Come and drink with me and be old

Come and drink with me and be old.

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I'm having some brandy right now. Yourself?

not OP, but i'm partial to a nip of Courvoisier every once in a while

still a little early in the day for me though lads, and at most i'll have a beer or two in a week -- recently ran across a nice breakfast stout from yeastie boys and it's pretty decent if a little sweet

Don't give me an excuse make a dent in my 2L of duty free scotch

As an expat, I miss NZ beer.

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i'm in the north of ireland and they sell yeastie boys brews in our supermarkets
(and yeah, they're pretty great)

you in the U.S. now or something?

BC, Canada. Access to weed is fun at least, and the trip home isn't too bad (only one flight). What brings you to Ireland?

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born here m8 - i've travelled a bit, but i call belfast home

we have quite a few craft breweries over here now due to the gentrification, and i looked into it a bit; seems Yeastie Boys teamed up with a UK company called Vocation Brewery and the stout i've been buying is called 'Breakfast Club'

tastes kinda like if you got a milk stout and dipped a waffle in it for a second

but hey, if you're in BC you could probably drive down to Seattle or Portland and grab a truck full of micro-brews from the hippies - passed through there a couple of years ago and they don't just do coffee :B

>it's max payne 3
won't drink with a pleb

>Pleb. The word "pleb" gave me an icy burn, like lady winter's harsh blow against my taint. To think that I couldn't even post on this chinese cartoon website without the user mocking me for being a beat-down, negligent neanderthal. There was no escape from this suffering, online and in my apparent waking life.

It's still early I still have to go get my alcohol in a couple hours, see you later OP

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hey, OP - while i'm glad your'e still engaging with your thread like a half-decent human being and not some kid who feels entitled to entertainment; you still haven't told us what you're drinking

I'm not OP, I just like Max Payne
Drinking white rum myself

I've already drank twice in the last three days. Is it ok to drink again?

i admire your empathy, feeling so connected to the thread by a pic of max that you took it personnel

course that means my compliment to OP was wasted

... which is probably what he is, and why he's gone awol

I'm drinking two $7 bottles of wine because spirits have too many taxes.

sippin on some E&J right now
speaking of plebians, I'm watching a video on the Roman patronage system

what kinda percentage/proof they got?

Don't make me crawl over to have a look.

Just guessing 13.5%

kinda pictured you sprawled out in front of the boxen with the bottles right beside you; you might wanna think about your ergonomics next time you're on the lash
idk why but i love this melody.

Try Laphroaig guaranteed to be an..experience heh, you will either hate it or be addicted to the little shit like me!

Hello am back and started sipping on my cheap Merlot

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