1500 calories within the first hour of waking up

>1500 calories within the first hour of waking up

why the fuck does my body need so much energy

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What did you eat that was so high cal?

It needs that energy to maintain its size.

tfw i ingest 3500k yesterday while on a "diet"

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Lol, phatphuck

>Lol, phatphuck

shut the fuck up

It doesn't. Your body doesn't need that much, so stop if you want to live past 60.

>It doesn't.

then why am I hungry? thats what I thought thincuck

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You are berseker/tank class

I can't even eat that much in a single sitting. Like HOW?

You're hungry because you overeat. Eat less

>Like HOW?

by not being a twink cuck

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>eat 1000 calories a day
>still doesnt lose anything

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I bet you're cheating you fatty fat fat

short people problems

If you ate 1000 calories a day for a month I promise that you would lose at least 30 pounds.

I think I had like 2500 calories in my first meal of the day and I feel great because I'm not fat. Sorry bro

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>Sorry bro


Not him but then why am I not losing anything?

You shut up, literally your stomach is the size of a fist and that should be enough food for the next 4 to 6 hours. You choose to eat what you eat, and don't say its poverty because I'm basically homeless at this point and still aren't fat. Get up and take a 5 mile walk nigger

noh, fuck you

Fine, post fat.

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OP you faggot why didn't you answer this ?

only if you post your body so I can jack off

Roll down a hill

what's your current weight and how long have you been dieting? also gender

You jack off to men? Fucking faggot

He doesn't want to admit that he got up, got in his car, and drove to get one of those damn rodeo burger

I'm like dieting pro if anyone needs advice. I'm not a pro at maintenance or health, I'm just real good at losing weight quickly and reliably.

I eat and drink whatever and get up to 180 pounds then I hide and diet hardcore till I'm skinny and hot again. I'd rather suffer for a month and a half a year than have to worry about what I eat constantly.

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How low do you get your weight after ballooning?

How do I acquire such a good looking tum, user?

as a 5 foot 10 inch tall male, I look good clothed at 175, good naked at 165, hot naked at 155. I tried for 145 before but 150 was as low as I could go before diminishing returns and insanity took effect. I made a mistake to think I should go that far because of body fat % calculations - I wasn't taking into account my lack of muscle meaning I should have a higher body fat % to achieve the same thing.

Or you can just eat whatever you want everyday and don't eat for the rest of the day if it was too caloric. Not like you'll want to eat something else after a big fastfood anyway. That's pretty easy and will not fuck up your health

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It's 100% low body fat %. Not exercise or muscle, abs/sexy tum are made in the kitchen. If you want good tum you gotta diet (and the only dieting that exists for real in this world is calorie counting). If you got extra skin because you used to be a whale you're gonna have to also get surgery. But you will be surprised to find out that even with extra skin you will look pretty awesome at low body fat %, especially with clothes on - and that's all that matters. Nobody says no to sex once clothes are off, it's about looking good with clothes on (if that's your goal).

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Probably because you're too stupid to count calories properly.
Do you know what a "serving size" is, and what it means?
Your body doesn't just magically ignore the laws of thermodynamics. Energy must be burned to keep you alive, and this energy has to come from somewhere. If you burn more calories than you consume, you will lose weight. If you consume more than you burn, you will gain weight. You can throw whatever bullshit you want at this concept like metabolism, but ultimately your metabolism can only slow down so much, and certainly not slow down enough to stop any weight loss at all. I guarantee you are not counting something or are not accurately counting it.

tfw when you lose 60 pounds and get healthy then start drinking heavily and start losing control again


This is 100% true, although I wouldn't call someone stupid. Calorie counting is a hard earned skill that takes trial and error and research to master. Once you master calorie counting you can get on the scale first thing in the morning (before shower after pee) and see how your weight goes down like clockwork just as your calculations predict. It's very encouraging. (unless you have backed up poo)

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Do what I do and slut it up for 6 months before you regain, enjoying booze and junk food and sex. I can give advice on how to dress slutty for a male if you need, it's not something everyone knows.

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I was fat for a long time so I doubt I have the self control to gain and lose it again

Just gonna try and eat at maintenance at least

I'm not so good at maintenance but the best I've managed has been by avoiding all bread and alcohol.

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>I can give advice on how to dress slutty for a male if you need

would like to know user, I'm currently involved with a 33 year old, older cute guy

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Real hunger doesn't start for a couple days. You're just bored.

Thermodynamics doesn't exactly apply since the rate at which you burn calories isn't a constant, and diet can change that.

as a 33 year old looking for twink ass, where did you meet him?

Basically it's the same as it is for women. Tight fitting clothing, makeup. I can go into this subject It's mostly constant. It slows down at a slow pace. Your calorie burn slow down isn't big enough to affect your diet goals - like maybe you will have to diet two extra days than your original calculation planned because you started losing .6 pounds a day instead of .8 in the last ten pounds.

All that matters in the end is calorie counting and developing a routine that works. For me that's skip breakfast and lunch and eat dinner with no alcohol or bread. After 3-4 days i'm not longer hungry till dinner time, and dinner lets me not go to bed hungry. Works like a charm. If I need snack before sleep it's a spoon ful of chicken salad. Total day's calories < 1000, usually less.

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One meal a day is how I lost a lot of weight. It's easy to do compared to rationing out multiple small meals. One fulfilling meal is better than multiple small ones.

I just met him at an cooking class I'm taking


Apron only and breakfast in bed tomorrow, if cute butt.

If you have money (like 200 dollars) you can go to Sephora, and they'll give you tons of attention and a makeover and teach you tools and makeup since you're spending that much. Hopefully you'll get a nice gay white guy who knows what's up. Bring pencil and paper.

Otherwise if you don't have lotsa muns just focus on the important parts. Unless you're doing goth/emo like me, you only need brown eye liner and foundation. Males don't HAVE to use a lot of makeup to look good fortunately.

Tight fitting clothes aren't hard to find. A super cheap slim fitting black tshirt from target one size too small and you're ready for the club.

This might be good enough for you but I take it further with a goth/emo look. Get a wig for hot emo hair in a reasonable color (brown, dark purple) so it looks like your real hair, hide it under a beanie cap. I like to cover one eye.

Advanced stages include things like dressing to show off your strong points and hide your weak points.

Ok, thanks user. What are some cute things guys will like that I can do for him

Friendly reminder only lazy and stupid people are fat. You're mentally weak.

This guy gets it. It's about keeping things simple so you don't mess up and reducing your own suffering so you don't burn out.

no, retard. Not 3500k. That would be 3'500'000 calories, which is a little bit less than 926 large pizza hut pizzas, you lying nigger.

Yea I've been getting the outfits down well just based on our interactions so far, I'm also growing my hair out and it's looking really cute, are there other things I should throw in like cute texts or something like that that'll make his heart melt

I don't know anything about guys, I dress slutty to get girl attention. I'm shy at first, so I get hot to get them interested until I get comfortable enough to show good personality.

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>been fat since I was 12
>want to lose weight
>think about how fucked up and deformed my skin is
>think about how much loose skin I'd have and how ugly I'd look even if I lost weight
>only thing that comforts me is food
why the fuck couldnt I have had normal parents who hard stopped me from eating like a pig
why the fuck am I so weak

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messed up skin is mostly hidden by clothing. the girls i knew seemed more like "wow i'm so proud of you for losing weight, your extra skin doesn't bother me".

Less thinking, more not eating. It gets easier after a couple days, just stick with it.

Noone has anything else to say? Good I'm glad everyone is on the path to being skinny and hot. My work here is done.

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Im trying... It is really tough though, I've had some relapses

I've lost about 10+~ (currently 342 and my scale maxed out at 350) last year by slowly cutting calories

Im gonna try and believe you

How do l make a guys heart melt

You can do it user. Try using a calorie counting app like myfitnesspal, it helps a lot having a log of everything.
Also use lower calorie versions of things. If you drink soda drink the zero sugar versions of them, they'll taste weird at first but you get used to them quickly

94kg, male.
I've been dieting for about half a month

I've lost 10 kgs in the past 4 months by eating healthier. And slight exercise. Just eat better, THATS IT!

I've switched to primarily water, I think that's what gotten me this far.

But cutting calories is really hard because like I said it's a vice. Eating has been my go to cure for virtually any sad feeling for about 9 years

also I do count my calories, I know what serving sizes are, I know the body burns more calories if you consume less, I know all that jazz.

I also stay away from products with starch in it, or anything with a large amount of carbohydrates like anything with bread or anything sweet

10 pounds a year lol.

If you need a dangerous but effective boost for your first time dieting, use ephedrine and caffeine. Kills all hunger for one month.

Otherwise your goal is to eat only 600-1000 ish cal dinner every day. Get on scale first thing in morning, notice that you will be losing approx 1 pound a day, get very motivated.

It might take you a week to slowly get used to eating so little. No matter what don't eat till dinner so your body learns that rhythm. But you might have to eat 2000 cal dinners and slowly go down from there since you're used to eating like 6000 calories a day.

Hell, at your weight, 1500 cal a day and you'll lose weight like crazy. It all comes down to calorie counting in the end, all other strats are to help keep the routine and reduce suffering.

Once you actually get into a routine and lose weight like crazy you're going to hit yourself over the head and think, "holy crap it was this easy all along"

That means you should aim for 1000 calories at dinner/bedtime and slowly reduce it as necessary. No need to go under 600 cals a day, and every month you gotta take a break for couple days (but never drink alcohol).

Drink water when you get hungry. Always have water available so you don't have any excuses.

This is correct, drink water all day until dinner. I prefer flavored water/tea.

It sucks, but it's kinda like how exercise cures depressions, even though depression makes it harder to exercise.

Cutting calories is how you lose weight. Thermodynamics doesn't care about your vices.

I distract myself from the suffering by drinking tea all day and playing video games/reading.

>just accidentally fasted for 24 hours
>last meal was just fruit, maybe 300 cals total
>currently eating two bowls of poverty slop composed of 3 vegetables and tofu
I hate eating food anymore, it all tastes disgusting and makes me feel sick. Now I just pick food based on what's most nutritious. Also not a veganfat, second to last meal was 2 bratwurst links.

>lost 12 lbs in last 6 weeks
slow and steady

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based. fuck gymcels and fuck normies, i just ended the day with a 3000k calorie feast

Important advice for those who have never dieting successfully - you're only in hunger and in pain for the first couple days. Then it gets easy cause your body adjusts.You'll be surprised at how your body can adjust to eating times and not even expect breakfast/lunch anymore. Just keep telling yourself - this will get easy in a couple days.

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forgot the inspirational image

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Didn't know there was another proana person in this thread. Hating food is like the key to being hot.

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How is calorie counting hard? You literally only put a few things in your mouth each day, for each of which you know the calorie amount pretty well. Can't get simpler unless you eat snacks all day long.

Currently in a treatment center for my eating order. Could be worse. Being thin isn't all that

If it's easy for you I'm proud of you. But for me and many others it takes a lot of effort to master. It's simple but not easy.

Calories aren't labeled on everything and it takes a lot of effort to look things up over and over. Eventually you master the skill and you can glance at anything and know the calorie intake and thus no longer waste so much mental energy on it.

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I miss how easy it was to eat 700 calories a day, the weight just melted off.

Now I eat like shit and I've stayed the same weight for months. I was so close to my goal weight.

A lot of ready-made foodstuffs have calories marked (usually too high). As for the rest, it's easy to look up the calories for meat, fish, chicken, and so on. If you follow a very basic, boring diet with only a few basic foodstuffs it's very easy.

Being hot and being desired is like the #1 best feeling on the planet, though. Even better than actual dating and sex.

Agreed, but it's a big transition to go from ignorant fat person diet to something simple that works. That's a big part of the battle.

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I still feel fat even though I'm like 115 lbs. I was trying to exercise for more muscle because I'm probably just skinnyfat. But over the last year I've just lost all interest in food. Started when I tried alternate day fasting, it just killed my appetite and cravings. Now food is disgusting to me. If I lost 10 more pounds I'd be really hot.
Think I might do a week fast when I eat down what's in my fridge. being hungry feels good and makes me sexually aroused, idk. Feels nice having nothing in your stomach.
I like looking at anime images of really skinny girls (don't have any saved though.) Like childlike impossibly thin huge thighgap level thin. It would be neat to be that thin, IMAGINE.

Being an emaciated male isn't hot

why are you wearing girl panties faggot

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News for you friend: You're already super hot. Almost noone needs you to lose those last 10 pounds except you. Go get some attention and feel good about yourself, hotstuff. No homo, but send a pic and I'll tell you how good you're doing, or tell you the truth if you need to lose weight.

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are you stupid, baiting or just american?

That's like saying "I don't want to work out because I'm afraid of getting too big"

There's so many levels of skinny hot before emaciated. Plenty of girls are into emaciated emo guys as well, but I would never say emaciated is necessary or desirable.

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Why count calories? Just take what you're currently eating and only eat half of that.
If that doesn't work just start skipping meals or doing fasts.
This isn't rocket science, brainlet.

It takes willpower and it's not fun and it's boring, agreed. But if you have a set goal in mind you can do it. I'm currently on a carefully controlled low calorie diet. Have been for 2 weeks and will continue a few more days. In a way it's not so hard because I'm not fat to begin with, I just wanted to lose 2~3kg.

Counting calories is an important transition phase for those people that start off confused about why their attempts at dieting don't work. It's a great life skill to have in general. Once you're good at losing weight you no longer have to count calories. But the fact remains that it's a fantastic skill that helps a lot of people become aware of how much they're eating.

Ignoring namecalling is also a sign of a superior level of maturity. Did you know that?

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I want to be bikini model level hot, though. Currently I'm thin-soft. I want a full thigh gap. Pic rel would be nice.

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My personal fail/succeed status usually depends mostly on if real life interferes with my diet attempts. I want to diet and suddenly everyone takes me out to dinner.

I believe in you friend. You sound like you know what you're doing.

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Dieting is still the answer, but man one goes insane while trying to get that low. I end up losing my sex drive and then I'm like "why did I get hot if I have no sex drive to do the hot girls that now want to do me"

Then again, the deepest satisfaction comes just from looking in the mirror and going "unf I'm hot".

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Counting calories is easy but you have to actually do it for real, not a half-assed attempt. Make no exceptions. The first time I started doing it for real, I was literally shocked at how many calories some inconspicuous foods have. They key is to only eat what you know the calorie contents of.

Because girls find it hot. I like geeky girls. They love twinky yaoi boys.

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Thank you friend. Like I said I'm not fat, I just wanted to make my pants feel normal again and not tight. What helps is if you're not doing it alone. I'm doing it with a friend, and we both agreed to do it for 3 weeks. We're constantly checking on each other that we're doing well.

If you have the trouble to motivate yourself do it with someone. If you don't have real life friends just find a diet buddy from right here on Jow Forums.

That moment of realization is exactly why we tell the hopeless fatsos to count calories. It empowers them. You can't control things if you don't take proper calculations into account. Knowledge is power.

Protip-if you eat no carbs and go into ketosis you won't be as hungry later. Carbs are tasty though.

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>Because girls find it hot. I like geeky girls. They love twinky yaoi boys.
only in your deranged mind user