Sit next to pair of white girls

>Sit next to pair of white girls
>They move away

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You should always sit as far from people you don't know as much as possible. If space is limited. Sit beside a man. If there is no space beside a man sit near an old woman

I wanted to talk to them and get their numbers tho

>sit next to a black girl on a bus
>"you smell nice"
thanks random black girl

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>I wanted to talk to them and get their numbers tho

for Ch*d only incel

Old ladies are delightful to sit next to

Im not an incel tho. Ive fucked latinas before and I want to look for better girls now.

hit or miss, some smell like literal piss and have 3 bags with them that take up 60% of you seat space

>be white
>see black man walking my way
>cross the street
>he calls me racist
Why are you so sensitive? I didn't want to get mugged.

>and I want to look for better girls now.

latina here, fuck you

>Im not an incel tho
sure thing lmao

dont give a fuck what cucks and nigs say, you did the right thing

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>blacked posting nigga gets btfo by reality

you tried

Im still into latinas if youre down to hook up

do you have a good nice ass?

yes and my dick is almost 6 inches

I want to pound your brown bubble butt

>literally knew she'd still be thirsting for his black cock

You're beyond pathetic. Thank Christ I'm not a spic and have zero attraction to their goblina et creatura females.

Couldn't care what you decide but I know you want my bbc inside

I really want niggers to come to Russia, we would absolute decimate them there.

>be light tan mixed man
>not dark enough to be considered threat to whitey
>ambiguous enough to be Disney channel token minority
>no one can ever properly guess my races
>tfw black dudes refuse to consider me their nigga

I just wanna be down with the homies. Why do you make it so hard op?

wait did you unironically believe that the user you were responding to was female

caIm down you fucking incel

Yeah if you could get through the crowds of Slavic thots surrounding them desperate to suck and fuck them.

Don't act like it doesn't happen, it's fucking confirmed beyond a doubt now Slavs are BBC whores.

Russians are literally white niggers. This is not up for debate Vlad.

>sit next to white girl
>she smiles and waves at me
What do mayo foids mean by this?

i member seeing a video recently of russians torturing some black guy studying in russia

Dude you missed a cool opportunity to do a dramatic walk sequence

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LOL. Keep thinking that, niggers are hunted down here.
Niggers wouldn't last a day here if they aped out.

Slavic women are whores for everyone that has money dummy

>LOL. Keep thinking that, niggers are hunted down here.

The two things can be true at once, dude. If the thing I said is true it makes the actions of the Slavic men all the more honorable and justified, but you should be killing the cockdrunk thots as well.

Attack the root of the problem.

Russian women do not like niggers, of course there are the odd few but that's expected everywhere. In general a Russian woman wouldn't want to be associated with a nigger, she would be outcast from her family.

Don't be chatting shit when you don't come from here.

>kidnaps and tortures GAY black South African student
>remove the gay weak blacks from the gene pool leaving only the Tyrone's and hetero impregnation machines

It's almost like you're askng to be cucked you fucking losers.

>butt ugly goblinas 2/10 wouldnt bang. me? Im a virgin by choice!

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based russians
>inb4 some butthurt moralfag appears
this is all reactionary considering the literal fucking millions of niggers flooding europe every year

Tyrones don't exist in Russia.

You're dumb nigger
Nope still white. The race of women least likely to race mix.

he's american, jerking off to blacked porn is a norm for him so he projects his degenerate world view onto others

Stay mad Vladinig

meant to reply to
in the most original way possible

Are they really that brainwashed?

>they still wont leave

come on Russia, yall slackin

no, a few but most just choose to remain silent because racism gets you put on a government watchlist

Then we will make their life hell ;)

>minorities get beaten within an inch of their life
>they still refuse to leave

l o l

>"They are coming to Russia believing there will be a good job and this is a way of getting into Europe," said Penny Grenfell, racial task force coordinator for the Moscow Protestant Chaplaincy, which provides medical and legal aid to Africans. "A lot of them think this is part of Europe. They think Russia has the same culture as Europe."


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>"In Russia when you fight back, you are at fault," Abumen said as he flashed the small red canister of pepper spray he now carries for protection. "They told me, 'What are you doing in Russia? You're to blame.' "

>"They told me, 'What are you doing in Russia? You're to blame.' "

when migrants say they came over for "economic opportunity", we are just admitting our native nations are shit holes.