5'1" femanon here

5'1" femanon here

Being short isn't so bad. Yeah I can't reach everything or see over stuff, but no one has been mean to me over my height. Some people even say it makes me cute. Why are guys so sensitive about their height?

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because men are judged over being not tall whereas women are not judged badly for being born short.

>5'1" girl
>awwww she's so cute. I just want to hold and protect her
>5'1" guy

because iw ant a tall GF AAAAAAAaaaa

I don't think you're a girl. I'm an actual short girl and it's terrifying. A 5th grade could easily overpower me. It sucks always having to watch out for myself. I have to be mindful of every guy that approaches me because they're so much bigger than me. Some of them know it and try to use their size to pressure and intimidate me.

*pees on you*
Make way for the amazonian fembot you disgusting midgets.

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I'm a 5'11 female and it fucking sucks

So my fear is true I did intimidate the girl.Fuck.

would you date a 5'7 guy?

I have a cousin who is 4'9". she's actually legally a dwarf I think

where are you from, user? not her but 5 foot 7 is still much taller than me

Im in europe, how tall are you? and location?

>Why are guys so sensitive about their height?
Because we don't get the
>but no one has been mean to me over my height

This is meant to be bait right?

I want to protect you and make you feel safe.

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Yes, but for the love of god, not you

Get in line


no need to be meany though

First, obvious gake and fay bait post.
Second, because short girls are considered
>cute, adorable, desirable
Short guys
>weak, pathetic, unattractive

I'll admit, I'm guilty of posting about my big dick for an ego trip, maybe a single post in a thread, but I won't make threads about it all the time

Height fags for some reason constantly need to reassure us of their masculinity for some reason

They say common sense isn't so common anymore so maybe that thought scares them?

It's like for the ego trip to get its full affect they have to proverbially stand up in a room full of people sitting down to get a quick extra rush from their ego trip

I get it, it's fun, i know my dicks bigger than most mens, But the thing is I think you guys are my friends, and I want you to be as happy as you can be, I don't want to bring you down with threads all the time and make you feel like shit because I care about you

I don't know why it doesn't hurt tall fags when they see those short anons posting their hearts out

There was guy who had a small dick and made a thread about it, I felt so bad for him, I can't forget the faces of the anime girls he posted...those pictures just made me see what he was feeling and it made me feel so terrible and curse at god

Tallfags are just heartless I guess

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>>weak, pathetic, unattractive

I don't think that at all. I've dated "short" guys myself

Short girls are for protecting.

be my tall gf pls aaaaaa

how tall are you?
L O N D O N?

There's no way it's not bait.

No but other men think you're weak and a beta unless you're a gymrat manlet type abomination as well.

Hot, this makes me want to fap.

Being short is feminine and therefore good for a female while bad for a male.

Lol short girls get the rope
It be all about those Amazon goddesses

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Well to answer your question, not really it's just when it becomes something women reject us for we might take offense. For example if a guy said I don't like that girl she's too fat, that would be deemed unacceptable despite the fact being fat is somewhat if a choice whereas guys can't make themselves taller.

Personally I love short girls, my ex was 5'0 (roughly) and my girlfriend is 4'10 and only weighs 6 stone. I'm 5'9 10 stone so even though I'm average height I'm huge compared to her. (Pic related)

Do you ever find it awkward when having sex with a taller guy?

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Well I'm a 5foot male so you don't have to be intimidated by me, M'am.

4'8" from guatemala

I'm I purposely use my size to intimidate my girlfriend, in a playful way of course. One thing I do is bend my knees to be at her height then lean into her face when I am at her level. Another thing I do is get on top of her and hold her arms down. I normally tickle her when doing this. Even though I scare her she actually likes it.

roastie found. btfo roastiefag go back to fucking snapchat you insufferable whore

As a manlet myself i hate it only because no one takes me seriously

oh then yeah im taller than you, i also speak spanish, want me to drop discord?

>Why are guys so sensitive about their height?
Because short guys are like the lowest form of life in the eyes of women.

90% is internet memes, r9k loves imagining problems and making excuses as to why they're so lonely

Milkers or exxit the hecc (out)

You haven't been bullied for being short because you have a vagina.

Lmao, I'm 5' and nearly everyone I have come into contact with had mentioned something about how short and weak I am.
People have bullied me because I'm short.

Idc though because short girls are seen as cute and every dude is taller than me.
Men on the other hand are supposed to be tall protectors by society's standards. The shorter the weaker

This! OP is a larp, but being small has it's drawbacks, the main one being that you have to be very careful at all times because it's easy to be overpowered. Not just that, I get elbowed in the face more often than I'd care to admit. I've also been teased; girls aren't immune to being heckled for being short.