Haha, Imagine

haha, Imagine...

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>tfw lost virginity at 25
wasn’t worth it, pussy is overrated. Should’ve got my wizard powers instead

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Oh he cute ;^*


I love women but man, pussies are so disgusting they smell and look terrible breast and ass are more attractive than that horrendous thing.
Not gay tho


>tfw lost my virginity at 19
>tfw thought it was late as fuck back then and even had complexes for graduating high school as a virgin
>tfw more and more realize I wasn't actually that late compared to many people

Also, in hindsight I'm sure some of the guys in my class actually lied about having had sex back then. One of my best pals recently even admitted that he made up a story about having fucked a girl during summer break when we were 16.
Back then I believed him though and it made me feel like a complete loser because he was objectively worse looking (and shorter) than me.

Probably was far from the only one who lied desu

>not losing it at 13
What, you guys are homos?

14 here

12 here. In the middle school basement kek.

21 that's normal r-right..?

That’s not bad. If you somehow make it out of college without fucking a girl, something is wrong with you.

Girls are overrated in general, I can happily do without worry that I’m doing something wrong

>taking a shower

Reminder that the only person who cares about your virginity is you. You can easily go your whole life without having sex and enjoy it. Crying online about not having a girlfriend and labelling yourself something atrocious like "incel" is all on you. You are the one doing it and it turn making yourself miserable. You don't NEED a gf. You WANT one.

this. just get a hooker so that you can learn what to do

It's the best place to cry desu



>having sex for the sake of having sex


Being a grown up man is realizing that sex is nothing special if you just give your dick to some random ugly slut.

It's the quality and not the quantity of the pussy you are getting that makes sex great and something to brag about.

>I love women
gayest part of the entire post

preach bruh

all about the quality. I'd rather fuck my fiance once every 2-3 weeks than 3 different whores every week because I know I'm gonna get that fuckin' GOOD GOOD from my woman

He should have left with a qt black woman. Hate how people have forgotten the origin of that frog

>I'd rather fuck my fiance

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25 with one of my friends. It's better when you're older and you know someone because you can communicate with them and you're more relaxed.

amen. I'm not going to talk about my sex life on here because nu-anons get autistic when you do, but beginning of last year I decided to quit. After two months I didnt miss it and I now have more time, less stress and a better outlook on life. Plus the modern woman in America is going a bad way. I only feel a little bad because my mom will likely never have grandkids because my other siblings will absolutely never have them either.

>having sex for any reason other than the gift of procreation with one's wife
utterly fucking disgusting

there's nothing wrong with being gay, brother

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>Plus the modern woman in America is going a bad way

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>having sex with someone you care about

>some of the guys in my class actually lied about having had sex back then
Probably the single most common lie ever.
(There might even be some people lying in this thread.)

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yeah because you'd know about that living in another country shit posting on an anime imageboard.

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17 for me. have had sex 1000's of times since. With 100's of women. sex is easy as long as you start early to build confidence. the longer you wait the worse it is.

Its great, you should try it.

Vaginas are ugly and overrated. Girls with dicks is where it's at

I’m white. Breeding white babies is against the rules.

This, lost it at 19, really made me have complexes, now when I look back at it, 19 year olds still look like children to me

>Sister is getting married early next year
>She gave me a +1 invite, 'just in case'
Can't wait to die tbqh

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Kek. Have any close friends that are female? Maybe one of your sisters bridesmaids will give you pussy.

Is your sister older or younger than you?

Maybe she was single as well at your age.

>Have any close friends that are female?
I don't even have any close friends. The closest friend I have lives on the other side of the country.
She's older by a year and a half. She had her first bf at 16 I think.

what does losing virginity feel like bros?

order an escort. best $300 you'll ever spend.

You only lose your virginity by the time youre doing for the 20th time. Ill explain to you later

stick your dick in a warm melon. its like that but without the shame of putting your dick in a melon.

well... still 7600 days until i'm that old. maybe, maybe...
also, sports

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>your sister has been getting it in her pee pee since she was 13

during it i really thought to myself "fuck you Jow Forums, who's the virgin now?"

>"fuck you Jow Forums, who's the virgin now?"
You still are because you were having sex and all you could think about is Jow Forums.

i had many more times since then.
at the time was like taking off this huge weight off my shoulders

>have only had emotionless sex
I just want to have sex with someone I cherish

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>namibian hookers

Fucking jannies

ive only got 8 years left bros

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Working on it. Got 6 years left to go.

I honestly think I'm gonna make it.

Soon to be 41

Five years to go. The movie title becomes a bigger source of anxiety with each passing day.

Nope the janny just could not leave the thread on /sp/

So this is the official virgin containment board. I thought it was unspoken.