Why dont you just get a crazy latina gf, gringo?

Why dont you just get a crazy latina gf, gringo?

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I heard they're extremely fucked in the head, but the make-up sex is great.

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And most of them are catholic as well. Albeit in name only.

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I would love a latina gf...

source is nx0tel0 and because she's probably unreachable even for normies

This is my dream. I wish I could.

Had one. It's not worth it. Especially since since she didn't tell me she had herpes. We didn't fuck though.

If you didnt fuck then you can't say it's not worth it. Was she hot at least?

She was hot yeah, but I mean it was like a week and she almost stabbed my twice, and never told me she knowingly had the herps.

Don't they will cut your dick off for no reason.
t. Latino guy.

Did she at least have big tits?

Because I am a spic and know how bad the average ones can be. The more docile ones are just retarded.
This. 2tempermental4me.

first of all buddy, Latina booty belongs to the white spic, second of all that bitch looks too much like my sister, and 3rd women are cray, just get any 'ol regular gf

as if one would want me and my puny 6 inch dick

first of all buddy, 6 inches aint puny
second of all, the average is a bit below that
and 3rd, it's all about them angles.

Why are latinas so kawaii?

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I just fuck women like this, maybe take them out every now and again. but wouldn't wife them

Why not? Tits too big so your offspring might get smothered?

Never saw a Latina that I would consider attractive in real life. I am a spic and live in an area with a heavy spic population

I had one. Then she got pregnant and became my latina wife and we have a baby. It's pretty alright. She's a great mom and a very loving person but sometimes I wish we had more in common. She likes instagram and facebook and makeup tutorials and shit on YouTube.

Can anyone who isnt a virgin estimate what cup size those are?

Anglo Catholics are better than spic Catholics

they usually dont have giant tits tho

Anglo's are never catholic

Because Latinas don't date Latinos

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I want one so badly. But my state is overwhelmingly white. Although my uni is slightly more diverse

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poo dont come out right

current latina girl friend is like this. started dating seriously because the sex and head was awesome but we have been dating now for almost 3 years and i have realized we barely anything in common and get into fights over the smallest shit but the makeup sex is fire. very conflicted.

Because I want a black gf

Also, I'm not white, so that's also probably a minus to me.

Secular spics are better than both

nah, theyre always whores

she is pretty unstable, and she got kind of fat

Prefer Anglo Catholics.

They barely exist anymore, it's all WASPS nowadays

She doesnt look fat in the new pics desu

Because I have a crazy latina mom, so that sounds like a terrible idea.

probably because these are Latinas without the photoshop and instagram filters. i have many more. you can fuck right off with these threads psyop shill no one is buying it

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here's another. I live in a heavy Hispanic population. Yeah keep pushing this meme and opem immigration. These women are built like burlap sacks filled with potatoes. What could happen?

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their tits are always hideously deformed too.

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looks like a literal ape
no tits
bad hair
part nigger


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so sexy love a nice tradtional mexican girl

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I have one. It is not really worth it because of the emotional stuff and latinas are retarded in general. 9/10 body though.

that ass thoduh

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absolute trashiest race and culture

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until she gets fat at age 25 and morphs into an angry stinky blob

Her boobs are way too big for not having a kid yet, big turn off. She looks burly and masculine. 5/10

>Her boobs are way too big [...], big turn off. She looks burly and masculine
Closet gay cope.

When she ages or has a kid they will look like . I'd rather be a fag then stick my dick in that wildebeast

You put a kid in em and then you discard em

All my aunts look like that ngl..

>big boobs look masculine

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All the hot ones are with whitebois

>t. doesn't leave his basement and is on Jow Forums entirely too much

Post pics? How are they more emotional than other chicks?

Dont u have a Latina wife and kid

latinas cause a bunch of bullshit. all they want is drama and dicks, and they feel entitled to everything. They're the last type of person i'd go for

they're even more entitled than white women and that says a lot. even the "nerdy" ones are totally full of themselves.

Why don't you just SHUT UP THE FUCK UP

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