Tfw you have pretty eyes

>tfw you have pretty eyes.

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Girls complement my eyes all the time and they have pretty much my whole life. I have no idea what to do with them.

Guys... I'm sorry but I have to tell you the truth. "You have pretty eyes" is just a safe compliment you can tell literally to anyone, if a girl told you that chances are you are just ugly and she didn't want to insult you. I'm sorry.

Nobody ever told me I have pretty eyes.
I just know i do.

I get the gays when I look into my eyes. This proves I have pretty eyes. Even I fall for them.

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I have people always bitching about my eyelashes are on par with a female with mascara and curled

mine are natural and my blue green eyes don't help.

I mean I see that but iv got 2 decent exes with my looks and that compliment was thrown at me

Same, if I was another guy I'd facial me desu

My male classmate has a crush on me.

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mine are a dark blue-green with a thin green ring around the pupil

Mine are green/blue with a yellow ring around it.

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this was me in another breakdown after being diagnosed with depression and staying in bed all day for two days

do i have pretty eyes or nah

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You're banned bud.

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im 18 tho

i am just trying to lose another thirty pounds for facial aesthetics

>pretty blue eyes
>never make eye contact so nobody notices

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They're decent.

Weak hoods but at least they're hooded. A bit dark but not dark enough to be appealing in that way. Too level, down turned eyes are more attractive and masculine.

If you say so.

A girl squeezed my ass last week BTW.

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I'm gonna try to make eye contact with a girl I like today.

I looked into her eyes 2 times already.
She isn't beautiful or anything.

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>"You have such pretty eyes, user! The girls are going to go crazy for you."
>"You're so handsome, user."

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>Pretty eyes.
Almost made it.

I will save your photo and add it to my cute boy folder, ty

never look at me again faggot

i am aesexual

Too bad you vain little shit.

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That's actually the only genuine compliment I've ever received in my life. My eyes are light brown green. Idk if you can call them hazel, but yeah.

oney plays!
~with friends~

oney sucks and i dont even look like him

zach runs that shit

you look like if niall gave birth to oney's child

>tfw no blue/grey eyes