shape, and made sacrifices for it-strict diet, minimal drinking, in the gym, when I could have been socializing, etc, etc. Only positive comments I ever got were from other gym bros- it made no difference with women. David Coverdale put a cartoon on his twitter feed a while back, saying pretty much the same thing.

this. The only thing getting into super strict shape and constantly maintaining it does it attract compliments and encouragement from other guys in the gym if you don't have the conditions that women find attractive in the first place

these newly fit guys are realizing this that's why they look pissed off or depressed, he thought that by getting in better shape he would get more replies from women. Only to find out 2 days later she has still left him on "unread" and he can't conceive why this is still the case even though he has abs now

I used to be 350 pounds and now I'm 150, I'm 5'10".

Honestly I was a lot happier and less self conscious about myself when I was fat than I am now. When you're fat that is all people see, but once you lose weight all of your other flaws become more significant. I also feel less confident, it sucks being smaller than everyone else especially if you're also a manlet.

Oh and in my head I still feel like I'm obese and beat myself up over it.

Alot of cope around lol. People here are projecting their own failures but as a guy whos in shape I'll tell you the truth
It's 1000x better being jacked. You become far more attractive, get more respect and you can inspire people. It looks like what we do is difficult but it isn't to us because we've done it for years so it's like brushing your teeth to us. It just seems ridiculously hard to others because they've all failed and never got into the habit.
You won't be happier as a fat person, ever
PS my Tinder matches used to be around 20 when I was dyel

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Yeah anyone can get jacked but that doesn't matter, because guess what? 1% of the population is anything around jacked like me.

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Yeah but you're obviously already attractive in the first place. If your face is bland or shit, doesn't matter how in shape you are.

It's a shame they have to find out about your small dick.

You look like a manlet, nigger. Bet your dick is only 7 inches.

Same person? Not equatable if so as you're a nigger and are literally being propagandized into women's beds these days.

This. Fuck niggers. Fuck that manlet nigger especially. Guarantee he doesn't even live up to the bbc meme.

>In the after pic they look broody, depressed and miserable almost like their soul has been sucked out of them.
They're just straining their faces because they're flexing lol

Fuck you manlet nigger. You only get laid cause of Jew propaganda.

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yeah right, look how fuckin happy this guy is

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Nope, the second guy is happier.

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What an absolute beast. Wow.

I am the robot tbqh

Not the case.

Check this guy out. In the first pic he looks like a chilled normie enjoying his pizza and partying with his reddit bros and living a carefree lifestyle instead of obsessing about his outward appearance. In the second he looks like he's literally dying inside because he forced himself to join in with the fitness craze to fit in with what social media says you should do. That's a look of a man who is deeply unhappy because he's starving himself every night for pats on the back from the internet.

Now he looks like a tryhard to women where before he would have been able to find himself a 4/10 wife at some point. Not all women are into super fit men. A lot of women do actually like these bearmode and flabby guys.

You really think a guy like this gets any more matches than he did before?

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how do you know he was starving himself and he was doing it to fit in? do you have a bear mode and flabby body?

Honestly it looks like all he did was lose weight. His pecs are already pronounce and everything just looks more toned in the next pic

What's so hard about fitness anyway? Sure it will be terrible at first, but as you get stronger it's just routine unless you push it to the limit, which you don't have to.
I'm skinny fat, but I have a far easier time imagining myself fairly fit(like a guy on the right, maybe less so) than getting a trade or driving a car, those things require mental effort and work out is just dumb repetition of the same motions for few hours and most don't even do it everyday, it's not genuine effort, it's more like brushing your teeth. Is it really worth it? Yes, because otherwise Chad wouldn't bother, the wast majority of popular men are in shape, whether deliberately or just out of doing sports.

It's just pointless unless you are some athlete to constantly torture your body by restricting calories every single day when you just want to eat normally and not care about staying in a deficit all the damn time. That's what people always did in the modern era before this fitness trend took off. It's normal and healthy to have SOME bodyfat on your body. Being DYEL if normal. Most women you see are happy with dyel and skinnyfat guys. All the massively jacked and roided up guys don't have the female company that the normal build guys do.

It's because women like guys who smash a massive pizza and drink lots of beer and go out and have fun smoking and drinking every week. Not some aspie calorie counting dude who is petrified of having more than one slice of pizza because it goes over his calorie allowance.

Women want to live in the moment and have fun. That's why they liked all these slobby fat hairy biker dudes and skinnyfat bad boys in years gone by.

It's good to be fit but there is also nothing wrong with being skinnyfat. Most people are happier skinnyfat just doing what they want with their eating instead of scanning every item of food and panicking about their v taper disappearing.

It's not natural for a man to be obsessing over his body like this. Just lol @ thinking women want a man who poses in the gym mirrors and spends more time grooming and preening himself than she does.

he looks fucking shorter, fuck me if 2nd pic wasnt photoshopped

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>everyone praising you
>you are not really happy
Take your psychology degree and throw it in the trash. This is basic shit you're getting wrong, and you sound like a teenage girl.

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>Most women you see are happy with dyel and skinnyfat guys
Not really, most young couples I see the man is either skelly twink or tough looking with some body fat, at least the later kind do eat junk food, drink beat and what have you, it's just that their work/hobbies keeps them in shape or they deliberately work out, but don't go full autism.
>It's because women like guys who smash a massive pizza and drink lots of beer and go out and have fun smoking and drinking every week
Incredibly you can do those things and still not look like shit, especially when younger.
>skinnyfat bad boys
ahaha, not a thing, they all do boxing and such.
>It's not natural for a man to be obsessing over his body like this
That used to be the case, but more and more jobs don't require any physical activity from you, naturally you'll look like shit unless you deliberately try to be in shape, this can be done in "manly ways", like boxing or marathon running or what have you, you don't have to be a gym rat and sweat over calories.

Na man it gets easier the more jacked you get if you're 200+ lean you look like you're sub 10%. I look inhuman and I can eat 4k+ cals a day.

You look like you are hallucinated.

The before and the after persons in these type of pictures are two completely different persons. They are not even the same one.
The technical knowledge (at least dietary) and the knowledge of yourself you have to acquire to pull out a transformation is an entire odyssey. Going from a sack of lard to being fit is an experience that changes everybody.
Only somebody who has no clue what he is talking about can look at these pictures and try to read something out of their facial expression.

Even their world is a completely different world, they don't even perceive the things and the beings around them as they did before.

The fact that you are so detached from even the language or the arguments which are worth touching when talking about getting fit makes me fear that you are probably down a deep hole, totally incapable of appreciating the reality.

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Former 6'1, 135 pound skelly here. I currently weight 170 and am adding weight/muscle every day.

The reason why skelly/fat people are usually happier is that they're blue pilled and don't realize how the world really works. They still believe in the way that Disney fairytales shows things and that's a nice thing to believe in. I mean it's not true at all, but still nice to believe in it and makes you happy.

Once you become awoken to how life really is, you'll likely try to become fit, but you lose your happiness.

i know how the world really works im 5'6 28 yrs old and getting fat i don't care about working out.

this is what fat people say to stop themselves from even tying to get in better shape.
Its like when really poor people tell you that money can't buy happiness but we all know deep down its not true.

>I have a degree in psychology
Of course you do you fart-sniffing hipster twig
go eat a steak and hit the gym you jealous vegan faggot

nice cope faggot


not even that guy but you guys should post your body since you're talking all this shit

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I'm not really talking shit I'm just pointing out niggers are literally being propagandized into women's beds at the moment so he has a massive helping hand there that non-nigs don't.

He looks more happy in the right pic.

Both are kinda true though.

I used to be fat once, was about 115kg at 180cm. I was actually in a pretty good spot back then. Was doing good in university and hell I even had a gf, whom i had met through giving girls in my highschool math tutoring.

>Inb4 normie reeee.

Four years later I have gotten down to 70kg, via a combination of exercise and healthy eating. However, I am mentally more fucked than ever. Back then I was self confident and didn't give a fuck about anything. Now I am constantly depressed, failing university and am losing my friends.


Because restricting my diet and exercising is sapping away all my energy, to the point, where i have become a full blown robot, who has a hard time even keeping up with the daily chores of life.

Same thing for having money. My family is actually quite wealthy, so I could get pretty much anything I wanted in regards to material goods. I always thought, that a large part of my happiness came from my wealth, but that turned out to be wrong. Since I have gotten older, I have obtained access to more money and can buy pretty much anything I want. But buying something maybe makes me happier for like 2 days and then I am just angry about the money I spent.

If you think that you have to just do X and you will be happier, then you are deluding yourself.

If you are fat, losing weight won't make you happy(most of the time).
If you are middle class/not so poor that it is harmful to you, getting money wont make you happy.

The funny thing is, that most people know what makes them happy, yet they don't pursue said activities, because of what society tells them. Everybody back then told me, that all sorts of benifits would come with losing weight, like improved cognitive performance, happiness, attractiveness to girls. But guess what? That shit didn't happen.

Most of my gamer friends are still fat and lead good lives, while i am here being miserable, despite all the effort that i put into life.

He still looks bad, shit bideltoid and shoulders, shit traps and TINY NECK (hes 100% neckcel desu)
his ugly skull, shit mandible and gonion and overall fat skull with buccal fat, shit eye area (he looks like a mong because of upper eyelid exposure and his subhuman bug eyes)
his wrist is unironically small but hidden by his hair

face = everything
if you're not already GL then you shouldn't gymcel lmao

>it's not genuine effort
Thanks for reminding me that I am on Jow Forums.

Something I can tell you. I was ripped when gym wasn't that big of trend (about 10 years ago). My ego was so big that let me stand out in any social occasion. Some years later drugs and alcohol abuse turned me to a skinny methhead kinda of body and after I got my shit together I have a normal body weight with some extra fat (around 20%). I now have no power to even try to hit a woman and my only consult are hookers. So yeah having a good body can boost your social and sex game only by confidence alone.

Your neurochemistry fucked itself in your process of getting fit.It has nothing to do with you achieving something.

You are reading way too much into two mirror selfies. Chill the fuck out

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The before pic is the thousand-cock state. The after pic is bored but focused, probably his 8th time taking the photo.

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He's just giving a tense look to look more masculine. Chicks dig aggressive looking men