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Valentine's Day eve
a.k.a. the cusp of loneliness edition


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Im first, haha

>normalfag holiday thread

okay now you have to be my valentine

>/r9straight/ mentality

>turn 26 in two months
>still live with mommy
>not sure what the future holds but know there is no bf for me

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Loneliness and suicide.

Circumcised dick is so disgusting. Just look at the visible scar tissue and how the head looks all dried out.
Thank god my dick wasn't mutilated. I wish I didn't live in the jewSA where it's the norm.

What do faggots think they're cute, when they are almost always not? Especially ones here, you're all ugly.

Post youre name, I need to a background check first

Well im ugly but everyone thinking that theyre cute makes it harder to date them.

So it's almost valentines day, how many years have you been single?

>tfw get shivers and goosebumps just thinking about having a bf to hug and spoon me

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So why make a valentines thread if you're all uglies who cant find a date?

>tfw no New Zealand or Australian bf

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19. Which is also the number of years I've been alive.

How long do you think you fucking autist? What thread and board exactly do you think you're posting on?

nineteen years of being alive and single.

Why come here to cry about it if youre better then? Go find yourself a date irl if you dont like it here.

Hello I am here for my valentine bf

>no belgian bf

we havent vc'd yet. how do I know hes genuine. we share lots of interests and hes called me cute (i've sent him a few pics) how do I keep the momentum going? I don't care if its only a digital relationship but I want to know if hes genuine or if he just wants nudes.

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or I could just come here and make fun of you miserable faggots after fucking my gf

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we can only be bfs if your hair is like this

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Suck my dong; shit tier hair

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>suck my dong
not with your poopoo hair i'm not

No youre hair is poopoo

it is, that's why i need to balance it with a god-hair bf

No, the hair you posted will only increase poopoo rating

Sorry man I wasn't here ((slept on my desk)) -- anyways, sometimes.

>muh Jow Forums's favorite anime girl thread
N-no thanks

I'm not better, that's the point, retard.

Don't be mean ok it's valentine's Day!!!!! :(

>fuck you guys youre all ugly why do you talk about valentineee!!!!!111
>oh im actually ugly too :)

I've never seen anybody larp harder in all my years. This ones going up on the mantel

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>tfw feeling lonely and unwanted
>tfw will never find a bf in my town
>tfw tfw

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Put the nudes on hiatus. Try to make him watch stuff you like. Me and my friend send eachother stuff to watch and then synchronize our videos to play at the same time and we can react to stuff. We watch movies and shows and videos on yt. Use YouTube messenger to send links across platforms
If he's genuinely into you and just enjoys talking to you he should enjoy this. If not HMU for the triple synchronized movies with me and my friend

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Literally just use rabb.it

You have to pay for that shit. I'm poor. Its literally less work to find a link on one of my 3 sites to find anything I want and send it- than to use rabbit. It's definitely better, but they don't have access to all the shit we do anyway so we'd end up doing what we do now anyway

What is is you your point here?

No you dont have to pay
Its free
You just paste in the link and press enter

well, duh

K well there's a catch somewhere I know it I'm looking just in case I'm retarded- I probably am but yknow

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>tfw no bottom bf that wears boy socks

Good taste, user fama

Holy shit I'm fucking retarded. Wow. well sorry I doubted you. I see how it all works now- thank you for informing me in chronically in need of brain cells user

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How do I stop being so borderline when it comes to relationships? I'm generally pretty down to earth emotionally, and I'm good at identifying my feelings and working through them on my own, but when it comes to boys and attention I immediately start catastrophizing the relationship.
Something like "oh our conversations haven't been as engaging recently I bet he's getting bored of me" or "he opened my message about making plans and didn't respond for an hour, even though he said yes to plans I feel horrible"
I feel so insecure with most of my relationships and I act out because of it, which ruins them, and perpetuates this vicious cycle.

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No problem fren, enjoy watching with your friend

I have a bf but I'm fleeing to the other side of the world for two weeks so that I don't have to spend valentine period here. Makes me anaxious. Am I normal?

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Just found this accidentally while searching harry potter stuffs.aloh0mora.weebly.com/ict.html


Dont open, virus

Lol that's bullshit

no bf but there's always next year haha

Just be more honest. I make openness the #1 thing for me. Draw a line in the sand 'we aren't going to talk untill you tell me why your so upset' or something like that. It obviously depends on what your relationship is. Like if your just both talking and don't know each other it isn't your place to say that. But if you know eachother just don't lie or keep secrets.
It's also important to realize that you don't own these guys you to talk to. Even if your dating- You (as a man) need to stop chasing. Nobody likes when your sorry all the time or when he fucks up and you apogise for it. Ultimately you need to think about the ways your fucking up; Your inexperienced in what a mature relationship looks like (which is fine, you just need to make sure you learn and grow) it depends on who you are as well. If your a bottom then you need to find a top to lead you; and if your a weak top then no bottom will want anything to do with you (speaking about personality in terms of top and bottom not purely in the context of sex) you should also just try to step back. Honestly what I do a lot of the time as a filter is 'would I post this gay shit on Jow Forums?' Because my personality changes off of Jow Forums and i become much more mature when I'm on here(ironically) so you just need to set yourself a standard and follow it; try to think about how we would respond to what your saying. All of us know what replies were poised to get when we post- so use that to think about how you might be recieved by others

Just what someone linking a virus would say

yeah next year. haha. hahahaaha. i'm laughing because i don't know what else i can do

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Wheres my valentines retro gaming bf

Nah. It looks like a link to a shitty comic strip. I says Apple and that's all I can read. I assume it's relating to this

Wow user thank you,that was a much more helpful reply than I was expecting to get in this general.

>finally obtain bf
>I like guns, retro vidya, violent movies/anime manga and cosplay
>he likes fashion, modern art, soapy tv series and the fact that I cosplay but just for the fashion thing
>I'm very sporty and outdoorsy, he is the contrary

Can I make it work or should I km/s?

>should I km/s
yes, the answer is always yes.
unless you're saying kilometers per second for some reason

Thanks for your input, no doubt I'll an hero eventually, but can I make it work in the meantime?

Yes, tie him up and rape him repetedly untill he submits
Also whats your favourite retro system

Reminder suicide IS an option, dont listen to virtue signalling normalfags.

Dik so tastyyyy (bemp)

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came out to my dad
had a huge fight
he can go fuck himself, fucking adhd conservative retard

Lol whats adhd about him, got distracted half way through giving you a beating?

Should've kept your mouth shut.

>giving me a beating
In a literal or a figurative sense?
If he attempts the former he knows where I'll send him, I verbally annihilated him so hard that he went to make an omelette.

>I like guns, retro vidya, violent movies/anime manga and cosplay

Where do I find boys like you?

So why did you come out to him


Retarded reason tbhh

Seems to me that you have some common ground with cosplay, perhaps you can do not of that together?

>tfw my Yahoo answers question about getting a date was over 11 years ago. >Still haven't been on any date my entire life.

youre the bottom right?
Jow Forums traps are cute

Nope. Dump and try again.

I wanted to ask out my crush for valentines, but I can't do it
Guess I'll just continue being sad and alone as usual

>bf hardly ever wants to fuck

this is barely better than having no bf. All the duties and responsibilities and restrictions and for what. To basically get friendzoned. Just fuck my shit up

leave him, since you're a shallow cunt

Tfw no bf who doesn't want sex much

Me and my bf have some nice things lined up for Valentines, what about your bfs, r9gay?


Definitely considering it

>want to confess to best friend of 12 years on valentines day
>i know it will just make things worse
>tfw i can't do it because he is all i got left

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How many of you sit around all day doing nothing?

I'm doing things.
They are just not worth talking about user.
Big bully.

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Tfw no big bully bf

>I'm doing things.
What are you doing?

*bullies you*
what you gonna do about it, nerd?

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they are not worth talking about user. But its not nothing.

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Nothing, bully-sama >.

Me and my fag-gang use rabb.it all the time for like 2 years or so to watch bad movies and riff over them, we'd seen literal hundreds of them, sometimes we watch animu too, but not much since only me and another faggot boi are into animu mango shit.

We probably think the rabb.it crew are either some sillicon valley nerdos without business skills but in an investors money bubble, or money laundry, or that they are north koreans milking passwords from the rabb.it virtual machines, since we don't know how do they make money to keep rabb.it alive.

Just don't use your usual passwords and when login to a service like netflix or amazon prime to watch some stuff, change your password into a throwable one before using it at rabb.it.

Pic Related, it's the kind of silly as fuck shit we watch.

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Tell me about them NOW

NO. I sit around all day doing nothing besides complaining about no bf and feeling bad.

>tfw no sad lonely introverted bf with no friends

You dont want this, nobody wants this, why lie user? Very cruel.

>tfw no bf who cant stop scratching his balls