Femanons tell us one thing you hate about guys

femanons tell us one thing you hate about guys

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Don't give them a platform?? On the one forum?? They're not meant to be on??? Sage

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Doing stupid stuff to assuage their insecurities

They always want sex. Always. I fucking hate men because I talk to them and they seem nice and then out of fucking nowhere they send me that dtf text. Men are disgusting

They just scare the hell out of me. My dad used to push me around a little when I was wonder so it's probably why. Men are just SO STRONG. It doesn't matter how big they are they can crush me at any moment. Any time guys start to get loud, physical, or active I get nervous. I have to distance myself because I feel like I'm going to get hurt.

This is cute. I want to protect you. Post contact info

That's why you need a tall strong man like me to protect you.

>one thing you hate about guys

they don't like me

i fucking hate how they are warm and helpful and only want someone to love them unconditionally

They have no idea how to be sexy. It really is rare to find a guy who can intentionally be sexy but women have no problem doing it. This is why I date girls

Nothing, I think they're pretty great.

i dont know why women have this fear. most guys aren't nutjobs that want to hit women, even when we get extremely extremely angry there's something in our head that stops us from going that far

most of us are descended from a combination of ugly rapists and hot girls, so you shouldn't be too surprised

>most guys
maybe in three jurisdictions across the world, we're a bunch of violent cunts everywhere else

yea but they're uncivilized subhuman savages

they say critical things without always considering how it will affect someone
insulting something someone can't change, even with the implication that you still like them despite it, can be really hurtful

ofc girls do this too

Even just the possibility of them running into me and knocking me over scares me. There's just so much power there.

well, sure, but the girl (male) you replied to probably lives here with us savages, not in your ideal platonic realm of non-aggression

The way you all view sex and put it on a pedestal. And think woman are at some big real advantage for the fact that guys are so fixated on it. (especially those who dont get it) but at the same time resent women for a world they didnt even create. Its no big honour that men will mostly fuck literally anything, we all know this. You dont need to direct your hatred to us for it.

I want to beat you

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you're so weak you probably can't even beat your own dick

A man has never hit me yet I still have this irrational fear every time one gets very angry with me or starts yelling at me. Guess it's a combination of other girls' experiences, and the fact that my (abusive) dad often threatened to hit me when I was young.

I hate how some guys are with casual sex. Men who go out every weekend and try to pick up pretty girls at bars, fuck them and call a cab as soon as it's over. That's so disgusting to me. The girls are to blame as well but men are more praised for it. Like a guy can brag about his number of partners and a girl would lie about it out of shame. Men like this are like filthy disease spreading animals and they encourage it and cheer each other on. And they would pick this over a relationship because they have a poor opinion of women because they associated with so many whores! But they are whores themselves too. And when they do want to seriously date they are super picky about her exes, like he didn't just fuck a whole bunch of thots. Stupid animals, some men
Also this but I don't hate them for it. Big men, especially big black men make me feel unsafe. Even more so when they're in a group.

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thats because you arent a woman. There is no way of us knowing that a guy has no violent intentions. its always somewhere at the back of our minds, same with sexual assault. Because a lot of men do this shit. I dont know why this is hard to understand

thats not even some men. Its a LOT of men. I dont believe I know any guy who would pass up the chance of a random one night stand. But they will all mostly all say they don't want to date whores. The mind fucking boggles

guys getting violent with guys is much more common than guys getting violent with women. i'm not some muscle meat head boxer that can fight, and i'm much more likely to get in a fight than you and get my face kicked in.

sure it is but thats entirely beside the point? Men are often naturally agressive, and especially with each other. thats just logic. Again I must repeat we have no way of knowing if a guy will lose control or not. We are at a distinct physical disadvantage at all times so its perfectly normal to be nervous of a guy shouting and bawling at us.

>One night stand
>Dating whores
Key word here is dating. Whores are for a night, dating is for the long term. Pretty easy distinction to make.

Why do you assume men have violent intentions. How many men have actually been convicted of assault has to be less then 0.01%, unless it's a nigger

i don't have a way of knowing if a guy will lose his shit and beat my face in either

Doesnt matter, they enable it and it makes them filthy hypocrites

No shit genius. She's pointing out how hypocritical men can be, having one night stands and judging women for doing the same. If they think so lowly of others for it then why do they think they can do it too but are still good people? Because they're really stupid.

I expect you to be able to be sexy in current year. I weep for straight girls and their situation with these unappealing men.

nobody is assuming all men have violent intentions? but a lot definitely do, and we have no way of knowing what a guys going to do. which bit of my comment arent you understanding exactly? it seems pretty straight forward to me
never said you did. you are also missing the point

Not her, but once you've been around a violent man the fear stays with you forever. It's survival instinct. You have to be careful around every man because there's no way to know which ones are the good ones. It's kind of baffling to me that none of you understand this. It must be nice to go through life not having to be frightened for your safety.

Because sex actually takes effort for most men and you can have multiple one night stand you are impressive. Girls get sex easily and their pussy is the only thing we want that's why you're a whore.

How can you call us hypocrites when 90% of your sisters bitch and moan about sexual liberation? The only ones enabling anything are the whores spreading their legs.
Besides that, y'all seem to forget that we don't need you for much. Dating and marriage is a shit deal for all men.

Truly hypocritical indeed

There's a mental illness for that, it's called paranoid schizophrenia. Get some help.

Men have to deal with violent men more then women that's the point. And you're just being a baby if all you can come up with is "men are scary". Maybe it's because you don't have brains so its easier just to assume they are all evil

I'll like you.

you seriously call picking up a slut effort. Something to be proud of. wew. The very fact that men "work so hard" for sex when they would take it readily as a woman if they could..and still judge the woman for readily taking something the consider that they work hard for? lol Makes them even worse. your logic here is so fucked

>never said you did. you are also missing the point
i'm not seeing the point. i'm weaker than plenty of guys and it's more likely they'll get violent with me than you. you're just weaker than way more men than i am

The big difference there is we generally dont sit and judge men for their vivid sexual history. We dont judge peoples worth entirely on them enjoying sex

If it's as easy as you make it sound why would we buy the cow when we get the milk for free? Seems to me like you're bitter because you can't attract the higher tier men you want.

Roasties are the ones who are attracted to these high status males. You aren't attracted to low status virgins are you?

how is that relevant? again, if a man starts giving us abusive and being aggressive, we are always at a physical disadvantage, it really isnt a big fucking leap to consider the possibility they may get violent, even more so if it has happened to you before. because It happens every day.

classic man just not understanding

>too disabled and noodly armed to be a threat
>still make girls visibly uncomfortable

>I want to have sex with women so that's why they're whores
I take it back. I hate how stupid some men are. I hate how incredibly, unapologetically idiotic they are.

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>I hate how some guys are with casual sex. Men who go out every weekend and try to pick up pretty girls at bars, fuck them and call a cab as soon as it's over. That's so disgusting to me.
Don't judge men for their vivid sexual history huh?

>but women have no problem doing it
Judging by the amount of godawful attempts at acting sexy in porn videos, I'm not so sure about that.

look at this fucking dyke

>Having sex with a woman makes her a whore
This is your brain on estrogen. It's not simply the act of sex that makes a woman a whore, it's the amount of partners.

Seems to me the slut haters are better they have to work at it.
I dont even hate people having sex. I hate people being hypocrites.
well for one thing Im not one who does this sorrt of thing, but im attracted to men im attracted to. The men I date could be low staus virgins if I liked everything else about them. Im not some high status supermodel myself. On the other hand I imagine if I purely wanted to go out seeking mindless sex I would probably go for the attractive guy because theres that option. being female. Thats pretty normal. Doesnt make me shallow. and It isnt just high status men who get sex, in my experience I have seen men of all statuses succeed in picking up women with ease.

>you seriously call picking up a slut effort.
Yes, not every man can go to a bar and pick up a slut. You need to put effort into grooming and dressing yourself, socializing, working out, you need to be lucky to have at least above average genes, and then you might be able to go pick up sluts at a bar.
Meanwhile the requirements for a woman to get a hookup:
>look vaguely female

>classic man just not understanding
i just fucking said you are weaker than more men than i am, but i'm still weaker than plenty of guys.... they are more likely to get violent with me than you.

That's not normal is probably right.
Its the same shit with me but paranoia in public spaces because I've been jumped by Muslim "gangs" who didn't like white kids back in the home country.
If this fear cripples you ability to function around men then you need to see someone. Otherwise let time heal it.

I never said that? I never even said I hated people having casual sex. Thats just retarded. I said I hated the hypocrisy of men who do it and then judge women for it.


>My argument isn't making sense
>Must be cause I'm taking to a man lol; there's no chance i'm just incoherent

2/10 fuck off

I was giving an example you fucking stupid roast. Women DO judge men on that account.

Thats just pure cope. You dont need to do those things. The expectations a woman has of a man are that he isnt disgustingly obese or unhygienic. But if you consider those basic things to be real effort then god help you. I see normal looking men, even fat men pick up girls. and the only real factor as far as I can tell is charm and that they bought them a few drinks. If a girl is looking to have a one night stand she will do it.

All roasties are just npcs you're disgusting

Called gender roles honey. It's a fact of life, get the fuck over it. Want to attract a man worth something? Keep your fucking legs shut and preferably your mouth as well. No man in his right mind would waste the time and effort marrying someone like you only to risk divorce and alimony.

his argument doesn't make sense. If he considers he is more likely to get into a violent fight with someone but doesnt think about it then thats purely just him. Im not sure why he is trying to tell us we are wrong when we have experienced violence from men

mate im actually a virgin and engaged. But I'll call out men being shit when I see it.

The amount of partners anyone has makes them a whore. You literally said pussy is the only thing you want and that's why women are whores. How can you be so retarded?

Hook-up culture hasn't been around forever but men have always raped women. Concubines, multiple wives, fucking their slaves way back in the day. How many women raped men in the course of history? How do we compare in terms of sexual crimes? We don't, we can't, and we probably never will. You have a better chance of being a good citizen and getting your ass raped in jail by a man than ever getting raped by a women in your whole life.

i'm not saying you are fucking wrong, i'm saying i have basically the same problem because i'm not hercules

My question to him is why does he care so much? Why does the opinion of some paranoid roast that cowers at the mere thought of men give a fuck about her opinion? You're like a chihuahua shaking in the corner in the presence of larger dogs.

get a load of this smooth talking chad

>im attracted to men im attracted to
Hmmm sweety, you arent entitled to high tier males you fat tranny, go Back to your discord orbiters who play league of legends with you

Dunno really. He's just trying to equate his experience of being manlet to that of being a gender which has always been at a disadvantage from shit men in many ways.

>There's a mental illness for that, it's called paranoid schizophrenia.
I've been around numerous violent men. It is normal to be afraid to be left alone with them. It is normal to not want to walk home alone at night. You are so fucking privileged it makes me sick. I've almost been raped twice and I've had men hit me or threaten to hit me. I make sure not to trust any man before I know him well. I'm small and cannot defend myself, being "paranoid" is what keeps me from being attacked. It's amazing how much you lack empathy for people who aren't exactly like you. It's like you can't even imagine what it's like from someone else's perspective.

so disadvantage only matters if you're a woman. you're all fucking crazy

Im attracted to kind normal guys in my league who dont spout roastie hate and blame the world for their shortcomings. That is my type

You're engaged because you're a virgin, god help the man that made the mistake of putting a ring on your finger. I'll pray for him.

Where the fuck did rape come into play? Leave it to a roast to bring something like that into a discussion having nothing to do with it. Hook-up culture is alive and here to stay so you should probably hunker the fuck down and get used to it. Men don't need women for anything more than a warm hole so good luck to you in the future.

I never said that but im sick of trying to explain this to you. Men wont understand the things women have to do on a daily basis just to keep from being raped and murdered. Its not even paranoia. Women are targeted just for being women

No, I just don't give a fuck about your perspective. Cower all you want, it means jack shit to me.

Dude didnt care whether I was a virgin or not. Im not sure what problems you foresee in my happy relationship of years. I hope you find one too desu

Whats your league? You know women league is inflated by the sexual market right? Saying you go for someone within your distorced perceived league just proves my point.

>I just don't give a fuck about your perspective. Cower all you want, it means jack shit to me.

>g-g-gee femanon, why do you think all men are bad people?

>Hook-up culture is alive and here to stay so you should probably hunker the fuck down and get used to it
No thanks you, disgusting pig. Enjoy your STDs and then crying "no hymen no diamond" you hypocritic moron

>The expectations a woman has of a man are that he isnt disgustingly obese or unhygienic
>If a girl is looking to have a one night stand she will do it.
She will do it with the best person she can find, because why wouldn't she? And it's a rare situation where a woman can't possibly find more than one man for a one night stand, especially now with Tinder.

I'm willing to bet she's a fat pig woman expecting anything more than a 5/10.

But i even would date a literal prostitute

You're retarded. Literally everyone beats their wife without getting convicted for it.

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i have a higher chance of being murdered than you do. don't give me that bullshit.

Feel free to lick yourself in a corner and literally shake until the day you die. Your opinion is paranoid delusions based on past trauma and I don't owe you anything.
Whoops, maybe women shouldn't be fucking whores then yeah? Women choose what they take, men take what they can get.

This is an understanbable fear but its mostly irrational, if you have to fear a man it would be the ones inside your house and family, those are the most likely to do something agaisnt you, be it physical, mental or sexual agression

but femanons deserve the beatings

>Literally everyone beats their wife without getting convicted for it.
t. grew up in a wifebeater's household

im engaged to a guy who is probably objectively a 4, and fat (though not disgusting levels) but we are a good match. The thing about league is that it mainly goes for casual sex. I realistically couldn't offer anything to a chad billionaire, except being used for sex (which im not into personally) and im not bothered of course. But im very happy with my present life situation and my kind soft man

You seem like the type of guy who would beat a woman, you really have no right to talk.

I would absolutely pick a low-status virgin over a man who has slept with other girls, especially if he's abstaining for religious reasons. It would be special and we would be proud of each other. Clearly you can't understand this.

And they love it actually

On the contrary, the only time I've ever hit a woman is when an ex kicked me in the balls by surprise from behind as I was trying to walk away and deescalate the situation. Keep feeding those delusions toasty roast.

Im not a fat pig, I have a nice body objectively speaking but facially a bit ugly - though apparently not to everyone. sorry for my realistic standards. I think you're projecting your own issues with women desu

Roasties don't mean a word they say

Then do it you fucking dumb roastie. There's an entire board here full of em, drop your contact info in a thread.

>dont want to look weak so do slight things to come off as masculine
>come off as scary or a monster
>tone it down but now come off as weak
>can never find the balance and will die alone because of this

>Giving enough of a fuck about the opinions of women that you weaken yourself in an attempt to please
Be strong like you want to be. Eventually a woman who isn't retarded will show up.