*crunch* user *crunch* *crunch* reply to this *crunch* thread *crunch* or your*crunch* *crunch* mom *crunch* will...

*crunch* user *crunch* *crunch* reply to this *crunch* thread *crunch* or your*crunch* *crunch* mom *crunch* will *crunch* die *crunch* in her sleep *crunch* tonight *crunch*

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the best thread on this shithole right now

Mom no please

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best thread in fucking YEARS, my dudes

Reply to this post or your anime waifu will suddenly

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stupid weeb fuck

These posts are so fucking retarded does anyone actually think if they don't reply their mother will CHECK THIS 5 MOTHERFUCKERS

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The outcome us already known

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die nigger faggot
t. someone who loves his mother

Woah, very nice

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I love these threads
They are original just like this post.

Crunchposting fills me with a rage I did not know was possible.

haha i love this shit

This is an anime website, retard.

Damn, she cute

No please! I love my mom.

>crunchposter had to go and be a faggot

you're getting hidden from now on

Nice try. This 5 will save us all

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I'm going to say something really original, are you ready?
Fuck you

Why did you say that?

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o shit nigga this boi boutta send us to da shadow wealm.

Jokes on you OP, my mom is already dead you little faggot.

*sluuuurp* OP *sluuurp* *sluurp* I have *sluurp* immunity *sluurp* and so does anyone *sluuuuuuurp* who reads this

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best fucking thread my guy

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miss my mom

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Hmmm, crunch you say?

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Marginally better thread than the seven-thousandth faggot-general and f*bot worship posts