All these hormone filled younglings enjoying the shit of their lives and doing all sorts of crazy shit just because...

>all these hormone filled younglings enjoying the shit of their lives and doing all sorts of crazy shit just because they can
>I'm just jerking off in my room all day


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They're not doing anything grand.
Wow, big fucking deal.

and yet I haven't done any of those simple things either and school was hell because of that

traditional german culture

that's just pathetic. a disgusting thot and her bf " le he tall he attracrive" who looks high as fuck.

People in video related are fucking degenerates

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cope harder incel. I'd rathet be a normie roast than live in a world full of you hellions

No wonder during the reign of the Roman Empire you guys were considered barbarians

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>judge thottery as thottery
>oh wow we incels now

>lift weights
>dress like a normie
>get a normie haircut
>go on tinder
>if they don't reply to your first message unmatch them
I'm literally autistic and can still get hookups on tinder

>getting fingerbanged by your drugged out bf in public

well if it means anything i'm keeping the tradition alive by considering modern Germans barbarians.

The roman empire didnt do much better during its decline.
There were reports of even women engaging in sex with animals and spraying their vaginas with hormones so that the male animal (anything from a monkeys to bulls and even lions) would rape her.

The only thing that frustrates me about that kind of stuff is the fact that this reported shit will be following her for the rest of her life. The biggest fear i have is entering a relationship with a girl and later discovering she did this sort of degenerate shit with a crap load of other dudes. A person who gives herself to intimacy and does that kind of shit so easily with strangers and not minding being filmed is not worthy of relationship.

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mhm op have a makeover then go on tinder all day every day for a month until you finally get some soulless nerd sex - showed those chads!

Yup. Those people should be absolutely mortified by the fact that this video exists.

And let us not forget that if we're watching this WebM on Jow Forums there's no doubt that every single one of their friends (and probably most of their peers) have seen this video.

or instead you could just keep complaining about a fixable problem

>implying these ppl give a fuck about bavarian culture
They all just wanna show off how "traditional" they are and get shitfaced. Not a single one of them wears Lederhosn or a Dirndl outside of the Oktoberfest. I despise them.

Fucking this.
It has less to do with tradition than anything else.
They are just there to fuck, boost their egos fuled by slave morality and be done with it. They hold no "spirituality" close to their past.

>just a bunch of drunk sexed up normos doing what normos do
i didn't desire this at 20 and i most certainly don't at 30

Well Romans even trained packs of animals to rape both males and females in gladitorial games.

Wasnt sure if it was for males aswell so i didnt coment on that regard.
There are several discussions into finding out where the decline did start . There are several factors and one of them was actually the low brith rates given people were more busy partaking in orgies that came with the corruption of the high class.

>Wanting to be a degenerate
never gonna make it