Why would it be unreasonable that women prefer (not require) a big penis?

Why would it be unreasonable that women prefer (not require) a big penis?

We're all animals after all.

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what does a big dick have to do with better genes

I require my woman to have a bigger dick than me user

Makes you more attractive. Allows you to sexually stimulate your partner better.

>Makes you more attractive
>Allows you to sexually stimulate your partner better
sexual stimulation is no proof of good genes
I could see how dick size would affect the probability of acquiring vagina though

Big is relative term. An elephant dick would be useless on a human.

No ammount of "technique" will compensate for the pressure a thick dick exerts on the vagina, a girthy cock actually stimulates the internal portion of the clitoris.

A penis sleeve or toys arent as stimulating as a real thick dick, for physical and psychologic reasons.

t. Non virgin with average dick and some kinks

some women like average penis sizes.

How would you know when you aren't a woman you faggot?

Not better genes, just better at giving them really.

>No ammount of "technique" will compensate for the pressure a thick dick exerts on the vagina
just use your fist instead?

How does he even know when he isn't a woman unless he's talking about dicks up his ass?

Most guys with big dicks arent gigantic. 1 or 2cm of girth above average is A LOT more pleasurable. It's like an exponential scale.

Most women can handle a NORMAL big penis just fine and prefer that.

>We're all animals after all.
Because you're not like any other animal on the planet, we are far beyond animals in our self awareness, capabilities and the ability to not simply operate on instinct.

It's a-ok if hoes want a big dick, just as soon as they all collectively drop the charade that vaginas are fucking magical, cannot be stretched in any permanent way, and are all totally equally tight and wonderful and if you say otherwise you're a misogynistic incel virgin sex offender. The desperate claims they perpetuate as double standard is what annoys me, idgaf about your preference.

I had girlfriends, casual dates and just female friends open about their sexuality.

I've had girls try toys, talked about their past sex encounters and at some point had an open relationship with a bi girlfriend.

Ive been complimented, girls liked me in bed and actually were glad with how open we were, saying its rare to see a guy that knows just because a big dick is better doesnt means its essential in a relationship.

If you have other qualities, they'll deal with it just fine, and trust me, they will

>women get most of their pleasure from dicks

kys brainlet

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You mean you had the loose easy sluts who are actually willing to let you fuck them tell you.

>imagine talking to a female as if they are human
>imagine talking to them about other men's dicks
What a cuck and a faggot. Just say you are gay.

Yes, but bigger than average is better always. There is an upper bound, but that affects only a handful of people and isn't really pertinent.

As an example, I fall into the 'big, but not too big' camp, with 6.75" length and 5.75" girth. I still think I'd be happier with an extra inch or so of length, even though I'm a 99.8th percentile dick by volume already.

There's nothing wrong with having preferences, it's how you express them. I prefer big boobs, but I wouldn't not date a girl just because she's a pathetic chestlet.
Size queens will never not be gross though.
t. Just over 8 inches

You are an insecure cuck with a small dick complex. You're not fooling anyone. G

A few of them fit that criteria, but not most.

And YES some are an exception, some are tight and cant take more than average and actually prefer something on the smaller end of the average spectrum.

Shit its not like ill write a book on every single sex experiencr and sex talk i had

Must suck to be average.

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>just over 8 inches


I'd love to have a gf that was really into my big dick, I think I have a fetish for being seen as a sex object. Not sure how to make it happen though, I wouldn't add some normie degen off tinder only looking for hookups.

White women have loose inferior vaginas. Sex with black women is better. White women need a 9 inch dick cause their cunts are extremely loose and smelly. Black women can handle a 9 inch dick but still can be tight on a 7 inch dick. White women have weaker inferior vagina muscles that are destroyed after fucking one man with a big dick.

Youre baiting, but indeed kegels should be encouraged for all women.


Black women have tighter vaginas and more pelvic floor mobility

No I'm not. It's a scientific fact. White women have loose vaginas just like they have saggy, loose skin and flabby bodies.

Statistically that's the right response, but in this particular case I'm not lying.
I don't know if it helps or hinders my credibility, but I'm still a lonely virgin despite it.

why does everyone end up coming up with this shit analogy? breast size is not equivalent to dick size

Because practically in real life the longer a dick above 6" the more the pain for the woman and less the pleasure
Even though this is the opposite to that shown in porn

Minimum length required to stimulate a woman is around the upper 3 inches
Minimum length required to achieve penetration is again in the upper 3 inches
Biologically speaking a longer penis has no advantage if your fertilizing a female human being

Bottom-line: Porn and real world are very very different

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Fucking a guy with big dick is painful, (not the good type of pain).It's not a nice feeling and couldn't make me cum no matter how much he tried. I prefer clitoral stimulation and foreplay. The pleasure is more psychological rather than physical, at least for me.

Same, but that shit's gotta stay in the bedroom. I don't want a gf that's dating me EXCLUSIVELY for access to my dick, but if she likes me for me and she objectifies me, that's the dream.
Thank god I can get to know girls before they see my dick.

>The pleasure is more psychological rather than physical, at least for me.
I've never understood this. What do you even mean?

Are you saying you think it's fine to require your partner to have a big dick?

I'm not sure how to explain. I guess it's like, when you see your crush and your heart just starts racing? When you love someone, the closeness and intimacy just gives you a rush.

>When you love someone, the closeness and intimacy just gives you a rush.
I wouldn't know.

not really, however that's just how things are breast size doesn't effect the stimulation of my dick but dick size effects the stimulation of the vagina.

> better genes

Better for what? Fitness is relative to the environment, not an absolute.
The best genes to have today are related to high social skills. Genes related to the ability of offering pleasure to your partner rank pretty high too.

>the longer a dick above 6" the more the pain for the woman and less the pleasure
S-shut up!

Im not.

Im a pervert though.

>Fucking a guy with big dick is painful,
Why are women so quick to shit on big dudes, but coddle small dudes?

Because their insecure tiny-dicked boyfriends and orbiters need reassurance.

t. Narcissistic cuck with an average dick