Are you a good person?

if yes, how can you prove it aside from "im not a bad person".

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I am an awful awful awful human being

I can'r argue that Im good, but I'll argue why I'm not bad
>Never bullied anyone
>Never harrassed anyone
>Never beat someone up
>Never robbed someone
>Never insulted someone without reason
>Never hurt anyone
I guess Im good enough to not be bad. But Im not good enough to be considered "good" if you get me

I mean I havent done good things or was pleasant for the sake of being pleasant

I never shot a woman

I know you said to not say "Im not a bad person" in the OP
But most people arent black & white
Im not good enough to be considered good and Im DEFINITLY not bad enough to be a bad person

What IS a "good person" anyways? All that I can think of ends up as a person that gets easily taken advantage of.

I want to do bad, self destructive things but I choose not to.

Thats not a good position to be in
The Heights

Whats funny is I consider myself good as a kid/preteen
And I always got taken advantage of

You are ignorant enough to your waste so that it pollutes the Earth and kills intelligent life. You are a net negative to this planet.

I'm not a bad person but I'm not the best person I could be.

I've never got into a fight
I've never hurt someone
I've never stolen from someone
I've never insulted someone
I've never messed with someone
I've never taken any type of drug
I've never yelled at someone
I've never really even touched someone

I just try to keep to myself and hope other will treat me the same as i treat them.

>I've never taken any type of drug
That's impossible.

I am a truly horrible thing.
I am do not deserve the title of "person".

I should have said any type of Illegal Drug.

>proving you are a good person
not something a 'good' person would ever do

work in nursing and help people on a daily basis

was requested to work with a family friends kid because he has issues

despite me bitching about horrible staffing and leaving my job with no notice, I still get compliments and keep getting asked to come back by co-workers and other residents

I honestly don't even try, im a loner and rather be alone or with a girl who isn't really outgoing bar/party wise and would rather fish or bowl. basic shit.

also defended my ex against my friend because he was being a dick to her which inevitably got me in her good graces and we dated 2 years

Good and evil are ultimately vague terms used by those lacking in life experience. Objective morality doesn't exist, there is only varying degrees of self-agency and slavery to dogma.

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i don't need to prove anything to anyone and i'll never claim to be a good person, i'll let people apply labels to me appropriately based on how i act toward them

And this is a good or a bad thing to you?

girls want me to fuck them in pussy i say no cuz god forbid i am still virgin but spared them the pain of me telling them i do not like

I was used and abused to the point people irreversibly destroyed my life and I didn't do anything to stop them because that would be "bad". Fuck christianity and their twisted beliefs

I like believing that I am a good person but the truth is I am nothing but a leech and a lazy, selfish, manipulative piece of shit that will never change. There's a good reason why I am and always will be alone.

I should just die.

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I wouldn't be so arrogant to claim I meet the subjective criterion of an unknown fool, nor would I want to.

See for yourself if you have the courage.


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I see meth, opioids and stuff like that as a bad thing because it can physically make you sick and potentially kill you. Stuff like weed is legal or becoming legal in alot of the world so i don't see that as a bad thing. Although, I have tried it before. I have an addictive personality so I'm kinda scared to try stuff like that.

This opinion probably annoys people but you do you.

Yet most of the addiction and death is caused by them being illegal. Meth and opioids are used in clinical practice without much issue. I don't advise for taking them but the war on drugs doesn't work.

Only God is good

I'm True Neutral.

good for what?

Everyone leaves me and I've never had a best friend so you tell me

rip grimmie isnt life beautiful

>are you a good person?
How do I know?
There are people that like me and say I'm a good person but a big amount that dislike me and tell others how much of a bad person I am.
Who says what's right or wrong?
I'm conflicted.

>How do I know?
You consult the Holy Book of Loopholes and Contradictions created by evil people and instantly claim you are the best person alive. It's that easy.

I'm the worst person, but I'm also self conscious about it, so I try to do as much good as possible.