I'm starting hormones. I'm going to become a beautiful girl and no one can stop me!

I'm starting hormones. I'm going to become a beautiful girl and no one can stop me!

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You're doing a favour to the world by removing yourself from the gene pool and sterilizing yourself forever. Godspeed

gods peed? get a mop

>I'm going to become a beautiful girl and no one can stop me!
Reality can.

Post a pic of your body and ill tell you if you got a chance of making it

grats user!
i wish you luck, i made a thread on Jow Forums too when i began taking my hrt :3

>beatiful (((girl)))
At least stream your suicide

Good luck with your suicide in a couple of years faggot

okay I root for you. just stay true to yourself and don't let lies and abuse get to you. remember that if you dont look like a girl its still better than being "this" you are still closer to being yourself. never regret this and never forget how awful your life was before

Congrats user, I hope it goes well for you!

you will never be a real woman and especially not a beautiful one
please stream your suicide

I start tomorrow, but I'm just going to boymode forever probably

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anons dont do it the biological effects on your body are absurdly dangerous. not to mention the money that you have to spend on the treatment. if you think your depression is bad now wait until your body is being flooded with unnatural horomones that it tries to kick up its test production only for you to block that. youll go mad and youll be all over the place and be more miserable than ever before. theres a reason why 50% of transpeople kill themselves bc the toll on the body is astronomical. pls do yourself the favor and stop falling for the shills from tranny discord, theyre a bunch of sadists that only want to watch people suffer.

So you decided to become my wife.

ive done my research and its not dangerous
none of what you said is real

they're robots user, their lives are locked in on "shit mode" no matter what they do
just sit back and enjoy the show until they suicide like everyone else on this shithole

you must be one of those sadists i mentioned, the reason i care is bc no one else does, i know what its like to have no one care for you and how horrible that feels, thats why i want robots to know there are still people that care about them just as one robot did for me.

Youre funny guy, you still gonna be a boy, just a boy in girl clothes
Highly doubt it lmao

can i be your Valentine's user?

Do it faggot
I used to think I was trans but I became a neurotic and disheveled old man with high testosterone from constantly being angry, you have nothing to lose, protect your pure inner anime girl.

>pure inner anime girl
This is it, it's all the garbage anime that brainwashed you faggots, coupled with extreme loneliness

Get a grip

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his that used to be boys are cute.

I said that because most trans threads, including OP's, always have anime reaction images used as avatars, do you have any male anime role models? trans people in the 60's used to idolize Judy Garland and I don't see how that is any different, I think it's just for inspiration.

They dont give a shit anymore user. I really hope i dont become so hopeless as to undergo such "treatment"

>I'm going to take drugs, wear women's clothes and tell everyone to call me susan
>this will fix my crippling depression and give my life purpose

Tranny logic, folks.

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>I'm going to become a beautiful girl and no one can stop me!

sure you will buddy

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>most trans threads, including OP's, always have anime reaction images used as avatars
Yes because it's just desperate lonely kids that watched so much moe they ended up self inserting as the loli... their brain mush after years of loneliness and exposure to filth

>do you have any male anime role models?
another good point, post 90s anime has no male role models.. even the "strong" male characters are effeminate caricatures always bullied around by females, it's a disgrace
(inb4 the 1-2 animes with somewhat no gay shit like Berserk as strawman)

>I think it's just for inspiration
how can you know which is which i.e. if they're legit "trans" (curious how everyone is trans nowdays mmmm) or got memed

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Either you are discord scum trying to bait stupid kids into fucking up their lives, of you actually got baited by one of those disgusting faggots.
I'm not sure which is worse.
If option one: kys
If option two: go home and rethink your life
If actually tranny: I could tell you to kys but statistically you will even if I don't.

Also. Stop contaminating this thread with shitty trap threads. Sage goes in every field.

Is it a HRT discordfag? Or is it one of their victims?
We'll never know!

Have fun with that, user.

Fucking idiot.

I hope you're young or it's pointless.

Biology will, retard. Why nobody will understand that trannies are abominations because they try to defy how nature works. We aren't meant to be this way, so either stop it or you will eventually kill yourself because you realise what a big mistake you've done.
Either this or you're one of those tranny discordnigger shills. GTFO my site.

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Is being a man too difficult for you, faggot?

don't listen to the haters in the thread who talk about outdated suicide stats and throw around all the same old meme phrases. good luck and I am happy for you

You are all just mentally ill homosexuals who are willingly chemically castrating yourselves. You can't just "switch" genders by altering your hormone profile, retards. I honestly can't tell if it's hilarious or tragic, perhaps both.

either you didn't read the article or you didn't think about it very hard
those suicide attempt rates are for adolescents who are pre-hrt
hrt and a supportive environment have been proven to dramatically lower suicide rates

now stop posting false information and take your pills, Alice

I wish you all the best on your journey!

hrt is fairly safe
my bica mono scheme doesn't even make me infertile

Reminder that you cannot be a robot and also be a tranny at the same time. Those two are mutually exclusive. If you tell normalfags that you're a tranny, you will get unconditional support no matter what, this is because it is currently socially unacceptable to exclude anyone who is weird in a queer way.

Reminder that you lose your libido and ability to orgasm properly when on those hormones, so you'll stuck being an unstable asexual mess with perhaps mutilated genitals