Can normies tell you are a virgin/incel?

Can normies tell you are a virgin/incel?

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The image that started it all

Normies literally do not believe me. Especially girls I have fooled with. I just doNt put my penis in them because I have a strict no baby mamas policy.

virgin no you can hide it relatively well
incel absolutely

They don't believe you when you say you are a virgin? Why?

No idea. The subject never comes up. At my age nobody is a virgin, so I'd assume most people assume that I'm not though.

> doing pretty much all of these

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But its the same user
Every virgin is also an incel, unless its for religious reasons

Because I am 2good at kissing, fingerbanging them, touching erogenous zones, etc. I literally will just not put my penis in them but I have e and phone fucked hoes, including ones I knew irl.
Starting to think maybe I should bang post menopausal hoes, except I really want someone to grow old WITH. I literally just dont want to get someone pregnant, but I also dont want to settle down with a whore who has been around the block.

>walks too fast
>compulsively needs to pass anyone walking slighlty slower than him
>long strides
My dad does all of this but he's a huge fucking chad compared to me(i also do those).

Goddamn i can smell the newfag all the way from here.

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no retard it isn't
if you think this way you are 100% an incel

yes it is, you can keep trying to force your new definition of incel but it's not gonna stick
fuck off

Incels are about 0.01% of virgins.


origigi nalllllee

No, above the age of 13 they're not. It's a much bigger percentage.

Not really. My friends are convinced I hook up with random girls and I don't have it in me to correct them.

You clearly don't understand the virgin vs chad meme.

>You clearly don't understand the virgin vs chad meme.
That picture predates the virgin vs chad meme, go back to facebook

You wish. Incels are a tiny fringe group and will always be.

The vast majority of virgin men above age 20 or so are not virgins by choice (aka incel). Women are the same, to a slightly lesser extent. Not all adult virgins are incels, but it's much closer to 80% than .01%.

Man I remember first seeing this when I was 16 and realizing that it all applied to me.
My very first blackpill

Incels are 18-22. After that they become volcels if they are still virgins.

Incel just means involuntarily celibate. It's not a terrorist organization. About 22% of men 22-35 didn't have sex within the last year.

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Yeah they can tell when I started my job at 23 being a virgin one day someone called me it totally unprovoked for no reason and I tried to be all cool and go like "Yeah, I totally am a virgin" sarcastically so they would not know but they knew, and evryone started calling me it.

It got me sex though.

Bullshit. I'm a 33 year old virgin who wants sex. I just don't have any opportunities to get it.

First, that graph is made up. Second, those are volcels. Incel means someone who identifies as one.

Why don't you use any of those opportunities?

did he actually mean to suggest you were a virgin, or was it more of an all-purpose insult?

Incel just means someone who wants sex but is unable to get it. That's it. This snowflake "I am what I identify as" bullshit has gotten out of hand.
Women get their pick of loads of better men. I've looked into dating sites before and the vast majority of men are better than me. No woman is going to pick me on a site where everything is based on looks.
Too noisy and crowded. Women there are either already talking to Chad, or just sitting with their group of friends trying to not be disturbed by awkward men.
Great way to get accused of sexual harassment. Every event these days is coming up with rules to make it clear that men are not to approach women.
Not really interested in fucking someone who doesn't actually want to be with me. The whole time I'd just be thinking about how she's counting down the clock to when she can leave.

No he basically just said you're a virgin, aren't you, and I was like if I say no he'll automatically know I am so I tried to do the sarcastic yeah I totally am shit but he still somehow knew and then everyone in work started saying it to me in one way or another.

Do adults actually do this sort of shit at work? In my experience, people stop this sort of playground teasing after high school. I'm as virgin as it gets, and nobody has called me out for it in at least a decade.

strange place your work at

Your excuses are literally
>I don't want to try
>I don't want to try
>I don't want to try
>I don't want to try
You are a volcel plain and clear.

>Do adults actually do this sort of shit at work

They did in that place, also used to lie about me and smear me constantly behind my back. Talk shit about me then when I confronted them about it to their face laugh and say it was a joke then report me to our manager for threatening them and intimidating them and claiming I was a psycho that couldn't take a joke.

But of course if I tried to joke about them, I'd have guys screaming in my face and offering to take it outside (this guy was like 5 inches shorter than me and even skinnier than me, an already thin man).

Incels hate women. Many virgins don't hate women and correctly blame themselves for not getting sex

When trying will only result in failure, what's the point?

And you guessed it if I reported them for that, I was a grass and a snitch and oversensitive and a little bitch that couldn't take the pressure of such a job.

I remember thinking that the image was actually based on me somehow because it's so accurate to how I look and behave.

What was the job? Sounds like an incredibly toxic work environment.

Retail security and it absolutely was beyond that. In the end they tried to fire me claiming I was having sex with my gf in the locker room, despite the fact we were just standing talking on a break, and I was right under a camera.

I demanded camera evidence during the investigation/disciplinary but they claimed that camera was not working.

Not only hate, incels actively do things that repulse and drive away women.

>teased for being a virgin
>fired for having sex
sounds like a bad sitcom
hope you've found a better job now

You must be a special snowflake, the only man in history who would always fail at everything no matter what he does.

>bad sitcom

Dude you don't even know the half of the shit I experienced there. I honestly couldn't believe this place was the way it was.

Nah, I only fail at everything involving women. Every time I've tried flirting in the past I've failed miserably. The rest of my life is actually going reasonably well, but none of it matters because of my ineptitude with women.

I dont think so. I have been asking whether I am married and I am a KV

normies are retarded, at worst they'll just think you're weird and a loser. i mean just think about it, so many of the cute girls you see on a day to day basis are filthy whores, and you can't tell which are whores and which are normal.

such as? we don't actually call women foids to their face nor advocate for their rights to be removed IRL, we keep our power level hidden.
how can you call your life meaningless just because you don't attract women? that's beyond sad, you shouldn't ascribe your value to whether a hole wants you to be in her or not.

>normies are retarded
yet theyre much more successful than you, what does that make you?

wew boy that hit me right in the nuts good shot bro

Yeah I think they do but I still can't figure out how.
I dress well, I'm a bit withdrawn but generally pretty funny and sociable when I'm in a familiar environment, but my acquaintances figured out I was a virgin instantly. It's fucking weird

dunno if they can tell
pretty sure they can though
i told them i spent my entire free time in my room, go to sleep at 6pm when i get home and get up at 00:30am to play games until i have to leave.
given that information i dont think its hard for them to figure out that i am a virgin
i havent spoken to a human female in the past year in fact

It depends on what a normie would know about you. If they get to know you more closely they could assume it. Just by seeing you I don't think so. After all a normie thinks you can get laid no matter how you look/who you are.
It might also depend on how deep you have fallen. I consider myself a failed normie and I can adapt pretty easily. Thus most people think I'm a normie.