How do you anons deal with having braces? Especially those of you who have it around 18-30 years old? My parents want to put braces on me but I fear that I will become even more of a social outcast than I already am. I nearly never go out, but on the rare occasions I do, with my parents 99% of the time to eat, I can only think that women will look at me with disgust. I am already a sperg. Don't make this any harder on me.

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>never leaves the house
>is a sperg
the bracers won't do anything to make the situation worse. get your teeth unJUSTed

that one patreon thot has them

Im not sure why, but where im from braces were considered kind of cute, altho tbf im talking middleschool era here, not sure about 18+

Having braces is 100% worth it, because you will have a beautiful smile when you finally take them off

sure, but i'm willing to bet it was only considered cute if you were already attractive to those women to start with.

but for how long? I'm been wanting to get a gf and I don't think having braces at this time is going to help my cause.

Braces aren't really a con anymore, in fact it makes some people look cuter.

And if you're the sperg you're claiming, the braces would do you more good than harm. The earlier the better, friend.

mfw my parents fucking convinced (forced) me to get braces to make my smile "beautiful" but it permanently affected my pronounciation, now I talk like a babbling retard because my teeth got misadjusted and I'm unable to pronounce specific phonemes properly, also I got bullied because of them and my teeth are still crooked as fuck

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Never had braces yet I still have perfect teeth

get them now. You will regret it if you don't.

Had braces for four years not a single day ive regretted it. The satisfaction of having good looking theeth after beats nothing ive felt so far.

Just take it, a short time sacrifice for a lifetime

Lol I bet u didn't use your retainers and your teeth moved back into their original position. u dum dum

Get invisalign poor pleb

Had braces for all of college, got them off right before graduation. They're annoying but really it just depends on how fucked your teeth were in the first place. If they were already pretty straight, if you don't wear your retainers after you take the braces off they'll just go back to looking the same way. if your teeth were all fucked up and crooked and you don't wear your retainer after completing braces, ofc your teeth will go back to be looking fucked up. They want to go back to their original position. Anyway eating is a chore with traditional braces. If you can do invisalign trays instead do that, it's easier to keep clean and there's no gay ass wires and bracket bullshit, and it's clear.

>tfw my parents tried to convince me that braces would make me better looking
>tfw i didn't listen
>tfw overbite and a virgin chinlet
Fuck you mom and dad why did you ask my opinion.

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>falling for the cosmetic dental jew propaganda

Get invisible aligners I think that may help

>and your teeth moved back into their original position
i fucking wish that happened

Braces not only make your teeth straight, but also make your face more symmetrical. It's not a meme

no reason not to get them if your teeth are fucked up

If someone wants to pay to fix your shitty teeth then take them up on it.

Get them retard. I had braces and orthognathic surgery. It lasted from 16-19, had them on for, prom, and my entire first year of uni. I had my surgery just a few weeks before uni started and was still swollen. Am now done and a year past the surgery, legit worth every second of pain and misery.

i have been having a pretty decent time with mine, people say i look cute with them.
but im a girl so maybe its different for men...

make sure you wear the retainer afterwards. I didn't and now I have 1 tooth that's gone behind all the others like he's a shy faggot