/comfy/ thread

Post /comfy/ things in this comfy thread. I'll start.

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comfy bampu

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these threads are doomed to fail

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This enough content for ya, robot? Bump.

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I hate women and minorities. Bottom text.

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the most comfy site is tumblr

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Comfy and photography blogs, for sure. Although the most comfy I've been was probably on chan boards.

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>the most comfy I've been was probably on chan boards.
Yes on comfy threads because of the mix of words and gifs, pics.
The problem is they can easily be ruined by faggots posting autism like anime or sex etc.

Tbh the MOST comfy i absolutely experienced was talking with one person on discord or telegram late night both posting comfy pics and chatting calmly

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Yeah these threads can get ruined pretty quickly. desu I haven't been to this board in ages, probably 2 years, so I'm just popping in and seeing what it's like now.

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>I haven't been to this board in ages, probably 2 years,
Well it's literally gay and awful and overrun with redditors, trannies and shitposters.
All the other comfy threads i seen all got ruined fast.
Most people now don't even have a meme folder I observed

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Yeah looks pretty shitty since 2013.

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>mfw comfy threads fucking died

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I used to think late '16 and very early '17 was the bottom, but boy was I wrong

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Don't you die on me, gosh damn it.

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damn where you got this?

Found it on /jp/. Not sure where it came from.

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this is a nice aesthetic

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Yes of course, I have several "lonely girls onto the skyline" sorta pics

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are they, i saw some user keep one alive for 3 days and a new cat poster is making them

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About to turn in for the night bots

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Favourite aesthetic.

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user.... 1 minute does not mean its dying, calm down, bumps dont work like that

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>are they, i saw some user keep one alive for 3 days and a new cat poster is making them
all the ones i've seen were terrible quality and filled with newfags

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something comfy

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really? ive never seen any... or am i missing something? mind telling me whats so normal on those?

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one more comfy

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more comfy

i love you all and hope some of you change for the better

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Picture I took myself when I was hiking in Norway.

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not anymore new bg color is killing me

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>bg color
what's that? a new site?

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tfw uncomfy 2mb size limit

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>ive never seen any
what do you mean? You haven't seem all the "comfy" threads recently?
I must've seen at least 6-7 in the last 2 weeks

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i didnt mean i didnt see the threads, ive seen 2-4 a day myself, i just mean whats so normie about them, i never really open alot of them, just kinda interested

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background color they changed it from calming pastely blue to eye straining super saturated blue

i really like this photo. kinda went with the song it was paired with too.
love these threads

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4:20am where i am currently. cbf'd dealing with waking up late tomorrow.

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the thread died... stop

In many ways it didn't die

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20min response time, from you, the OP, stop cluttering the front page with this thing, ITS DEAD

I haven't really been here (apart for a few posts here and there) for like 3 years...I still love my comfy bros

the pics posted bc it's mostly people with no comfy pics that post garbage i g

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>background color they changed it from calming pastely blue to eye straining super saturated blue

oh i havent been there in some time very sads

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How abot you stfu stupid sperg
>cluttering the front page
as opposed to what tranny and dick thread and racebait?

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some OC, i take photos myself.
let me know if you think any are comfy or not
(some of these are old, so not the best photos, but to me personally they are kinda comfy)

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japan is pretty comfy

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this is nowhere comfy anons
so aggressive
what happened to the old threads?

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not something I would consider a good photo, but in my comfy list.

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golden hour is comfy

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early morning motels

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>some OC, i take photos myself
that's pretty nice pic user

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im new to comfy threads thing but this one doesnt feel comfy at all...

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are you the OP user?
original post

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thanks, it wasn't my cat, but it was pretty cute the way it stayed just at the edge of the woodline watching me like it wanted to be petted but couldn't bring itself to walk up to a stranger.

this is not top tier comfy but it's better than your shitty threads newies where it's anime and gondola spam

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no user im just passing by
i wouldnt know since this is my first and last one

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user, don't let this experience ruin it for you, theres this other OP who asks you about 10 questions every thread, visit him, i lurk those alot, hes nice to everyone and wont ruin the experience, as proof his threads went on for 3 days

its people like you why the comfy threads died out, go back to plebit

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>its people like you why the comfy threads died out, go back to plebit
you can't even spell fucking '17 newfag gondola spamming sperg

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>top tier comfy

bumps every 1 minute, later a deperate 20min struggle to keep this pathetic "comfy" thread alive

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you're responding to several different people you fucking sperg

that's it I'm quitting comfy threads forever because of mongs like you bye newfag shitposting spergs enjoy your shitty imitations

calls me newfag, doesn't understand what all those responses meant... you joined under a year ago didn't you, your kind doesn't even have a name yet
And i'm glad to see you quitting comfy threads, you don't know how to keep one up, leave it to people who actually know what they're doing
go to sleep now eurofag

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user, please, dont bring this onto the front page, this thread is a massive train wreck

Could someone post bathrooms that give off a comfy aesthetic?

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