Anons, what are your favorite GIRL names?

Anons, what are your favorite GIRL names?

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Tobias, alright?

sophia, julia, samantha, jane, vanessa


Oceane, Alisa and variants

Sabrina, Larissa, Joanna, Linda, Amanda

Amber, Kinzie, Lily, Miah, Sophia, Stephanie, Molly, Jordan, Michelle, Angelica, Paige, Christina, Tania, Bella, Mary, Alyssa, Ashley, Sarah, Lydia, Mina.
This is a list of girls who have rejected me btw

i just got eye herpes

Clara, Vanessa, Angelica


clara sucks but i like claire. claire is a cute girl name

America is a helluva drug user

She was cute. Had a nice small body like a loli. She told me to stop flirting with her.

Jordan can be a girls name. She told me she just wanted to be friends after I asked her out to lunch

Emily/Emma and other variations, Hailey, Isabella/Isabell and other variations, Zoe, Hannah, Riley, Olivia, Ellie, Grace, Caitlyn, Kaylee and all the variations on that spelling, Cassie
And my personal favorite , Autumn

Chloe, Artemis, Athena, Amelia, Vanessa, Veronica, Julia. I would 100% name my twin children Artemis and Apollo.

Martha. Because of Tom Waits

I forgot about Paige and Tania
Lydia is a nice name but the Lydia I knew was kind of a slut

i just think of that annoying bitch from breaking bad when i hear that name

Caitlyn, Emily, Erica, Gabrielle, Heather, Kim, Mackenzie and Zoe

Holly, Amy, any long name that can be shortened into something cutesy especially if it bothers the girl in question

That annoying bitch was pretty as fuck so watch your mouth bitch!

nice try meth damon


now look at that, one word being an original post?

Lucy and Emma

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Charlotte, Larissa, Athena, Eve, Natalie, Audrey, Chloe, Zoe, Artemis, (Iris/Isis but I'm not sure anyone uses them anymore, Lumia/Lumille/Luna is what I'd name my daughter if I ever have one)

Is there some fembot or femanon here names Mia?

>Tfw no fembot gf called Mia

I have sneaking suspicion you're Greek

spanish girls have the best names

Ebba Ella Emily Emma Filippa Klara Lovisa Lydia Sonja

Stella, Emma, Kayanna, Anna, Hannah and literally every other name that ends that way.

>tfw rare foreign name that nobody will ever post

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Road Devil

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If I became a girl I'd change my name to that.

Someone actually said my name. I can't believe it. Bless you, user.

which one?

also Vanessa will forever be ruined by my disgusting retarded coworker

Shut up, tranny. We all know that isnt your real name.

Lily, Emilia, Veronica, Francesca, Michelle, Claire, Persephone, Alice. I like colorful names.

veronica dont date chad please be my harly quinn motoercicle for me to ride this could be uss veronica

Albertine, Lydia, Claudia, Emilia, Natalia or Natalie, Odette. Idk ill know if I like it when I see it

Post name and we'll rate

i like rare foreign names personally

Serena is a favorite of mine.
Laura also.

Annie and Celine

Monica, Erica, Rita, Tina, Sandra, Mary, and Jessica

I was waiting for this

Veronica, Sophia, Alexandria, Octavia
If you have one of these names and shorten it in any way I cannot forgive you

that's my name uwu

Gertrud Elfriede Margarete Bertha Olga Petra

It's so rare that I'm unironically scared someone might recognize me. But everyone I meet really likes it so I guess there's no reason for me to be here.

Cute, if you werent a guy, I would give you +4 Goodboi points.

Beth, Lauren, Lily, Penelope, Mary/Maria.
Alex is the best though.

Why would a guy have that name?

Trannies like playing pretend.

hes a trap

i-im not a trap ;-;

breast or go away

Maybe but your still a massive faggot.

They can grow those you know.

what? show me the boobs

Which one of the names I posted tho? I wrote down 2. I personally prefer Celine, but Annie is also cool

>listed a bunch of whore names
Are you trying to get a VD?

Naomi. It's better than most names here, sorry whores.

This are the ones I'll if I ever have a daughter:
Amelia, Faith, Madeleine, Anastasia, Ophelia, Eleonor, Delilah, Diana, Cathering, Gwendoline, Meredith, Priscilla, Beatrice, Annalise, Adeline, Mercy, Harmony, Lizbeth, Claire and Galatea

As a Clara, I get mad when people call me Claire because that name is for frogs and trannies.

Every girl I met thats named Amanda was pretty hot

Clara is a beautiful name; makes me think of The Nutcracker. Claire is the name of a fat girl.

Emilia is such a cool name

take out Beatrice, Harmony, Lizbeth, and Galatea. Also Ophelia, Priscilla and Eleonor, weirdo.

Looks like somebody enjoyed A Series of Unfortunate Events

I don't care about the name, as long as they're nice.

Don't know what that is but I'll certainly look for it now.

Elisabetha, Lisa, Maria, Sypha, Mina

Go back to /his/

Alice, Clare, Serana, Priscilla,


french btw, but these are old names


That's basically it

Top-tier names desu.

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based user
pretty much all claymore names are good

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I love A names, particularly Al names

>Aria is my favorite anime for a reason :^^^)

Evelyn and Alex come to mind

>all these replies and not one mention of my rather common name
I knew it was shit
So close

"Nora" is my favourite, if I can only choose one.


>not Lauren or Laura but close
I thought all of those were in their forties by now.

Did someone say Laura? I must've missed it....
Still, Laura sounds like an old lady name

>ostensibly an adult
>doesn't know about ctrl F
I know you're a woman but I'm still a little surprised.

I'm phoneposting at my desk, I just missed it
No bully

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Lara, Laura, Olivia, Emily, Marie, Kristine, And I also like Isabelle

That one's hardcore ruined for me

I think Lucy is a pretty name.

They werent all whores. Just half of them....

Fuck I knew a short black girl named Naomi. She wanted to fuck me but I was going through my pol phase and didnt want to touch non white women.

some of the names are so far gone into "hooker name" territory that they seem like names hooker moms gave to their second level hooker daughters.
Talking about Amber, Kinzie, Miah, Paige, Tania, Bella, Alyssa, Ashley, and Mina

Maria, Alice, Genny, Sophie/sophia, Effie, Anna, Mina
I like a lot of weeb names and fantasy type ones that sound good to say, but would never be used in real life

why? the fans?

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i'm surprised that Jow Forums has mostly good taste in names

I like Naomi because it makes me think of a rich girl who will bully me due to her excessive wealth and status.
Also Christine Alice and Rebecca are nice

Elena, Camila, Raquel.
Elena always pops into my head when a name thread is made, shame the wifey is going to have dibs on the girls, I got dibs on the boyos

Not the videogame dog, some heartless cunt of a spic whore.