Does anyone else fantasize about being abducted?

Does anyone else fantasize about being abducted?

I just want someone who will love me and never let me go, even if I hate them and do nothing but try and get away.

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>fantasize about being abducted
I worked in a criminal investigations research group and I don't know why people fantasize about shit like this. The vast majority of the cases I worked on were human trafficking, and I really don't think you want what happens to people who get kidnapped on a regular basis.

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and what happens to them? a lot of hot sex?

Got laid but also got tortured and mutilated to death. Totally worth it

what's the point to mutilate and torture some random kidnapped people?

Obviously I don't mean a normal abduction where I'd get pimped out to random strangers.

I'd want to be kept prisoner by one guy who would basically treat me like a pet/gf and try to instill stockholm syndrome in me.

Usually forced labor if they're older, or not at least a 5/10. They put them to work on American industrial farms. I remember one case where there was essentially an entire town of Mexicans living out of three big, metal storage crates near the fields that they worked on.
There's far worse stories. Usually prostitution. Most of it starts from a young age, you get older prostitutes introducing younger girls (preteens and around that age group) to the practice, and then they meet a pimp named Scooby Doo and shit gets wild because he gives them heroin.
Since you're speaking/writing in English, you wouldn't be put to work, that's for people who can't ask for help because of the language barrier. No, you'd probably end up in prostitution, which often has some pretty violent ends.

Part of being abducted is that you have no saying in your threatment, its not some fucking menu...

Oh, okay, so you want that 1/1,000,000 person who will is obsessive over you. You know those people are usually ugly no-chin freakshows, right?

I know that, I'm just talking about what happens in my fantasies.

I don't really care that much about how they look, I guess as long as they aren't completely deformed.

I didn't say this shit was realistic I just said I fantasize about it.

You be you user, if your fantasy is to have a fat balding man creampie in your ass every second day then it is what it is

>Tried this with my ex
>Turns out she was just really really selfish and the fantasy was more about having someone do everything for you and not about somebody wanting you to such a degree
>Wasted years on her

nah it's fine I'm just being an asshole because I'm drunk and upset with my life.

I remember one file I read through where the kidnapper/pimp was this 6'10" gigachad. Dude had what was essentially this weird set up where he kept, like, five or six "wives" in captivity in this "pleasure garden" thing he set up. Weird fucking dude, one of them got out and reported it.

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I wouldn't really want it with someone I was already in love with, I'd want to be mentally broken by a stranger.

kek, men, that's so obvious with subs

i am not the op tho :3
also since i am a white foreigner (my consulate might care.. maybe) with some command of english and since im not a woman (im a boymoding tranny tho so some people mistake me for one but only briefly) i think it's unlikely mexicans would kidnap me for those reasons if ever visit it or the usa

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Sounds good, titty skitty diet it is

>my consulate might care
That might kick the investigation into overdrive, if it becomes an international issue, you'll get people involved who otherwise wouldn't, then the FBI might go after you, in which case you'll have a better chance of being found.

>no one will ever forcefeed you hrt and call you a goodgirl
Why live?

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It should be obvious that most fantasies are the fairy tale versions of real events. When someone says something like that it usually turns out that they want the dream scenario where the captor is hotter than hell, gives them attention and orgasms on a regular basis while asking little in return.

For example I would love to be used and abused by someone
>who is an attractive girl
>specifically tailored to my tastes
>in a nice and clean environment
>with free time

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I have a similar phantasm. I dream to travel in a remote location and be abducted by amazonians qt who would use me as their tribe's spermbank.

Well, I could kidnap you user, are you a girl?
And if yes, are you European?

I can arrange that. Where are you from?

I'm a boy but my fantasies usually involve forced fem.

Tfw have to forcefeed it to myself and pretend

What's the point to waste your money on feeding them once you get tired of fucking them?

Fuck. I was hoping for Europe

>I'm a boy
Damnit, why am I not gay?
Well, because of all this trap nonsense, I also have the taboo phantasm of being abducted by a trap and being used as his living dildo against my will (very important for it to be against my will, else I would be homo).

Why do you keep saying this, its strange

I'd probably get on a plane because I am literally retarded.

I'd have to buy you a ticket though, unless you have the money.

A plane ticket is a pretty small price to pay to literally own a human.

Oops, doesn't have the same meaning in my language.
I should say fetish, right?

Fetish or fantasy kinda ye

True. Would you willingly get on the plane and then get 'napped once you arrive?

You'd have a place to sleep, access to a toilet, food and hormones.

You would be handcuffed to the bed for most of the time though

I see, thanks you, I've learned a lot.
Good luck user, I hope someone right will kidnap the you and love you forever.

I probably would, I'm extremely impulsive and don't really think ahead.

>get bored of your fantasy after the second day of being chained up
>stuck with no way out
>get raped every day a robot

Imagining this is so sad and adorable at the same time.

this is probably what would happen

That's the hot part. Being stuck and completely helpless, then eventually coming around and accepting my new place in life.

Would you want to be fed and injected with hormones though?

I fantasize about it, but I feel like if that was actually happening I might change my mind. I wouldn't be able to do anything about it at that point though.

Welcome to my everyday user

How do you find anyone degenerate enough to do this but kind enough to not torture you?

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Depends on your definition of torture.

I would do it. The problem is I'm not in the US. I'm in eastern europe

I'd pass on any kind of torture, mild physical abuse would be okay if it was for discipline.
Why is everyone always in europe?

>Why is everyone always in europe?
Because it's real european hourss

train em.

And where are you?
so I know where to kidnap you from