Tell me about your fetishes Jow Forums

Tell me about your fetishes Jow Forums.
How do you think you acquired it? Does anyone know?

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I like fat boys and uhh that's about it and I got it from fat boys being nice to me

>forced fem
>pet play

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I will literally not give the time of day to any girl that is less than a half foot taller than me.

probably autassassinophilia. i got it from probably playing too much ddlc like a fucking loser.

(if you don't know what it is imagine someone holding a knife to your throat while fucking you)

Anyone acted their fetishes out?

I regularly jerk off to incest porn but I have absolutely no desire to have it happen or even pretend. I need a new fetish.

there's probably only like 1% of girls that make that criteria though how do you do it?

watched a video of a dominatrix directing the viewer to jerk off to ts porn and well now thats my thing.

Femdom and analplay, pegging included. Futa roleplay. How do I acquired it? Usual - isolation, sexual deprivation, loneliness and good old self hate mixed with porn addiction.

I did acted upon it, spend some cash for an experienced pro-domme. Had two sessions, one hour and half and second three hours. Result was pretty fucking wild experience and burning need to end with this degeneracy that fuck me up inside and leads to a slippery slope into places I don't wish to be. I'm still at that process, but much better already.

Not possible for me sadly, except via roleplaying.

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twinks with a mask covering half of their faces, don't know how i got this fetish, probably from seeing gay shit on /b/
furry porn due to cartoons that i used to watch as a kid
traps because internets

Depends how tall/manlet he is.

Not him but I'm 5"6 with the same fetish
although trying be 5"6 and have any girl give time of day to you

Hypnosis / mind control / brainwash

Acquired it from Totally Spies

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We're in the same boat user, my hope is that VR can bring some good experiences. There was a giantess player in vrchat that had seats in their hands so you could sit in their hand. But it was quite nauesating and the avatar wasn't quite big enough and they were a mute.

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That is fucking hot. I just got a new fetish.

This should be turned into a portrait on some wall. It's psychedelic as hell

Femdom (preferably involving multiple girls) with humiliation, without all the bdsm and leather and stuff.

I had a girlfriend who was bisexual and who would often flirt with other girls or just make out with them. I really enjoyed watching her or just have her fantasize about it.

I dunno. Yes most of my internet friends do.

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When I was younger I had one of those torrenting programs that made it possible to look for torrents by name and download them. Half of the stuff you'd download would be some weird porn or a virus.

One time I downloaded some file called "Starwars Battlefront 2 trainer". It actually turned out to be a folder with photos and vids of a girl being fucked by a dog with her boyfriend filming the videos. The girl was genuinely cute.

I ended up losing the folder several years later after some other torrent fucked my computer tho, but the interest stuck.

I wouldn't harm an animal myself just to be clear.

>incest (as observer)
>sex slavery
>lace lingerie
>shotas with women (as observer)
>girls eaten by monsters
>shemales with each other or females
At this point I only wonder why I'm not gay desu

Hot, but isn't that just rape fetish?


will you please originally be my bf

Forgive me for reposting this from the last fetishes thread, but it's one of the best things I've seen on Jow Forums in ages.

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are you a girl or a boy

I was in that thread, and that post was the best fetish.

girl desu
you're not gay RIGHT?

which of those fetishes are your favorites?

would be a great story to tell your grandchildren

I know right. Ever since, I've been thinking about trying it out myself, just to see what would happen.

I was raped by my teacher and it gave me a shame boner for /ss/ if that counts. Also destroyed my trust in women and authority figures.

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>shemales with each other or females

You have a couple good ones there,

My mom
>4'10", short blonde hair, brown eyes, flat chest, no hips, mean as a snake
My six sisters
?between 4'9" and 5'1", all short blonde hair, all brown eyed, all flat chested, all narrow hipped, all mean
when I was 12 we moved. The neighbor wife
>5'9", long black hair, pale skin, bright blue eyes, hourglass figure, massive tits. The nicest, sweetest woman in the world
I am only attracted to the three Bs - brunette, blue eyes, big tits - and I know *exactly* why and I am fine with it

>Diapers: Mom kept me in them until 5th birthday, already attached to sensations, lifelong fetish. Got my first computer when I was six and discovered diaper and piss fetish porn, as well as masturbation
>Femdom: Kind of ties in with the diaper fetishism, always wanted a mommy gf
>Piss: When I was like seven or eight, I stuffed my underwear with toilet paper and pissed myself to emulate diapers
>Bestiality: Curiously downloaded video of some girl being fucked by her dog while she was on the phone via LimeWire when I was 10
>Crossdressing: Linetrap being posted all over /b/ back in like 2007 or so, I was 14 or 15
>Futanari: Discover /d/ the following year
>Small Penis Humiliation: Self-hatred, insecurity, and being rejected too many times
>Clowns: See picture of Pixi Payasita, always thought they were interesting but they don't exist here, and she's kawaii af
>Girls with calavera makeup: Probably around the same time, seen pics of some chick with it on /b/, always thought it was hot
>Cuckolding: Reached levels of self-hatred previously never thought possible
I'm a good example of why you don't give your kid Internet access.

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i like all of them except
>girls eaten by monsters
and my favs are
do you wanna be a cute girl?

hentai size tits
cat girl

i have no idea.
>ginger girls
also no idea

yes, kind of goes with the agp thing

i mean like permanently or what
i don't think you're a real boy[/spoiler

Where are you that clowns don't exist? Surely there's clowns anywhere if you look for them. I mean unless you live in yemen or Burkina Faso or something.

Pixi is hot.

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>i don't think you're a real boy
and, no, not permanently, just a fetish thing

one more thing
how old are you

exactly 20, you?

Sissy hypno and RP is like the crack cocaine of my porn use. Forced bi. Few other sub fetishes like SPH. Honestly think all of this is just how much porn i watched in my teens and 20's. nothing I've ever thought about pursuing in reality.

Then girl feet. Had that fetish before porn. The idea of barefeet always seemed kinda like nudity to me so yeah.

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exactly 19
pretty cool coincidence desu

not very mommy tbqfhwylads

Can you dress like this and poop yourself in public, please? Maybe on a bus or subway or something, so it's really humiliating but you have nowhere to go.

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femdom. probably got it from my years of self-hatred and isolation, i dont fucking know, all i know is that i jerk off to girls stepping on my dick with their feet

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whatever i'm gonna make the most of being in my prime right now
if only i were that pretty

Just slather on a lot of makeup? It's actually hotter if you're not a natural beauty and just faking it, in my opinion to be honest.

Are you seriously into scat?

Parasites. So much so that I used to keep leeches as pets. Watching them feed off of me got me harder than anything.

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Polyfidelity. Probably because I was unloved and I want to feel loved by multiple people while loving them back. It's a form of compensation.

what would i gain from lying on an anonymous anime imageboard

will you please originally be my gf

>role reversal
>gender swap
>mommy kink

w-what went wrong anons?

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My mom was fat and I saw that episode of totally spies with the addictive cookies a bunch of times in elementary school. Im pretty sure the first time I heard that voice actress squeak from having her tummy cut by the seatbelt was when my balls dropped. Now Im into bondage, humiliation, weight gain, and feeding.

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>w-what went wrong anons?

Only the mommy-kink. The rest of your fetishes are based.

are you the original user
also what else do you like


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already listed most of it

give me a mommy with HUGE tits (lactating) and a stinky pussy

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>stinky pussy
Forgive them my lord for they know not what they ask

A man of refined taste I see. Hypnosis is truly the patrician fetish. Nothing like slowly seducing a girl into mindlessness.

i know exactly what i ask for because i have smelled a warm (stinky) mommy pussy before and it was life changing

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I don't do diapers, but I'd love to have a GF who will bully me when I piss myself.

Vore, for some reason I was born with it? Wanted girls to eat me and shit me out when I was like 4 or 5 years old

Snuff I got when I was 14-15 then I got into femdom snuff where I wanted women to kill and torture me when I was about 24

did you piss yourself alot as a kid, user?

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>ctrl + f
>no tickle torture

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I actually didn't, but I did fantasize about beautiful domineering women being humiliated, and one of the most humiliating things I could think of was them pissing themselves.
So somewhere along the lines I started getting off on the thougt of me being the humiliated one. I'm fine with either scenario.

I'm addicted to BBC and SPH because the first sexual image I saw when I was 8 years old was someone linking a gay black porn site where they all had massive dicks and the only penis I had ever seen up to that point was my own


Gentle femdom
>How do you think you acquired it?
Probably from my lack of self-confidence. I'm so socially retarded and inexperienced that I'd feel more comfortable with a girl telling me what to do rather than trying to figure it out on my own.

>Does anyone know?
no, and I'd prefer to keep it that way

My biggest fetishes are fat bitches and femdom and I married an extremely aggressive fat girl

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why dont i believe that

Let me guess, you are 5'7 tall or less

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How do you do vore irl without dying though?
Does it work if you just get the girl to bite you or something?

i grew up catholic and had an early crush on an altar girl.

then i learned about wicca and the idea that women could lead in religion...

now i fantasize about religious clothing, ceremony, authority, etc - and the concept of a woman-led church.

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I'm pretty normie so my only 'fetish' is I like virtually every skinny girl with short hair that's my height or slightly shorter

Giantess is a real gentleman's fetish

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>I was raped by my teacher and it gave me a shame boner for /ss/ if that counts. Also destroyed my trust in women and authority figures.

Greentext story time

The first porn video I ever remember fapping or at least cumming to was a scene from Jules Jordan's "Ass Worship" series that I found on limewire at like age 12. I was already lurking Jow Forums at that point and think I had seen a gif of a hot looking girl so I decided to look up the scene. I'm sure I had not even contemplated the notion of anal sex before and I start watching and see this chick is getting her asshole spread and eaten out within the first few minutes and they're talking about how hot her asshole is, how good it tastes, this girl is rubbing her ass cheeks all over a dude's face and dick etc. Then he proceeds to fuck her in the vag and ass. Not sure if seeing that so early triggered something dormant in my brain or imprinted on me or what but to this day I've had a really big fetish for anal stuff.

I originally will user, when will I meet your parents?
Honey, no, please, listen to me, this man deceived you. He is not the pervert you think he is. I'm the one you fell in love with. He probably stopped at vanilla lolis. He's not worth you.
>>i like all of them except
Oh, nevermind then. Fuck you, bitch, you deserve each other.

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Skirts, above the knees, leg skin showing (not every skirt does it though, I'm quite picky). I really like the Japanese schoolgirl uniform

I've had this fetish since like 3rd or 4th grade, giving me a boner before I even knew what a boner was

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I can't cum unless I'm completely naked for some reason. So when I masturabte, I can only look at completely naked people otherwise I can't. Wonder how this will affect my future boyfriend/husband.

>Watching videos of me masturbating from different angles that you can't really get in the mirror.
Don't know why I thought to try it but I'm glad I did

If you are a girl I'd be willing to coach you.

Coach me on what?

How to cum with/by other people.

I can't cum clothed or when seeing clothed people, otherwise I can cum just fine.

the furfags are getting out of control
i wasn't gonna be your gf anyway

So have you cum in the presence of other naked people or not?

i have a boot fetish - probably got it from my older sister since she work knee high leather boots most of her teen years going into her twenties. doesn't even really matter specifically what type of boot, booties, knee high, thigh high, flats, stilettos or chunky heels, like them all and any material but leather and pvc is my two favorites. fall/winter/spring is the best time of year since so many other girls wear them too. i often think about licking them and sucking the heels. most of my friends know that i have a liking for them since i wear some type of boot often but i don't know if any really understand just how deep the fetish goes. anytime i see a girl in public wearing boots that's where my mind and eyes drift off to.

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Try just having a small avatar. It's an interesting experience but I really don't feel immersed playing VR games since I use a gamepad controller

I'm the exact opposite. I can only cum clothed, and only to fully dressed women.

Gruesomely killing women. Feels like pure shit lads, watched one too many snuff videos when I was 9 years old. Only my therapist knows about it.

It seems most people here developed their inclinations as a result of things they observed in their early childhood. That's kind of fucked up, if you ask me. If you happen to see or involve yourself in the wrong thing as a kid, it might come back to bite you in the ass a decade later and cause you to hate yourself out of guilt.

We never had a chance brahs

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>wearing high heels
>feet (mostly my own feet)
>being a femdom

I honestly dont know for sure when I acquired these fetishes. I think Ive always had a thing for wearing high heels because even when I was a toddler, Id steal my mothers heels and try to walk around on them. But I only realized I actually had a very strong fetish for wearing high heels when I got a pair of fake louboutins (the heels with the sexy red soles) and looked at myself in the mirror while wearing them, it was almost orgasmic. I guess I started liking feet after I started getting pedicures so that they would look nice in peep-toe heels. Regarding femdom, Im not sure. Ive always been extremely sadistic, even as a small child id go out of my way to laugh at people suffering or influence other kids into their demise, so that I could get a kick from it.

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Maybe user, maybe. I feel like I'd be unsatisfied if it didn't feel nearly perfect with simulated sounds, scents etc. In addition to the physical sensations. One day, perhaps.
Something I'm predicting we'll get is tiny, humanshaped drones that we'll be able to control via VR gear. That would be pretty interesting.

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I remember you from the other thread. Heels are hot, especially on boots.
I know how you feel user.

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Yeah, Im in most fetish threads on here lol. And yes, I agree with you, boots with high heels are hot.

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