If robots can't get a girl because they are short and ugly, why don't they just wear a facial prosthetic?

If robots can't get a girl because they are short and ugly, why don't they just wear a facial prosthetic?

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It will make you cute, handsome, and desirable to women!

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If you can't be a standard Chad, why not become something better?

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Become cute and aesthetic!

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Nothing user! Being short is super cute. Some other anons think that it holds them back though.

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Gee, I dunno. Also enjoy your ban

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Maybe if you were more cute and sought people that seek cuteness this wouldn't happen. Also if you wore a facial prosthetic.

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>man below 5,9 is subhuman
just look at al those insecure faggots .... i like short girls, and i dont fucking know what am i getting banned for

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I'd wear a mask if I had one but I'm sure it gets uncomfortable. Also why do you say prosthetic, doesn't that imply that your face is gone?

Your face doesn't have to be gone for a prosthetic aesthetic, but typically that is the implication.

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I dont think a girl would like someone more because they wear facial prosthetic, and also it wouldn't increase their height. I can see it helping free from your humanity.

Nonsense user, girls love short guys with facial prosthetics. Just try it out and you'll be surprised.

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but I'm not short

The reason robots can't get a girl is because they never try.

Oh! You might not find the advice in this thread very applicable then. A facial prosthetic still may do you good!

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i may be retarded, but thank fuck i'm not a schizo like OP.

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I'm no schizo, I want robots to look their best and be cute.

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Anons, wouldn't you like to be cute?

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just walk on high heels

Maybe if I wanted to gain insight from the experience, or slip further into the abyss of my own ego by creating one more barrier between me and other humans.

Being cute is a really easy thing to do!

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I don't think painting your hair blue, buying new clothes, shaving your entire body and getting friends qualifies as easy.

The blue hair and outfits are indeed cute, but not necessary. All that's needed is a facial prosthetic.

I cee thank you

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