"Good morning user, hope you slept well."

>"Good morning user, hope you slept well."

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>I did white girl. It's a wonderful morning, isn't it

get out of my bed NOW

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When did an ugly girl get here?

This is a nice picture, i like this picture. I will not save it because i fear by appreciation of the affection if conveys will turn into lust however i do appreciate it the same. The photographer really did a nice job taking you inside the mind of a man in love. Bravo

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yeah you're reaching for what isn't there buddy

I did, but I should have booked only an hour or two.

Gross pigs and disgusting male filth. That nasty hand holding. Disgusting vermin scum . Burn in hell maggot whore scum, die die. fucking filth absolute fucking hate

Fuck off bitch, show us a real picture of your tits or gtfo!!!!

>tfw Swede just graduated uni in the US
>tfw gonna get my OPT work visa soon
>tfw gonna be back with my American qt
>tfw gonna wake up with her like this and fall asleep with her in my arms every night

I can't wait brobots :')

Good morning, sis. I hope mom and pops didnt hear us last night. I love you so much

She should really remove her makeup before going to bed. It's going to clog her pores and make her break out.

imagine the mouth smell
I almost can't breathe without gagging
cringing everytime I see movie pairs in bed having morning kiss, would vomit

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Stop making this same shitty thread over and over.

Hands off, negroid.

Mom once told me she has a friend of about the same age (so she's 40 to 50 years old) who's been married for the last 20 years. And apparently she gets up EVERY morning before her husband does then does her makup and goes back to bad so her husband would never see her without makeup.
And when I pointed out that I bet she was lying mom stayed adamant that this friend of hers would never lie to her.

Women are strange creatures.

That girl is 10/10 and I don't even have to see any more pictures of her.

No, this won't happen. My body pillow doesn't speak.

ever brushed your teeth faggot?

normal people dont have horrible morning breath. also, 99% of halitosis is related to tonsil stones. get your tonsils out = no bad breath, ever

Why does she look like my mom

this girl is goddamn ugly, for fuck sakes

Have you ever considered that there is actually something there and you're simply blind to it?