Who are you spending your valentines day with anons?

Who are you spending your valentines day with anons?

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With my lovely girlfriend that exists in real life, of course
Pic unrelated

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>ex model thats 31 was desperate to be my valentine
>she had spent Christmas alone because of a recent ltr break out
>said yes of course
>fucked her
>ghosted her
Its a meme day where you have to blow hundreds and whatever you do is talked and criticized by her friends because their guy did x and y.

Unless you have a ltr with the love of your life, rushing to find anyone to spend the day and night with is stupid and you need to figure out your mentality.

im going to spent the valentines with my waifu

with my e-husband, we have been married for 6 years now ^^

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No one obviously, just the random people I bump into during the day

im in the top 1% get rekt retard

this... this is a thing, give greentext senpai

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With my NEET mentally unstable gf ofcouse. Will cuddle for 16 hours while playing vidya or watching anime. Maybe bake a cake together.

shutup khv nigger

By V day my wine will be finished fermenting, so I will be spending it with it. I'll name it a girls name.

my girlfriend obviously

with my friends! its my birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Towel, porn and lotion

my friend. her name is kay, we're probably fucking.

With my newly acquired gothfu

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my original dog

alright faggot the whole goth ideolagy died 20 years ago therr is no such thing. Just attention seeking whores

Spending it alone despite it being the first year I am in a relationship.

I will spend my original valentine with my left hand

With my two friends. One guy, one girl. The guy is in a relationship. The girl is single.

wit ur frkn mom, op!!!

With my wife. But she is getting an ultrasound in the afternoon and then we have an appointment with a dog trainer that evening so it won't be very romantic. I ordered a half dozen donuts from a specialty shop that I'm going to pick up on my way home from work to surprise her with though.

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Alone, because long distance relationship. Also my bf doesn't care about Valentine's Day so I doubt he'll even treat it like a special day

I care but I don't want to make him uncomfortable. I don't want him to spend money, I just want him to spend more time with me and say nice things

My good buddy Evan Williams

My boyfriend (female)

See you thought this would be funny because you thought you were talking to a board full of virgins but in actuality this is not the case because reddit fags have been on this board since 2015 so therefore this joke flopped
3/10 OP try again

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Awwww, that's sweet. Wish you and your wife and child all the best.

And you, OP?

My boyfriend who's 20 and I'm 23. He calls me daddy sometimes even though he top me.

>last had sex 4 years ago
>last had a relationship 6 years ago
Time flies.

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Got a date with suffocation

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My friends chrono marle frog robo and a few others. got some ancient ruins we're gonna check out and see where it goes

>Who are you spending your valentines day with anons?
with your mum OP


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my family and mom is the queen uwu

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Thanks but it's actually the opposite. She got a new IUD put in last week and she's been having extreme discomfort after the doctor had trouble putting it in. So they have to make sure it's in correctly otherwise she has to get it removed. We haven't been able to have sex in almost three weeks.

It really sucks because the pill gives her really bad migraines so she can't go back on that and she's allergic to latex/ we both hate condoms. So we might be having a kid in the future if this doesn't work out because I have a huge nut to bust.

Greentext of this please?

my girlfriend, of course

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a bottle of vodka, because my gf is working tomorrow

i just want to spend it getting drunk with a femanon

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>Who are you spending your valentines day with anons?
with a good friend of mine, she wants to do some catching up, lost of shit has happened since we last spoke, gonna have a good time.

With husband at a German restaurant, in exchange for him paying I'm going to do the driving because he wants to try out their comically large steins of beer.

with me and myself i didn't even know it was valentine's day today

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Probably working a 12 hour shift at the airfield with 15 other based dudes removing snow or just chilling on snow watch. I'm sure there'll be some sick bantz as always. And then I'll go home to my wife of 6 years and our 2 year old son, and I'll kind of wish that I was still at work :(

>and I'll kind of wish that I was still at work :(

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