I like cute girls

I like cute girls.

Feminists say I shouldn't like cute girls. They say I should like "every body type," and I should like "independent" girls and "smart" girls but I don't. They think I should like girls with piercings and tattoos and dress like it's laundry day, but I don't. I like cute girls.

Maybe this opinion makes a lot of people angry. But I don't care. No matter how much you shame me I'll always like cute girls. Their cute smiles. Their cute hair. Their cute personality. They're the best.

I like cute girls.

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it's ok to just outright say you have yellowfever

And neither of those women like you.

My girlfriend is very cute.

Sometimes I'll see a cute girl in public, and I think to myself that my girlfriend is even cuter than her, and that makes me really happy.

Here's another cute girl from my cute girl folder.

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I dont think any feminists are actually yelling at you or some shit for liking cute girls. Be honest has this ever actually happened or have you built some SJW strawman boogeyman to hate based on bait youve seen on Jow Forums

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If you like cute girls you should let other people know.

Go on your twitter and say "I like cute girls."

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too bad for them. men like cute girls, we can't help it

So no one on twitter will attack me if I say I like cute girls?

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Its a platform for every crazy cat lady and extremist on earth to have their voices heard and the absolute worse model for reality. Anyone will say anything on twitter. Has this happened in real life or do you only ever experience this stuff through twitter warriors?

but cute girls don't like you

One time a girl was trying to flirt with me and I told her I only like cute girls. She got very angry.

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OP had a point but then he went off point and the post turned into female worship. It's weird how a straight post can be so gay

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Feminists don't care if you like cute girls, they don't like women acting cute because it infantilises them and they want to be treated like adults not little kids.

Also "being cute" is just another roastie manipulation tactic, they are all cunts underneath.

the roastie probably went ballistic

My gf is a feminist who loves acting cute

I know how you feel user, I have the same issue with an fat feminist that wanted my body, so fat and flacid... If my wee don't get hard for it I can't fuck it.

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I hate all women but especially attractive women because they are narcissistic whores 100% if the time. I hate men who decide they want to transition and become the whore even more, though.

Actually they care grid girls are banned because feminists wanted to

Your girlfriend is a contradiction. Does she take anti-psychotic meds?

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what's a grid girl?

Shes not a 3rd wave type whose far left

I want to die while ejaculating inside of her