Remember Him

He gave his life so that we might live, so that we might find momentary joy and entertainment in his martyrdom.

He was too pure for this world, a gift from the gods themselves.

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Stop deifying a stupid normalfaggot who killed people because he couldn't have a gee eff.

He's a loser fag, if you deny this you're a loser fag.

Vagblasted roastqueens BTFO. Fear him, fear us.

I still can't get over how fucking funny this shit was. Five God damn years later and I still can't get over how fucking funny this shit was.

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Not even closest to his funniest. I'm legit convinced he was a masterful satirical comedian that just took the joke too far or got lost in character.

I think you're actually onto something. Think about it, he was very much inflicted by the tism. It's hard for autists to really act in a normal way, so from what I've seen, a lot of them just act in ways they observe out of TV and movies. Like, they have no actual feelings or convictions towards anything, they just act. I dunnow, maybe he was lonely, but in a lot of ways I think he was just acting out the edge and got way too caught up in it, and once he stabbed those kids, he had to finish the performance.

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Dude you can see him literally stifling laughter at times in his videos, he does it particularly right before the infamous "mountains of skulls and rivers of blood" line.

The dude was a comedic genius.

Why didn't Elliot just lift?

I listen to some of the dialogue and it sounds like he stepped right out of a fucking anime. Okay, I found the line you're talking about, it turns out he was quoting a fucking Warcraft character.
And yes, I totally see what you're talking about, it looks like he's about to just start laughing. Holy shit, Elliot was on different fucking levels of comedy.
Because he, if "he" isn't just some character he made up for comedic purposes, was an autist who wanted everything without putting in any work. He wanted girls to come talk to him, but he never went and talked to them, wouldn't even smile at them. He was lonely, but from what I've heard from people who knew him, he'd be upset and mean every time someone approached him with an olive branch. It's like he was destined to become something more, something greater.

>It's like he was destined to become something more, something greater.

He knew exactly what he fucking wanted and he achieved it. He wanted to become a legend, forever deified by a community of misfits and outcasts.

What was his alternative, a lifetime of slaving away in this fucking shithole world as it crumbles all around us?

elliot wuz a fuken pussy tho

why the FUCK would i respect this sexless little pussy boy?

he prolly could've met someone nice if he wasn't so fixated on getting pussy like a child

Yeah for her to get bored after a few months or for him to catch her cheating or on Tinder or being "friendly" and "bubbly" with her "guy friends".

Nice girls do not exist, and the average tier ones are the fucking worst with the highest standards and highest risk of cheating.

>missing the joke this hard
you're the real autist oregano

He technically did slay in the end, if you think about it.
I hate to say it, but I'm not sure there was ever a chance for him. Sure, he wasn't as much of an ugly subhuman as a good portion of the incel community, but he was so bitter and autistic that I don't think any woman could ever love him. Still, there are furries who find love, so there is always the possibility.

>He technically did slay in the end, if you think about it.

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He was a failure and an idiot

Fuck you, normalcunt. He lives on forever.

elliot threads whats happened did another incel praise his ass

>they have no actual feelings or convictions towards anything, they just act
Get off my board you faggot, you know nothing about autism or the plight of anyone who actually belongs here if you feel that way

True. Any autist knows we feel deep, far far deeper than most normals can even comprehend. We just rarely show it like the superficial bullshit surface deep emotions of the normals who forget about their tears almost as quickly as they shed them.

We truly are the purest of souls, too good for this world. We are here now for a reason in such numbers I believe, we truly are here for some natural reason.

i see these videos every now and then and he never changes never get happier

>A 4/10 who wanted 10/10 women without actually even trying to talk to them or ask them out

This is your hero, faggot?

That said, he was a good writer and My Twisted World is an audiobook I listen to my way to work occasionally.

Eliot roger was a failed normie narcissist nothing more

He wasn't even a robot, just a whiny privileged bitch

elliot was no special person you phaggoti

Sure he is, sure we all are. That's the thing you dumb fuck, that's Jow Forums, being a loser is our thing.

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Praise him, honor him.

He smiles down on us from Valhalla, with his 72 virgins.

This is such a funny game: FBI/whoever starts a thread praising him, JUST SO THAT THEY CAN DEGRADE HIM IN THE COMMENTS BELOW, to prevent the following.

Yeah I just came home from the post office and the drug store. Not sure if the cops have already informed me to everyone because the lady in the post office was appearing to be oddly suspicious about me.

>informed ABOUT me to

Lord I froze my head in the -20C freeze.

Incel here, and I think this guy went too far.


Sounds actually quite possible, but still, it seems absurd to me that this acting brought him to killing/suicide

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out of this site normal niggers pos suck dicks

Too many mass killings these days, but no based boys like Breivik, Rodger or even Holmes and Dorner to a lesser extent.

ER was the end of an era.

You mean ones with personality and motives and manifestos and videos etc.

Yeah, it's a rare art... hard to toe the line between tryhard edgelord and genuinely intriguing and empathy/sympathy inspiring like ER and Breivik.

Also these days if you start uploading videos and manifestos you'll be in jail or sectioned before you get the chance to smoke any normies.

Ever hear a legitimately diagnosed autistic person speak? They have a speech impediment, and you can hear the very start of it on the end of some of his sentences. Why did nobody help him?

>putting Breivik and Rodger in the same group
Idiot incel. Breivik was a stone cold killer who planned things meticulously and succeeded. He had a plan and purpose. Elliot was a retard who fucked up his entire pitiful "revenge" plan and was only driven by him being too stupid to get a gf.

He was diagnosed right? I mean they probably tried the bare minimum expected/required of them by society... what more do you fucking expect?

Dude I'm literally severely autistic and have been my entire life and my parents did not FUCKING ONCE take me to get tested despite it being BLATANTLY FUCKING OBVIOUS I HAD SEVERE AUTISM.

My aunts even got me this book about a fucking autistic spergoid who goes on a bunch of autistic adventures (something about a dog getting killed or something).

Like bro it was fucking blatantly obvious to anyone I had fucking autism and my parents never took me. I guess they never wanted the stigma of an autist son or whatveer I was just le quirky and le weird loooool so fucking funny amirite guize that crazy kid teehee!

Maybe I could have been cured by therapy and become semi normie.

Yeah I kind of laughed at that too but fucking lay off Elliot dude his legend is not through the killings but more his videos and manifesto and the killing they have inspired and will go on to inspire.

Elliot kickstarted the Beta Uprising/Incel Rebellion. The world now fears us and spergoid losers everywhere are getting danger sex left, right and center.

Beta uprising has been happening "real soon" for years. What do you have so far? Crickets.

Dude there's been like 3 mass killings inspired by or dedicated to ER since 2014, lol. At the very least there's been 2, right? Almost 30 deaths just from those 2 alone, throw in the potential third and it's 40-50.

>He gave his life so that we might live, so that we might find momentary joy and entertainment in his martyrdom.
That's a weird way of saying mental illness

Which ones? There have been more mass killings in the last few years so just by statistics you would also get an incel here and there.

Well there was the Alexander Missandarian (or whatever the fuck) one obviously. I'm pretty sure there was a shooting with 17 deaths or so dedicated to incels or with some connection to Jow Forumsdom, and potentially a third one.

What's the 17 one? Haven't heard of it. The truck of peace is the only other incel murderer I have heard of.

I dunno man, just google incel shootings or something that will tell you more than I can.

This faggot didn't even kill any stacies or Chads.
Just his nerdy virgin room mates. Worthless.
Fuck him and fuck you.

>an idiot
You're not saying because of the door?

Can't dodge the rodge, but you can lock him out