Imagine being a hapa guy. probably worst than being indian

imagine being a hapa guy. probably worst than being indian

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Hapas look like models
I'd love to be one

>wanting to be manlet and dicklet
get your head checked

>Be me
>Born same year as Elliot
>Asian kids hate me for being pale / half white
>Handful of white kids (minority where I live) hate me for being half asian
>Stop going outside for like 15 years
>Didn't have any friends until the 10th grade (Chad invited me to his social circle, he's also hapa and cheated on six different girls simultaneously)
>Everyone thought I was a school shooter in the making (I was) and would keep away and ask me to not shoot them when it happened, Chad used me to add intimidation to his group, which I was OK with because they were the only ones to invite me to hang out with them and learn to socialize
>Stop hearing from all but one of those friends
>Took years to get hired
>Finally get (online) gf and job soon after
>Suddenly everyone treats me as an equal
>Also most people think I'm Japanese
>The only real friend from high school is a lazy fat fuck and we barely talk anymore so I'm back to being alone for the most part
>Still a virgin at 28
I don't know what the fuck to feel anymore, but I don't believe it's as bad as being a poo in loo.

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damn that girl in the blue shirt looks very cute

Dem hapa women though.
It's weird how the dudes always come out looking like a Tolkien sub race but the females are always gorgeous.

>imagine being a hapa guy
Might be cool.

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The dudes all look weird. Way too feminine. Those girls are fine as hell though.


dear God, buddy, you gotta find your drive, son.

Or it's gonna find you.

Drive? What do you mean?

I... drive...

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i dont get this when hapa kids say asians hate them, thats not what ive seen. youre projecting your hate for asians i think.

elliots only friends were his asian roommates.

Both these kids are good looking.

LMA fucking O. OP posting a family picture of John Derbyshire. He is based and redpilled AF.

takimag dot com slash article slash the_talk_nonblack_version_john_derbyshire

>tfw mulatto
>no bbc

be open about your hate for asians, rather than blaming them saying its asians that hate hapas. thats not true.

Yeah a lot of right wingers take the yellow pill

that guy looks awfully like my dad

Paternal grandfather was Chinese, but I ended up with ~1/3 of his genes. I don't think people could really peg me as asian exactly, I just look vaguely not white.

Test taken with 23andme, then handed my results to wegene (the chinese government) because I felt like it.

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I'm a hapa and I don't think it's that bad.
I am somewhat successful and I live a nice cozy life and I wouldn't have it any other way.

>Get struck with a baseball bat and dragged across the street by Filipino teens who then attempted blind me with a laser pen when I was six years old
>Get made fun of and have rocks thrown at me from Japanese and Filipino peers inside and outside through elementary and middle school
>youre projecting your hate for asians
Nah, I hated everyone equally. My first crush was a Japanese girl in my 1st grade class, second was my Japanese 2nd grade teacher. There were a bunch of other asian girls that turned me down too. I don't hate being asian or white. I just hate all kikes, goatfucking sandniggers, chinks, and ghetto WE WUZes. (I'd plow their women though.) I don't obsess over white women like Elliot did, or women in general - I used to, since as I said, whites are a minority where I live. I do think light colored eyes and hair is beautiful, though most of the white women I've encountered are fat, bitchy, and annoying as fuck. The last white girl I beta orbited back in high school ended up being a coal burner. So I quit fawning over them a decade ago. Western women as a whole are trashy, treacherous whores.

I found my blue-eyed, mostly white gf on Jow Forums a few years ago. She's never asked me for a dime all this time, so she's a keeper.

Not him but also hapa.
There is a portion of Japanese men who absolutely hate my guts for whatever reason. I've had a few actually try to start shit with me because I guess I was walking my sister around and they thought we wherent related or some shit. But I mean I know it's not everyone. Many here in the us don't accept me as fully Asian but are mostly friendly with me. It's not a problem not fitting in you just have to find your own thing.

Flips are seaspics not asians

ah i see. they were jealous shit skins, and in packs they felt bold enough to strike at you.

The one in the pic surely doesnt

Not even in packs. Individually some would do it. Plus it's not really a race thing for me. If so I would be extremely self hating since Asians kinda suck to deal with overall and my job has shown me that whites are worse than nogs.

Get a better car like Elliott did.

I hate your stupid fucking parents for making you a hapa halfbreed, but then again you never would have existed if they hadn't created you. Irregardless of the conundrum, I do not hate you because it was never your choice to be a mixed individual. In truth, you should actually be seaking to make quarters, who will make 12ths, and etc, so that the bloodline can return to a mostly normal solution, whether you go asian or white is up to you. It's not your fault for being a hapa, my suggestion is if you ever are going to kill people, kill hapa creating parents or mutt parents. It will be better this way.

i think i get it, almost. Whites are the best, u fibber.

Hapa reporting in. It sucks, I don't fit in with whites or asians.
I wouldn't say I'm worse than an Indian though. I know how to use a toilet.

hapas fit in just fine with Whites, quit it.

White people have tried to physically assault, shoot at me, be overwhelming more hostile than blacks for shit that's their fault. You turn their power off they're no different than blacks if not worse. At least the darkies just go "oh aight I finna call and pay that shit aight mane".

nice story dude. for what reason would they assault and shoot you?

Because they don't understand that the coop has an easement to their meter and if they don't pay their bills they get cut off. Not that I care since we come back anyways with a LEO and if they pull anything then it's 100% jail time.

thats not because you are a hapa though.

I know. You don't understand my point it's that if I based myself of my experience off encountering other races I would be a self hating retard.

i sort of get it. you choose to hate races instead of hating yourself. what a shitshow it all is.

It's not a hate, since I've never felt hate or the like before for anything but the idea of hating yourself for being something you can't change is retarded.

>elliots only friends were his asian roommates.
Ironically despite wanting to get revenge on Chads and Stacies, half of his victims were his nerd Asian friends. I'm not prejudicial towards most people, but it's understandable why Asians would hate hapas, assuming there is any hate at all.

>be hapa
>raised solely by white father who was from the sticks
>people dont believe im half Asian

there isnt. those nerds never saw it coming, like two of them were stabbed in their sleep.

alright, thats a strong mental outlook on things.

>be fried of mine
>hapa brad
>leave your ex for your current gf (8/10 qt)
>completely lose it when your ex gets a new bf
The absolute state of hapas